Maximizing Your Entertainment Budget: How Clean Comedians® Offer More Value Than You Think


What Is Event Budgeting

There’s a lot that goes into planning an event. And one of the most integral parts is maximizing your budget.

Key Takeaways

  1. We’ll find the right speaker for your event, so you don’t have to
  2. We take our time to learn all we can about your organization beforehand
  3. Our speakers handle anything entertainment-related at the event, from announcements to managing event activities
  4. We stay in touch with you every step of the planning journey

Here are four ways Clean Comedians® can help you get the most out of your upcoming event.

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#1. We’ll Pick The Perfect Speaker For You

Crafting and cultivating the unique and best event can be challenging. After all, you’re putting together something much more grand than a Monday morning meeting.

There are plenty of factors to juggle. You need to consider everything from marketing to finding the right food vendor.

And perhaps the most crucial aspect of a great event is an entertaining speaker.

The right speaker is about more than finding someone to make dire announcements and keep things flowing. It’s about setting the stage for the entire evening and keeping the crowd laughing!

What It Takes To Be An Event Speaker

A lot of time and effort can go into researching the best speaker. Because not everyone can deliver the entertainment that is right for your function.

Take, for example, traditional comedians. Many event planners book comedians for their nearing professional events. And this is a huge mistake.

For starters, traditional comedians aren’t clean. They resort to crude and divisive humor, and that’s not a good look for a company event. It just leaves everyone feeling a little uncomfortable and on edge.

Creating A Successful Event

That’s why Clean Comedians® focuses on using clean humor. All our speakers focus on delivering inclusive and hilarious content that keeps people interested and entertained. There’s no politics, no prejudice, and no profanity.

To find the right speaker, you don’t need to waste time searching the web and comparing different entertainers. All you need to do is give us the details of your upcoming event, and we’ll do it all for you.

We take into consideration all aspects of your event, such as the event’s size, location, if it’s virtual or in-person, your type of organization, and more. Whatever you want us to factor in, we will.

We’ll then send you a list of speakers that match what you’re looking for. They’re all pre-screened, and we ensure they’ll be available for your upcoming event.

So, instead of using your valuable planning time to look for any speaker, we’ll do it for you and ensure that the people we pick for you will give you exactly what you’re looking for.

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#2. We Take Our Time To Research Your Company

Most traditional speakers or event entertainers merely show up. They make their script, and then they deliver it on stage. They don’t take into account the individuality of the crowd or organizers. And we think that’s wrong!

For any event, the speaker should be someone that reflects what the function is all about. The speaker you pick should be able to connect with the audience on a deeper level.

And we know exactly how to do that.

Our team takes time before any event to ensure we thoroughly understand what your company is all about. We do a deep dive into the antics and culture of your organization so that we can better connect with the people in the audience.

We don’t like to take shortcuts or half-measures. We take our time to learn all we can about you and your team!

So you can rest assured knowing that we’ll do our due diligence while providing the best content we can. That’s what we’re known for!

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#3. Our Speakers Do More Than Speak

When you book with Clean Comedians®, you’re not just hiring an event speaker. You’re securing the success of your entire event!

Our entertainers do more than the trivial tasks of an event speaker. For starters, our team handles anything from event announcements to welcoming guests. But their skills extend way past that.

Depending on the type of event you want to curate, we’ll match you with speakers that can deliver on your vision. Whether that means you want some extra silliness or a dab of magic, we can ensure it all.

The Power Of A Perfect Event

Keynote speakers and event entertainers are responsible for cultivating the ideal atmosphere. They stir the hearts and minds of the audience in intricate ways while energizing the room.

Our speakers are experts in igniting an audience. And they use more than words to achieve that.

Anyone who has had experience in planning or orchestrating an event can know how difficult it is to keep a crowd of people entertained. From the function’s start to finish, it’s important to fill the time with activities and things to do.

More Than A Dialogue

Instead of talking to an audience, our speakers focus on captivating their attention. We use things like comedy and humor to give our listeners something to hold on to. And, if that’s not enough, our speakers also know how to use things like magic, juggling, or audience interaction to keep people going!

Corporate events are about so much more than talking. No one enjoys attending an event just to feel like they’re attending a high school lecture! Instead, the entire act is about creating an inclusive and engaging atmosphere that keeps people energized and on their toes.

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#4. We Keep You In The Loop

Most vendors or event entertainers like to go their own way. Sometimes, this can be acceptable. But planning an event isn’t a one-person endeavor. It takes the efforts of an entire team to realize a vision!

Communication and negotiation are critical parts of ensuring a successful function. Moving parts need to fit together cohesively, and they won’t do that on their own.

As the event orchestrator, it’s up to you to manage all these pieces of the puzzle. And you need to ensure your vendors and booked acts are on the same page as you.

Prioritizing Communication And Teamwork

Our team at Clean Comedians® knows the value of consistent communication. Our main goal is to help you make your event a success!

From the first message to the goodbye at the end of the evening, we’re on top of everything alongside you. We don’t make you waste time and effort to search for us. And everyone knows that time is everything when it comes to maximizing any event budget.

Wrapping Up

As you undergo the planning and execution of your upcoming event, it can feel like there’s a lot to handle. From the vendors to the audience, there’s an endless barrage of people coming your way!

Maximizing your limited budget can be one of the toughest aspects of the job. After all, you want to give the attendees a night they’ll never forget.

At Clean Comedians®, we understand the importance of maximizing a budget and making the most of any entertainment. With us on your side, your event is sure to come out as a success!

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