What Is Corporate Entertainment?


When you think of entertainment, you probably don’t think of going into the office, right? Unless, of course, you’re entertained by scanning, photocopying, and stapling papers…

But that’s not what corporate entertainment is at all. Instead, corporate entertainment can be a lot of things.

Whether it’s a clean comedian, a corporate magician, or any other act that’s guaranteed to make you and your office mates laugh. Oh yeah, and it’s all clean material, so what’s not to love?

What Is Corporate Entertainment

And let’s be honest. There are few things that are guaranteed in life. But corporate entertainment delivers on the guarantee that you will definitely be laughing.

Maybe even in the office. Or at a corporate event. So if you’ve been invited to a corporate event with some corporate entertainment planned for the evening, don’t worry.

It doesn’t mean they’re wheeling in the copying machine into the middle of the dance floor. What’s more likely is that you’re about to have your socks blown off by an incredible, clean, and powerful entertainer.

What is the main purpose of corporate entertainment?

You might think that corporate event entertainment is all just gimmicks and poking fun. But there’s actually a lot more to it than that.

Engaging and entertaining guests

The big challenge all event planners have to face is this: how to get guests engaged. And add on top of that a niche of event planners called corporate event planners and their task is doubly hard.

But luckily, corporate event entertainment manages to handle that task with grace. And just a little bit of spunk.

Reflecting corporate hospitality and values

A corporate entertainment event is also a great way to show employees and clients some corporate hospitality and a great time! And it adds excitement to the workplace and high energy that can be channeled into future projects.

Besides, with the right entertainer, you could find yourself engaged in scavenger hunts or relay races. Even traditional camp activities if that’s the kind of great entertainment your specific audience will particularly enjoy!

Reaching new customers and potential clients

You’d be surprised at how much a corporate entertainer can draw new folks into the fray. Especially when that quality entertainment can only be served at pre-dinner parties.

And who has those nowadays? Instead, your professional entertainers and exciting bands can draw in large audiences and other stakeholders, leading to excellent referrals and even more business in the future.

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What is the importance of entertainment in corporate events?

When you’re coming up with the best corporate entertainment ideas, keep these factors in mind. More so than private events, corporate entertainment can have a lasting impact on your employees and clients.

Reflect hospitality through your corporate event by hiring corporate entertainment and performers

Corporate events are a great promotional tool

While corporate events might sound like another dip in the budget, think of them as a business entity. With event entertainment, word will begin to circulate.

And event attendees will do their very own marketing for you without even realizing it! Especially if you’ve got some incredible corporate entertainment lined up like perhaps an acoustic ensemble or even a Las Vegas show duo.

Corporate events boost employee morale

There are many forms of corporate entertainment. And we bet you didn’t know that team building corporate entertainment exists too!

While giving your employees a chance to let their hair down, a corporate entertainer can boost morale with dance music or pre-recorded music. Or even inspire them to band together like no keynote speaker could. 

Corporate events showcase companies’ unique brand

Additionally, how many corporate Christmas parties have the best entertainment out there? Unfortunately, there’s few and far between.

But corporate entertainment not only gives companies the chance to give employees a memorable experience. They also manage to cultivate a reputation for being one of those companies that brings in the big guns of entertainment.

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FAQs about corporate entertainment

If you’re still confused about what’s going to happen at a corporate event, consider these questions below that will help you determine what event type you’re attending. And what kind of overall theme you can expect.

What does a corporate party mean?

There are plenty of types of corporate events out there. So how do such events vary?

Corporate holiday parties

A corporate holiday party will likely only be held for employees and staff. But who’s to say whether the entertainment in question will bring in clients as well?

Holiday parties are a great way to incorporate some corporate entertainment simply by treating guests to a fun time

This is the kind of entertainment meant to bring folks together during the holiday season. And allow them the chance to reflect on the year past.

Trade shows

These types of corporate events are industry specific and will typically not be the smaller events you might be used to. Instead, this kind of corporate event can be considered more of a networking event.

But with the proper entertainment, that networking will turn into lifelong partnerships and business connections. And maybe one of those business connections will be with one of the best corporate booking agencies as well!

Gala events

Galas are the more formal types of corporate events where entertainment is expected to draw in larger crowds. Additionally, galas might even be a fundraiser for the company’s next event.

With that in mind, it wouldn’t be strange to see a company’s products lined up on display. After all, this kind of event is where the entertainment draws them in, then directs them to the nearest donation box.

Private parties

Maybe your employer has decided to host a private party to commemorate the hard work of the team. But don’t think that won’t warrant corporate entertainment as well.

Boost morale amongst your team members by bringing in a virtual comedian or other corporate performer

Entertainers may be there to help employees recognize their hard work. Or even their team members who did a particularly stellar job at the last event.

Besides, won’t that kind of entertainment give you something to talk about at your next meeting? Aside from actual business, of course.

Award ceremonies

It’s not uncommon for corporate event entertainment companies to be asked to bring in a virtual event host. Or even a virtual comedian to hand out awards to deserving employees.

So don’t be surprised if the person who makes you cry from laughing too hard also makes you cry from being praised! It’s a win-win, really.

Product launches

Let’s say your company has been working on a new product for quite some time now. And it’s now time to finally launch that product into the universe!

What better occasion to celebrate than with corporate entertainment? Seriously, you’ve worked your butts off so it’s about time you got to sit back, relax, and enjoy.

What is an entertainment corporation?

Throughout this article, we’ve talked about various types of agencies and companies that supply corporate entertainment. And that’s exactly what an entertainment corporation is all about!

It’s your one-stop shopping for finding the best corporate entertainers out there. And they’ll most likely include some fantastic reviews along the way to give you a better idea of what you might be looking for.

Get in touch with a corporate entertainment agency like clean comedians and find the best corporate performers today

At Clean Comedians, we’re always upfront with our clients who are looking to bring some corporate entertainment into their lives. Not to mention we’ve got a pretty stacked roster of amazing entertainers ready to blow you away!

But that’s enough about us. You only asked what an entertainment corporation is. Sorry, I guess we got a little carried away.

(But just know that if you look up “entertainment corporation” in the dictionary, you’ll see our faces show up. Every. Time.)

Put your hands together

Oftentimes, we think about entertainment as something frivolous or a luxury to enjoy every so often. And while it’s always a good idea to enjoy things in moderation, corporate entertainment is certainly something you don’t want to skimp on.

It can bring communities of employees and clients together like nothing else. Just imagine having a comedic magician come on stage to help you and your team members celebrate after a hard year?

Yeah. That sounds like the best way to celebrate. And we’ll be right there with you!

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of CleanComedians.com. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.