4 Reasons Why Trust In The Workplace Matters


Why Is Building Trust In The Workplace Important

The workplace is more than just a nine-to-five. It’s a place for building connections and confidence while working together with those around us.

Key Takeaways

  1. Employee trust builds the foundation for effective and genuine team collaboration
  2. Confidence and trust increase employee satisfaction and help your team feel empowered
  3. Trust in an open work environment promotes ethical decisions
  4. Employee engagement and performance improve when there is trust present

To instill a foundation of honesty and open-mindedness, your workplace needs to prioritize trust.

Here are four reasons why trust matters in the workplace.

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#1. Trust Is The Foundation Of Teamwork And Collaboration

The ultimate goal of any organization is productivity and success while maintaining a healthy and happy company culture. And none of this would be possible without trust!

A trusting workplace is one that prioritizes honesty and values emotional intelligence.

We all know that collaboration and teamwork are integral parts of the modern workplace. And trust plays a vital role in this recipe.

After all, who wants to work together with someone they don’t trust?

Employees need to feel that they can trust each other. Ensuring your team members are comfortable and open with each other ensures they can work together.

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Trust Between Management And Your Employees

But it doesn’t end there. Workers also need to be able to trust company leadership. When workers trust managers and supervisors, it makes it easier for them to accept their responsibilities and understand their overall purpose in the organization.

As a workplace leader, you need to be active in earning employees’ trust. You can’t sit back and expect them to follow you blindly!

Many leaders overlook this essential part of a business foundation. But they shouldn’t. In fact, a great way to gain your team’s trust is to show them that you support, respect, and trust them as your employees.

After all, trust is a two-way street.

Here are some simple ways to build trust with your team:

  • Respect the space and time of your staff members by providing a clean working environment
  • Be encouraging and supportive in their professional (and personal) endeavors
  • Be comfortable admitting when you’re wrong
  • Don’t micromanage and expand your team’s roles

But one of the best ways to promote honesty, truth, and collaboration is by prioritizing employee recognition. And putting on a company event is the best way to ensure you’re off to a good start!

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Putting On A Company Event For Your Employees

Employee events help team members feel connected, confident, and engaged. And with the perfect event speaker, you can treat your team to enjoyable memories they’ll never forget.

With Clean Comedians®, it’s easy to create an experience for your team to instill feelings of trust. Our speakers are funny, enjoyable, and clean (no profanity, divisive topics, or uncomfortable content), so your workers can truly relish the moment.

From your remote team to your office employees, we can entertain them all. Proving trust has never been so easy!

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#2. Trust Is Key In Improving Employee Satisfaction

For workers to feel happy and content where they are at work, they need to feel trust in the atmosphere. And that trust needs to be present in all their professional relationships.

Job satisfaction can come down to many different determining aspects. But one of the fundamental pieces of this puzzle is founded in trust.

When Employees Trust Peers And Leaders, Morale Soars

When workers feel trusted by their peers and managers, it can help them feel confident and reliable. This level of confidence is crucial for maintaining an empowering work environment.

On the flip side, corporate employees need to feel they can trust others that are a part of their organization.

Trustworthy managers encourage workers who are open to sharing ideas and who generally feel comfortable at work. And trust between employees ensures they can work together seamlessly.

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#3. With Trust Prioritized, Ethical Decisions Are Made

In the workplace, it’s essential that ethical decisions are made. This is from a business standpoint and a human standpoint.

When there’s trust, ethical decisions are made more frequently. That’s because there’s no need to lie or cover up information.

Plus, employees need to feel that they understand where they fit into the company. Organizational transparency and openness are the foundation of providing employees with a purpose in their roles.

And, you guessed it – it wouldn’t be possible without trust.

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#4. Employee Performance And Engagement Increases With High Levels Of Trust

Trust in your employees is greatly beneficial for productivity and engagement. When your team trusts and respects others at work, it’s easier for them to accept tasks and respond positively to feedback.

When trust is present, change is more readily accepted. And that is key to increasing innovation and engagement at work.

All-in-all, the benefits of workplace trust are endless. So ensure you make it a priority, and watch how your workers thrive!

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