Why Having An Entertaining Speaker Is Mutually Beneficial To Your Company Event


Have you been racking your brain for a great idea to accompany your upcoming event? But you just keep coming up short?

We get it. Between event planners and new clients, it can be difficult to come up with something that will set your organization apart from the rest. But worry not!

Why Having An Entertaining Speaker Is Mutually Beneficial To Your Company Event

We happen to know something that will not only dazzle both you and attendees at the conference. But will also prove to be mutually beneficial for your business too.

Can’t guess what it is? (Hint: see the title of this article!)

Okay, we probably gave it away already. But you might as well go ahead and see why having the right entertainment at your corporate event can become one of the most mutually beneficial relationships your company has seen in quite some time.

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#1. A great speaker does the event planning and event promotion for you

Event planners are always after one thing: getting attendees to show up! After all, so much work has gone into the planning of a big event.

It’d be quite a let down if the event ends early because too few attendees actually attended. But when you advertise a keynote speaker or corporate entertainment, clients are almost guaranteed to show up.

It’s like killing two birds with one stone. People want a fun night out on the town where they can also get some networking done throughout the course of the evening!

#2. Keynote speakers garner your target audience

The kind of keynote speakers you secure will do a lot for the kind of clients you attract. Many events might try to secure speakers who are high profile.

Others, who are super super super niche. But sometimes, all your event needs is a speaker who knows how to entertain.

There’s a reason that the saying “Don’t meet your heroes” exists. Sometimes, the most unexpected of speakers can actually be the greatest hit your audience will love.

#3. Curated content brings together like minded people

A networking event is supposed to connect folks and create relationships. And for some, this can feel a little bit outside of their comfort zone.

But if you get a speaker that taps into their specific interest, meeting and networking is made all the easier. We all have that one topic that nobody should get us started on unless they want to be here til next week!

#4. You can increase brand awareness by sharing video clips through social media posts

An entertaining speaker makes sure that the success of your event doesn’t just last the evening. It lasts for as long as your social media content is up!

Getting the right kind of entertainer can actually yield you more content to use on your company's social media channels

Using speakers as content, you can easily share your event with the digital world. And you might even be able to catch the interest of someone simply scrolling through their social media feed.

You’d be surprised at just how lucrative your event can become even after the event itself has passed. Social media has a way of keeping things alive.

And when you have a speaker that can get the likes, comments, and shares, you’ve got brand awareness in the bag. Really, it’s a no-brainer!

#5. Corporate entertainment can lead to business opportunities like a cross promotion

Entertainers know how to sell. And let’s be honest. You probably have something you’ll be looking to market at your corporate event.

So use speakers to your advantage. And give the audience some inside tips on the latest thing coming up in your business or company.

You may even make contact with someone who’s willing to spread your message at other networking events. And it was all thanks to the entertaining prowess of your speaker.

#6. You give potential clients a memorable experience

At any networking event, you hope to create and sustain a mutually beneficial relationship. But sometimes, when you make that relationship with your own company, you actually influence attendees’ experience.

Clients are always looking for a business that is thriving to get behind. So show them what they could be a part of if only they choose to do business with you.

Besides, that’s what we look for in partners anyway, right? Someone who is capable of their own and someone you can latch onto and similarly be successful with.

Now that sounds like a match made in heaven. Or a match made over Zoom if you’re going virtual with your events.

#7. The right keynote speaker can benefit new contacts and your organization

You might have had to opt for a virtual event rather than an in-person shindig. And while that comes with its own disappointments, your event certainly won’t be one with the right kind of speaker.

An entertaining speaker will give guests something to talk about as they network with one another and create more business contacts for your company to use in the future

Virtual comedians make for wonderful speakers since they know other communications aside from in-person ones. And this can make your events all the more network-worthy.

Simply get folks to connect via a contact form, a website, anything that will allow your audience to share contact details and follow up after the event. You’ll find that a speaker who knows how to navigate the digital world is far more skillful than a high profile speaker who doesn’t know how to get off mute.

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#8. Networking is made easier with something to talk about

Some networking events just expect an audience to be able to speak to one another without any conversation starter whatsoever. But here at Clean Comedians®, we say differently.

We say, “Why not create a fun meeting icebreaker for the audience to engage in?” “Why not give those who attend a fun and entertaining set that they can speak about with colleagues afterwards?”

Those who attend are already game to make nice from person to person. But a corporate entertainer helps them seal the deal by giving them something to talk about.

#9. Customers can connect with new ideas within the industry

Just because a speaker is entertaining doesn’t mean they lack substance. In fact, that’s the perfect example of what our virtual event hosts are able to provide.

Not style over substance. But the perfect balance in between.

Make your conference or next event the whole package. And benefit from the quality of our entertainers that will make your organization speak volumes among the rest.

#10. Solid entertainment can actually help you save money

You might be thinking that entertainment alone is going to cost you money. And sure, that’s true.

But some events decide to spread themselves too thin. A photo booth here, a tasting area there. Before they know it, the event is chock-full of small little ditty entertainments and no real pizzaz.

Clean Comedians® offer talented comedians and emcees who will provide both style and substance to your event

But focusing on the main form of your event will do wonders for your budget. And it will likely enhance the attendee experience as well.

So go with a speaker that you know your audience will absolutely fall in love with. Don’t hedge your bets on a couple of Instagram-worthy ditties that won’t end up being mutually beneficial to you in the long run.

(That’s what this whole post is about. Right?)

#11. Speakers can get the message across through fun entertainment

An event is the perfect place to get your message across as a brand. But sometimes, that message can feel a little too business-like.

For example, maybe you’ve got some exciting new updates on the company website you want to show off. Rather than have someone literally spell out that news, get a speaker who can make things more interesting.

Whether it’s weaving in jokes or finding a funny adage to tie in. A speaker will know how to get your message across without sacrificing the form of their entertainment structure.

And guests will likely appreciate that too. Sometimes, marketing language can feel a little impersonal.

After all, we hear and see marketing language all the time. But a solid speaker can make that language come across in an endearing way that’s both entertaining and informative.

#12. Industry speakers also offer a strong partnership for future events

Let’s say your event is an absolute hit when you choose a virtual comedian from our roster. (Spoiler alert: we know it will be.)

Well, there’s nothing stopping you from using the same entertainer again, is there? Make a solid entertainment act a staple of your events.

This kind of partnership can secure your client loyalty like nothing else. Because your event will be the one everybody talks about and can’t wait to attend next.

#13. An entertaining keynote speaker sets your corporate event apart from other conferences

Nowadays, there are conferences and events happening everywhere. So how do you make sure that your event stands out from the rest?

Entertainment, of course! Especially now, people are wanting an event that will both further their business interests and give them a night to enjoy.

So why not combine the two with a corporate entertainer? They’ll know exactly how to make your event both exciting and informative.

Besides, the phrase “work hard, play hard” doesn’t have to mean that you do one, then the other. You can do both at the same time!

#14. Improved company culture is a direct benefit of an event’s success

If you’ve noticed that company culture and morale has gone down a bit, look to your event for inspiration. A successful night can reinvigorate the business.

And new contacts made from the event can lead to even further opportunities. There are plenty of ways that an event’s success can impact the morale and satisfaction of a business.

A speaker can make or break your event so make sure that you go with professional entertainers who can guarantee a successful event

But that being said, if an event goes downhill, that can also do a number on employee morale. So make sure that the event is guaranteed to succeed by getting the right speaker and entertainer on board.

They’ll know how to structure the form of your event so folks stay engaged. And you’ll reap the benefits of their entertainment knowledge for months to come after the event itself!

#15. Clients and attendees may be more likely to follow up

When an event has gone super well, folks are going to remember it. And they’ll likely be coming back for more.

So when you get a speaker that’s particularly engaging and entertaining, don’t be surprised if guests start to reach out. They might be wanting that speaker’s contact information.

Or they may want to ask how you found them in the first place. Every relationship you make has the potential to start a conversation and make yet another relationship.

So don’t underestimate the power of a good act. There are plenty of ways to get people’s attention.

But an entertainer knows how to get to the heart almost immediately. So use their talent and leverage it to gain even more clients who are interested in what you managed to accomplish at the event.

#16. Your organization will henceforth be known as the one with the best entertainment

There’s no question that each business has a reputation. Some are known for having the best food at their events.

Others are known for having the best DJ, and so on and so forth. But wouldn’t you want to be the one with the best entertainment and speakers?

That’s the substance of the very event. The main part that everyone is going to walk away talking about!

So why not hedge all your bets into that one element that can make or break your event’s success? It seems like a no-brainer to us, but we suppose we’re biased.

After all, we’ve seen successful events happen over and over again because, well, we’ve been at the helm of them! And we want to steer your event in the same direction. 

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of CleanComedians.com. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.