What Is Teamwork In The Workplace?


There’s no “i” in “team.” How many times did you hear that on the sports field growing up?

Too many to count? Well, the message remains true both on and off the field.

What Is Teamwork In The Workplace

And especially when it comes to the workplace. So, how can you spot effective teamwork in the workplace? And more importantly, how can you foster good teamwork amongst your colleagues?

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What is teamwork?

That’s right. Just like running laps on the field, we’re going back to the basics.

We all know the idea behind teamwork is when a group of individuals work towards the same goal. But there’s no single way to achieve team success.

In fact, every team and team member is different. So when it comes to your team performance, it’s a matter of looking at every individual you have.

Individual team members will bring a different quality to the table. And when it comes to workplace teamwork, this is the key to helping a company achieve progress, increase productivity, and focus on the business goals at hand.

The importance of teamwork in the workplace

Not everybody believes in teamwork in the workplace. Instead, they believe in a cutthroat environment where team members try to best one another for their own personal gain.

But how much job satisfaction can that lead to? Instead, we at Clean Comedians believe in fostering teamwork through healthy competition.

Through innovative ideas. And, of course, through laughter. That’s why when our team members come into your board rooms and meetings, we’re all about successful teamwork.

As corporate entertainers, we know that this can take some time to master. But when teams work together to complete tasks, teams innovate faster and better than ever before.

How to spot teamwork skills in the workplace

Noticing teamwork in the workplace might not be as obvious as a pep rally cheer. (Then again, we’d love to see a company do that!)

But here are the ways you can spot great teamwork in action. Do you notice any of these skills in your office?

And if not, are you willing to teach other team members how to accomplish these skills? (We’re hoping you’re up for the challenge!)

#1. Effective communication

Clear communication in the workplace is not nearly as common as it should be. But it can rally an entire team like nothing else.

Not only does healthy communication encourage employees to share ideas. But it can create a community within the company.

Clean Comedians can help your team bond through laughter

So any business success is not just about the company at large. It’s about the people who fuel the daily tasks, projects, and more.

Besides, poor communication simply feels bad. Just like if you’re having communication troubles in a personal relationship.

Things are foggy and unclear. And new ideas aren’t even welcomed into the picture.

But better communication means better collaboration. And suddenly, the common goal in mind doesn’t seem too impossible to achieve.

#2. Problem-solving

One of the many benefits of teamwork is the ability to brainstorm. As a group, employees come together to put out new ideas.

All while trying to focus on the task at hand that will benefit everyone. Effective teams both know how to brainstorm and put those ideas into action.

But brainstorming and problem solving is the first step. Working collaboratively also teaches employees their own strengths.

Because everyone is encouraged to put their best foot forward. So one employee’s strength becomes the group’s advantage.

#3. Active team building activities

There are companies that value teamwork to the highest degree. And those kinds of companies are our favorite kinds.

We’ve worked with groups such as these to bring out wonderful team building exercises. Whether it’s been through a comedy magician, or a clean comedian, we’ve been there to see teams blossom.

And as a result, productivity went through the roof after the collaboration projects. So don’t think you’re cutting into employees’ day by bringing one of our entertainers in.

Instead, we’re helping to bridge the gap between business and play. Because all work and no play is a quick and easy way to go insane. Just ask Jack Nicholson!

#4. A collaborative work environment

What makes teamwork work? Collaboration. That’s really what it’s all about.

No business was made by a single person. And it’s not just the employees we’re talking about either.

It’s the first people who decided to invest in the idea of the business. Then the people who decided to dedicate their time to help.

Soon enough, you’ve got an entire village raising their support for the business in question. And we can’t think of a better example of collaboration than that.

That kind of collaboration has to continue though. Once the business is off the ground, it’s up to each individual to help propel it forward.

#5. An enjoyable work environment

One of the other benefits of teamwork in the workplace is that employees generally like working there. Because their opinions are valued.

And their ideas are welcomed in the group. (Plus, it doesn’t hurt if the manager brings in a clean comedian every now and again.) Not only does this foster an environment of collaboration and support.

Make the work environment fun with corporate entertainment

But it actually bridges knowledge gaps. And contributes to employees’ personal and professional growth.

We’re sure you’ve stayed at a company for longer than you would have liked. And maybe it was because there was a lack of teamwork among the employees.

But research shows that the benefits of teamwork are rarely ever disputed. So teamwork in the workplace has to be doing something right.

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#6. Little employee turnover

When a team understands how to work together, they’re far less likely to split up. Of course, life can change on a dime.

But teamwork means sticking together. It means looking out for one another’s best interests.

And those shared responsibilities create a sense of loyalty amongst employees. Additionally, teams who welcome new ideas from members also demonstrate their acceptance.

Who wouldn’t want to continue working in an environment like that?

#7. Mutual support amongst team members

There’s no “i” in team, remember? In fact, the success of a team depends on everyone’s success.

This may look like covering a task for a team member every so often. Or maybe getting some extra help on a project here and there.

Any knowledge gaps are quickly filled in by willing team members ready to help. And tasks get accomplished with more efficiency project by project.

This is what teams do. They help each other out when there are certain skills needed but not accounted for.

Because at the end of the day, a team is only as strong as its weakest link. We could go on with the adages. But we think you get the point.

#8. Team members working to achieve a common goal

When everyone has the same goal, it only makes sense to work together. After all, it’s difficult to be a team while working towards opposite goals, for example.

Ultimately, teams will be able to determine the ways they work best together. Because everyone will bring a different quality.

Encourage new ideas amongst team members

Or rather, a different rhythm. But finding the cohesive rhythm between everyone is the key to unlocking productivity.

And establishing values that speak to everyone’s best interests. Ask any team and they’ll tell you the importance of teamwork.

Because they know the benefits it has to offer. After all, they’re relishing in them as we speak.

#9. Employees’ ability to self monitor

Obviously, teamwork doesn’t mean that the team always has to be together. In fact, sometimes it can be in a team’s best interest to divide and conquer.

But this means that employees must be able to work independently. Then bring their work back to the team for further review.

This is a unique skill set that teamwork breeds. Because it’s not just about collaboration.

It’s also about self-discipline. Of course, everybody gets distracted now and then.

But when your efforts are linked to a team, there’s a greater motivator at stake. Your actions are contributing to the greater good. It’s not just about you anymore.

#10. Each employee working at their individual strengths

Another great thing about teamwork is that it brings out the best in people. As in, it brings out everybody’s strengths.

Having a versatile team is the key to success. Because you don’t want to have a bunch of people who are good at doing the same things.

Then who else would do those other things that need to be done? Instead, teamwork prides itself on team members’ differences. And utilizes each unique skill set to its advantage.

#11. Multiple perspectives are encouraged and respected

A variety of skill sets is encouraged on a team. And so are a variety of perspectives.

Everyone has something different to contribute. And when they’re encouraged to share, teamwork is what brings those different ideas together.

Then, a team can come up with something no one single person could. Because it’s the conglomeration of a bunch of different minds coming together.

We could wax poetic about the beauty of it. Or we could simply tell you that teamwork inspires creativity.

Because that’s exactly what it does. In fact, it encourages it. Especially if you want to bring forth the most advantageous idea yet.

#12. Shared responsibilities within the workplace

Every now and then, it’s understandable that somebody may drop the ball. In fact, it’s a fact of life.

But when teamwork is at the center of a work environment, it doesn’t really matter. Because someone else is there to pick up the slack.

Company success comes from a strong team working together

So long as those mishaps don’t get taken for granted, teamwork can inspire folks to do their best. But without punishing them for having an off day.

In fact, the idea of teamwork brings a very balanced approach to the idea of productivity. Productivity comes in waves.

Sure, there are sustainable structures to it. But in case anything falls through the cracks, teamwork is there to pick it back up. And that, in and of itself, is sustainable.

The bottom line

We really can’t stress enough the importance of teamwork in the workplace. Not only does it offer employees the chance to be heard.

But it also teaches employees to be responsible for one another. In this day and age, it can be so easy to think only about ourselves.

But teamwork pushes us to think about the greater good over personal gain. You may be looking for ways to introduce a more community-centered atmosphere at your workplace.

Or maybe you were pleasantly surprised to find that many of the points we listed are already happening at your workplace. Either way, we hope we have impressed upon you the importance of teamwork.

There’s plenty to be gained from it. And everyone can celebrate a team’s success. 

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of CleanComedians.com. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.