8 Work Social Event Ideas To Inspire Your Team


Work Social Event Ideas

Businesses are built on the foundations of teamwork and collaboration. Just ask any successful organization!

At A Glance

  1. Host a company event with a hired comedian to get the entire team together
  2. Go with a classic team board game night
  3. Put together a themed event or party
  4. Scavenger hunts can be done either in person or virtually
  5. A cooking showdown can promote team building while satisfying tastebuds
  6. Host an annual awards night for your team
  7. Put together an office trivia night
  8. A pet party is a perfect way to bring your employees together in a fun and comfortable way

Sprinkling some social events into your employees’ work lives can help boost morale and foster healthy relationships. Here are some of the best social event ideas to get your team together!

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#1. Host A Company Event Will Treat The Entire Organization

For any business to be successful, there has to be plenty of collaboration. An organization works best when it runs like a well-oiled machine, with all parts working together correctly.

Your employees need to be able to value the opinions and inputs of those around them. And this needs to go hand-in-hand with open communication and employee appreciation.

But we get it. We’re all human, and it’s natural for us to butt heads sometimes.

Regardless of how friendly your team is, involving plenty of team-building activities in everyday life at the office can go a long way for your business.

Keep in mind it’s about more than creating an effective work atmosphere. It’s also about cultivating a happy and healthy company culture so your employees feel excited to come to work!

Your team needs to see first-hand how their efforts contribute towards the success of the organization. They need to be able to communicate with others in the company in a fun and friendly manner.

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The Benefits Of A Company Event

Treating your entire organization to a fun and entertaining company event can ensure each member is on the same page. Plus, team members can interact with anyone and everyone so they feel a further connection to the organization!

Company events are exceptional for team building as they prioritize team bonds and strong employee relationships. Events also lead to boosted morale and increased employee satisfaction, so when your team returns to work, you’ll feel a genuine positive change in the workplace dynamic.

But without the right event speaker, your event will surely fall apart. You need to invest in the right keynote who will open the event on the right note. This person will also keep the team entertained while teaching them valuable aspects of teamwork.

The Key To Perfect Team-Building Events

With Clean Comedians®, all of our speakers are specifically trained for corporate team-building events. And we do that all while keeping them genuinely entertained and laughing!

We know that laughter is powerful. That’s why our comedic speakers also know how to deliver knee-slapping jokes while keeping things PG.

All company events should be clean and professional. Speakers can be funny while still steering clear of crude and inappropriate topics. 

At least, that’s what all of our speakers do. So you don’t need to worry about offending people when you book one of our entertainers.

We’ll keep everyone comfortable, entertained, and wanting more!

#2. Have A Board Game Night-In

Treating your team to enjoyable team-building activities means giving them something they want! And who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned game night?

Hosting a team game night is perfect if you want to promote team bonding while enjoying some friendly competition. You can even make it a board game tournament and get the competitive juices flowing.

For a bigger crowd, you can set up various tables with different games and enjoy a board games cafe.

Find out what games your team likes (are they die-hard Monopoly fans, or are they more into Risk?). Feel free to change the rules if you want!

#3. A Themed Party Is Perfect For Festive Cheer

Team activities don’t all need to be about healthy competition. Sometimes, the best medicine is just genuine fun!

Putting together a themed party for your team is a great way to get everyone together while providing them with everlasting memories. Everyone loves a party, so don’t be afraid to cultivate the perfect fun environment for your team to let their hair down!

If a holiday is near, go ahead and make your party festive. This is easy to do during Christmas or even Valentine’s Day. But you can easily make an office party that’s unique to your team.

Even hire a corporate magician to make for a magical get-together!

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#4. Have A Scavenger Hunt

Interactive activities are always the best for team building. When your team works together to achieve a task, these positive feelings can easily make their way into the office space.

For your next social event, enjoying a scavenger hunt can definitely help your employees feel some true team spirit. Remember to take plenty of photos throughout. Photos are the lifeblood of tight-knit teams!

Your hunt can follow the theme of a nature hunt (spending time outdoors never hurts), an office hunt, or a photo hunt.

How To Have A Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Even if your team is remote, you can have them engage in a hunt at home. Give them a list of items to find around their house, and the first to locate them all wins! Here are some go-to things that never fail:

  • Their favorite coffee mug
  • Shoes that don’t fit
  • A piece of art
  • Toothpaste
  • A book
  • Coins
  • A pair of matching socks
  • Something round
  • A game
  • A key

Honestly, this list could go on and on. Make it funny and unique for your team, and see who comes out on top!

#5. Have A Tasty Cooking Showdown

Who doesn’t love team bonding over a delicious meal?

Hosting a cooking showdown is a fantastic way to improve employee engagement while promoting team-building. If your team is pretty gifted in the kitchen, you can even turn a simple potluck night into something competitive.

Either way, having your team cook food together can help them enjoy the efforts of others while bringing something of their own to the table (literally.)

How To Have A Memorable Cooking Showdown

For a cooking showdown, you can have your team members flaunt their cooking skills by developing original recipes as a team. Then, assign each subgroup a type of food to make after dividing your employees into subgroups.

From pizza to ice cream, the choices are endless!

After assigning each team a food type, see what creative dishes they were inspired to craft. Bonus Tip: twist a simple ingredient to make it a bit more interesting.

If your employees are fans of having a cook-off in the office, have them whip up dishes at home, then bring them to the office. Make it a potluck!

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#6. Host An Annual Awards Night For Your Team

This is one of the best ideas for work social events that you’ll ever see. A team awards ceremony is a fun and exciting way to not only promote team building but also reward your employees for their daily efforts in the office.

You can make it as bougie as you want. Feel free to get branded trophies or awards for each member to help them feel truly honored and appreciated. You can make them serious or pretty silly – whatever you decide!

Either way, awards are a must-have for a team ceremony. You can also host it in a local restaurant or even outdoors during the summer months. Anywhere with good food and plenty of space should do it!

Make sure you plan well in advance. Your sweet and exciting ceremony will be a disaster if you don’t. Pick a theme, line up a venue, and lock in food way before the day of the event. Then, fine-tune the details, and you’ll have yourself an unforgettable event for your team.

Feel free to invite your employee’s families and let them bring enjoyment to their loved ones.

#7. Office Trivia Will Keep Everyone’s Brain Moving

Everyone knows that friendly competition thrives when people’s brains are pitted against each other. And some competitive challenges are the perfect way to make your upcoming social event one to remember!

A timeless classic is office trivia. Getting your team together to test their knowledge is a surefire way to get them socializing and interacting.

Plus, trivia helps us use parts of our brains we might not frequently exercise. So, if your team is interested in learning new facts to improve their knowledge arsenal, trivia it is!

You can try dividing the office into teams and giving rewards to the top performers. Regardless of how you choose to facilitate it, trivia is a must-have for any work social event!

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#8. Have Your Employees Bring Their Fuzzy Friends Along

We’ve talked plenty about parties. But let’s talk about a fun variation that can help your employees feel more at home in the office. A pet party!

Odds are a large percentage of your workers have pets at home that they adore and love. In fact, the average number of dogs per household in the USA alone is 1.6. That’s a lot of woofs!

Likely, anyone with a furry friend at home is pretty close to them. As humans, we love our pets. So why not have a day when your employees bring their pets into the office?

You can make it into a fun pet-themed party and litter the office with doggy toys and fenced-off pet areas. While your employees are bonding with each other, their pets can also become friendly!

Wrapping Up

Keeping the office social is necessary for promoting healthy team relationships and collaboration. With these great ideas in your back pocket, it’ll be easier than ever to treat your team to a social event they deserve!

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of CleanComedians.com. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.