9 Ways A Funny Motivational Speaker Can Inspire Laughter In Your Workplace


What Is A Motivational Speaker

Our workplace is more than a location where we work during the week. This is the place that many people consider their “home away from home” or their primary adulthood extracurricular activity.

Hosting a corporate event is a great way to treat your employees to a meaningful experience while cultivating exceptional company culture. And no corporate event is complete without a great keynote speaker!

But your speaker shouldn’t be just anyone. For example, a motivational speaker with a touch of humor can genuinely improve your workplace more than you may realize. Here’s how!

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Key Takeaways

  • Laughter brings our team together
  • Motivational speakers use great storytelling to deliver their message
  • Humor helps our creativity
  • Entertaining corporate events give our employees the attention they deserve
  • The benefits of a humorous corporate event extend to the everyday workplace
  • A great motivational speaker can truly engage the audience
  • Laughter elevates your event
  • Humor improves our memory
  • Laughter boosts our collaboration skills in the workplace

#1. Laughter Is What Brings People Together

We all know that laughter is the best medicine. But laughter is also the best spark for creating friendships and conversations!

When we get together with like-minded (or even unlike-minded) people, we normally experience the first emotional connection when we can share a laugh. Whether we’re reveling in a humorous joke or enjoying a funny story, laughter really gets our hearts racing!

Many motivational speakers view humorous content as a taboo space because resorting to crude or dirty jokes is definitely not what you want at your corporate event. That’s why our team at Clean Comedians® capitalizes on the power of humor without resorting to divisive or crude content.

Our keynote speakers use humor and laughter to engage the audience and bring everyone together. Regardless of what type of speaker you want (our magicians and comedy speakers can really bring the humor to the next level!), we make sure that we always leave the audience laughing!

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#2. Motivational Speakers Know How To Tell Great Stories

Professional motivational speakers typically use stories of their past accomplishments or challenges to instill passion, new ideas, and a different perspective into their audience. In addition, their extensive and reputable personal experiences give them the ability to connect with the audience in several ways.

Motivational speakers talk about their successes, failures, and own life journey to motivate and entertain the crowd. Adding humor to a motivational speech is a surefire way to reach their audience and deliver a killer message!

A great storyteller uses engaging facial expressions, suspenseful body language, and inspiring language to teleport their audience to the story’s setting. A good speaker doesn’t just talk; they inspire!

#3. Humor And Inspiration Boosts Our Creativity

As we get older, our creativity starts to dwindle. As a result, it can sometimes seem not easy to feel the excitement we once had in our youth for new ideas and careers.

But it becomes much easier to discover our passion for life once again when we get inspired! Igniting our sense of wonder and our childlike beliefs can provide us with the motivation that extends way beyond the moment and can easily be carried into the workplace!

Motivational speakers who use laughter can easily inspire people and motivate success. When we are feeling creative, that’s when our potential and our skills can truly shine!

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#4. An Inspirational Speaker Can Greatly Improve Employee Morale

Inspiring laughter in the workplace requires employee appreciation. When employees feel undervalued and unseen at their jobs, they usually don’t associate their workplace with an area where they can laugh easily.

Corporate events are one fantastic way to show your employees you appreciate them. Taking the time and effort to engage and entertain your team proves that you care about their lives and happiness!

A successful corporate event requires a great and reliable motivational speaker to set the tone for the whole event. Professional speakers utilize their personal experience and expertise to engage their target audience and provide an entertaining experience for everyone. And that’s why humor is so important here!

A motivational speaker who foregoes laughter will leave your event feeling drab and dull. As a result, the event will be a flop, and your team won’t feel like humor is a valued aspect at their company (and it should be!)

But when the speeches at your corporate event utilize laughter and audience engagement, it will be much easier for your team to return to work with a newfound smile on their faces!

#5. Powerful Entertainment Lasts Longer Than The Event

We all remember at least one moment in our lives when we heard a speech or saw an act on stage and essentially forgot all of its content right after. You don’t want that to be your corporate event!

The best way to make sure your motivational speaker’s message sticks around is by involving the power of humor and true entertainment.

Of course, when we’re yawning and bored, we’ll forget any motivational speeches we may hear. And when this happens, the message will leave no lasting impression. This scenario is even slightly reminiscent of lectures in high school.

Instead, the inspirational speaker you choose should know that humor and laughter is the best secret weapon for public speaking. Appropriate jokes and humorous content will allow the effects of your event to last longer than just the duration of the speech!

When your team can leave the event still hanging onto the speaker’s memories, message, and inspiration, your employees will thrive. Plus, all those good feelings will still remain with your team and be carried to the workplace!

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#6. Personalized Motivational Speaking Engages The Audience

When the audience is engaged, the speaker thrives. Conversely, a speech without reactions and laughter from the audience can feel like a failure!

So when inspirational speakers use humor in their speeches, it’s much easier to see when the audience is having a good time. And when your team is enjoying the moment and engaging with the entertainment, the happiness will show up later in the workplace!

When our minds are engaged and poked and prodded, it’s much easier to enjoy the benefits of motivational speaking. This is because the message can penetrate our moving minds! And then when we return to the workplace, the stories and inspiration will still linger in our heads.

#7. Humor Takes Any Event To A Higher Level

So you decided to put on a corporate event for your team. And when it comes down to it, the ultimate goal that you want for the motivational speaker you selected is to boost your employee’s happiness and leave them laughing.

A corporate event without laughter is like a ski resort without snow. Yeah, you can still try to make it down the mountain, but that would be pretty disastrous. 

The same goes for corporate events. If your team isn’t having a good time and enjoying some fantastic humor, it would feel more like a boring business conference than anything else!

Your motivational speaker should be able to harness the power of laughter to elevate your event. After all, it’s their responsibility to set the tone for the entire event.

When you want to ensure your event takes off and your employees can return to work on Monday with a smile, ensure your motivational speaker knows to dial up the jokes and laughter. You can easily rely on us here at Clean Comedians® to provide some killer comedy keynote speakers who are very experienced in laughter!

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#8. Laughter Helps With Memory And Information Retention

Studies show that laughter actually helps improve our ability to retain information. So when we can associate a memory with humor, it becomes easier for this to remain at the forefront of our minds.

When your motivational speaker uses humor in their speech, their message will likely be more memorable. And that means when the event is over and your team goes home, they’ll still remember it all!

Humor is one of the best ways to improve retention at any stage in our lives. Especially when trying to learn something new, laughter will even boost our long-term memory and motivation levels.

Inspirational speakers use their expertise and life success stories to instill motivation in their audience. If we are partially low on motivation in our own personal lives, a humorous, inspirational speaker will make it easy for us to discover a newfound sense of motivation!

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#9. Humor Helps Boost Workplace Collaboration

In the workplace, one of the most valuable skills is collaboration and teamwork. Humor allows us to connect with our employees and team members more easily, and therefore be more productive as a whole.

When we can share in laughter, we are able to work together more easily. The benefits of humor through a motivational speaker provide a great way to improve employee happiness and productivity!

When it comes down to it, adding a touch of humor into our employees’ lives is a foolproof way to boost laughter in the workplace. You’ll see!

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of CleanComedians.com. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.