5 Reasons Why You Should Be Rewarding Your Employees


Why Recognize And Reward Employees

There are a few things that are exceptionally important to have in the workplace. Though sometimes we can be preoccupied with the flavor of coffee we stock in the breakroom, our behavior and attitude in the workplace rank highest in importance.

Key Takeaways

  1. Recognizing employees is essential in building a positive workplace.
  2. Employee recognition boosts employee engagement and improves employee retention.
  3. Recognition helps employees feel connected to the organization’s mission.
  4. The foundation of healthy workplace relationships is genuine recognition and appreciation.
  5. Positive actions such as employee recognition improve employee morale.

From expressing appreciation to offering employee rewards, success as a business and a team comes from how we interact with those around us. As workplace leaders, we must go the extra mile to ensure our team members are properly recognized.

The benefits of employee recognition and rewards are endless, but here are our top five.

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#1. Employee Recognition Promotes A Healthy And Happy Work Culture

Our workplace isn’t just a random location where we spend forty hours per week. Instead, our work environment is where we can explore our passions with peers and improve our self-esteem.

It’s our home away from home!

So creating a healthy work culture that helps employees feel appreciated is of the utmost importance. Happy employees are employees that feel valued and seen.

Employee Recognition And Rewards Are One And The Same

Rewarding employees and recognizing employees go hand-in-hand. Giving rewards (tangible or otherwise) serve to recognize employees and their accomplishments.

And employee recognition, in and of itself, is a form of reward.

Company values and culture are comprised of various aspects of the organization itself and the people that make it up. Therefore, you want to make sure you are working to make your organization’s culture one of recognition and happiness!

A fundamental way to do this is by frequently giving genuine recognition to your employees. This can be anything! Start by:

  • Giving employees shout-outs through Slack or email
  • Thanking them for their hard work by handwriting a letter of appreciation
  • Handing out company swag
  • Creating employee recognition programs to recognize achievements

However, you choose to reward and recognize your employees is up to you. Each workplace is unique and deserves to be treated as such!

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#2. Employee Engagement Thrives When We Offer Genuine Recognition

When we genuinely and wholeheartedly recognize and reward our employees for their extra effort and great work, it gives them a reason to keep going.

Not only does recognition motivate employees, but it also vastly improves engagement. You could even say recognition and reward are the secret ingredients for happy and engaged employees.

Rewards Show Us That Our Hard Work Means Something

Even a simple employee recognition program can go a long way in connecting team members to a broader purpose. Alignment with company values and missions is what provides direction for workers.

Rewards show your team that there’s a reason for their efforts. Employees then get a clearer picture of their purpose.

When it comes down to it, we can lay it out like this:

Reward and recognition provide direction and purpose in jobs, leading to increased productivity and engagement.

#3. Recognizing Employees Is Key In Connecting Them To The Organization

Recognition and engagement build the foundation for success as a business.

Your employees are the future of the organization. And recognizing your team members gives them a sense of belonging and responsibility that ties them to the entire organization.

Let’s look at it from the other side. Employees will feel overlooked, ignored, and unappreciated without reward and recognition. In this case, why would they want to invest extra hours or efforts to produce great work?

Incentives or rewards have an incredibly positive impact on our employees. This is the fuel that increases motivation and productivity! It is also vital in the following areas:

  • Improving employee retention
  • Increasing productivity and engagement
  • Helping all team members reach their goals

It would be best if you were active in rewarding employees and creating a culture of recognition. It doesn’t just happen by itself.

When it’s all said and done, that’s how companies and organizations thrive!

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The Best Way To Reward Your Team

We talked a lot about the benefits of rewards and recognition. But now it’s time to let you know the best way to give your team members the reward they deserve.

You can show employee appreciation by:

  • Sending a care package to your employee’s homes
  • Taking the team out to lunch during the workday
  • Giving them a free vacation day to use at their leisure

But perhaps the most effective and efficient way to provide your employees with a memorable reward is by hosting a company event.

If you’ve never had an event for all the members of your workforce, there’s no time like now to start!

Workplace celebration is an integral part of our company culture. And when it comes to hosting a company event, you must focus primarily on finding the right speaker. With the perfect speaker to set the tone and open the event, the rest will fall into place!

Finding A Speaker For Your Next Company Event

Putting together an entire company event can be tricky, even for the most experienced event planners. Luckily, it’s easy to find the perfect speaker for your event with our entertainment agency.

At Clean Comedians®, we have experienced and entertaining speakers ready to give your employees the memorable reward they deserve. Whether you need a virtual keynote speaker or someone with a bit more magic, we always know how to leave the audience laughing!

We Focus On What Matters

All of our speakers steer clear of dirty or crude jokes. Any material that can leave your employees uncomfortable is strictly avoided. After all, a company event is only enjoyable and rewarding when everyone is having a good time.

Plus, our corporate entertainers do deep research into your company, making the content 100% personalized and unique. Not only is all the content genuinely hilarious, but the act is also totally relevant!

Designing a unique employee recognition program to truly reward and touch your employees doesn’t need to be complicated. Instead, company events help contribute to wholesome and happy company culture, bringing your organization’s employee experience to the next level!

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#4. When You Take The Time To Recognize Employees, You Help Build Positive Relationships

Especially at work, we are social. After all, we need to be! Communication is critical for success as a business, as well as for positive employee interactions.

There are a few ways to cultivate a work environment of effective communication and collaboration. But the key is ensuring your workers have positive relationships with other employees and their managers.

Strong And Trusting Relationships At Work Require Active Attention

Workplace leaders need to be active in establishing productive and healthy relationships with employees and other colleagues. And offering employee rewards is a surefire way to give your team the recognition and attention they need.

Not only does this build respect, rapport, and trust between you and your team, but it also builds these values between employees themselves.

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#5. Appreciation And Recognition Boost Employee Morale And Happiness

Life is full of ups and downs. And at work, this is exceptionally true.

Some days, our corporate team can be packed to the brim with positive vibes and motivation. But other times, it can seem like a dark rain cloud is hanging over everyone’s heads.

Rewarded Employees Are Happy Employees!

Improving employee morale and moods is essential to maintain a positive working environment. However, small, positive affirmations can only go so far. You need to do more than that!

That’s why rewarding and recognizing employees is so critical. This is the lifeblood of a happy and healthy workplace.

When it comes down to it, there are so many benefits out there associated with employee recognition and rewards. So be active in your implementation and watch how your team thrives!

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of CleanComedians.com. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.