What Is A Keynote Speaker And Why Should They Be Funny?


What Is A Keynote Speaker

Every event planner is different. But we can guarantee you that the first thing on every one of their to-do lists is “get a good keynote speaker.”

Key Takeaways

  • An opening keynote speaker is also referred to as a motivational speaker or an inspirational speaker
  • An opening keynote address should drive the core message home
  • Keynotes are often the main event and maybe industry experts who offer their insight
  • Funny speakers are the best kind of speakers since they have stage presence and set the tone for the rest of the event
  • A speaker from Clean Comedians® will meet with your business beforehand to ensure they strike the right tone

That’s because a good keynote speech can do wonders for your corporate event. From incentivizing the audience to get more involved to inspiring the next thought leader to emerge, a keynote address can accomplish several things from just one speech.

So, what’s the secret ingredient to a great speaker that makes all of these magical things happen? Having a sense of humor. Keep reading to find out why.

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What is a keynote speaker?

A professional keynote speaker can be anyone from industry experts to corporate entertainers focusing on a specific topic. But at the core of the job of a keynote speaker is to set the “key note” of the conference or event.

Their speeches and presentations should be able to resonate with and focus on the theme of the conference. But more than anything, a keynote speaker sets the stage for the rest of the other speakers as well as the overall success of an event.

Why choose a funny inspirational speaker over an industry thought leader?

Expert speakers will obviously have a background in public speaking. But here’s why your keynote speakers should be able to engage the audience with humor and laughter.

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Why should your keynote speaker be funny?

You could choose to go with an opening keynote speaker who approaches the job like business as usual. But if you really want to give the audience something to talk about, consider delivering a keynote speaker they’d never expect.

#1. Humor is the perfect way of engaging audiences

Keynote speeches are meant to set the tone and offer relevant information and knowledge to the conference or event. But when keynotes are bland, it almost doesn’t matter what the content of the speech is.

Because the audience is already lost. But humor can grab an audience’s attention.

It can convince attendees who are wondering why they’re here in the first place that they do in fact want to be there. And it gives conferences a fighting chance to set an example for the audience of what’s to come.

#2. Corporate entertainment sets the tone for the entire event

Events and conferences must contain industry-relevant information. But if there’s no entertainment to accompany it, the event itself feels a little lackluster.

A speaker should speak to the theme of the event

Think of it this way. A keynote speaker or guest speaker is on stage offering as many valuable tips and services as they can, lecture-style.

But the audience inevitably starts to doze off. With just a little bit of humor, the audience is reeled back in to grab onto the important bits of information. But it was the humor that pulled the audience back into attention.

#3. Increased audience engagement leads to increased retention of a keynote speech

When you get attendees engaged, they have a better chance of remembering the contents of the presentation or speech. It’s like that one teacher in school who had everyone stand up from their desks during a lesson.

Already, you knew that this course had something unique to deliver because the teacher wanted you up instead of at your desks. You likely remember that class presentation better than others because you were engaged.

The same goes for keynote speakers at an industry event.

#4. The role of a keynote speaker is to motivate the client to get more involved

Keynote speeches are meant to incentivize the audience to get more involved. But, if the keynote speech was a little lackluster, audience members aren’t nearly as likely to offer up their business.

Luckily, with just a little dose of humor, speakers can catch an audience off guard. And that jolt could be the very thing that gets them to attend the next event, post about the event on a social media blog, or simply visit your company’s website.

#5. Laughter can bond attendees within a larger audience

Good keynote speakers know that a larger audience can be tricky. After all, they’re having to communicate and resonate with hundreds of people at the same time.

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But laughter is like their secret weapon. Because no matter what industry or business trends are being discussed in the speech, laughter makes the speaker and their keynote speech all the more accessible.

#6. Funny keynote speakers know how to deliver their expertise with personal style

A keynote speech is only as effective as the speaker delivering it. So it makes sense that you’d want keynote speakers to come with their own personal styles.

Funny guest speakers and keynote speakers are able to offer this style unequivocally. Because they know that when they speak, the audience is hanging on to their every word.

#7. A magician speaker can a unique perspective on industry trends

Sometimes, corporate events are in need of a little variation. And who better to offer that variation than a magician speaker who can blow your mind with some magic tricks?

Speakers know that business trends change on a dime which requires a certain level of mental agility. Well, a magician can foster that mental agility by challenging the audience to believe in what they once thought was impossible!

#8. Laughter elevates the corporate event as a whole

When it comes to planning an event, it’s only natural that you want everything to go perfectly. From the event site being arranged just so to the keynote speaker being able to deliver an excellent speech.

But what can elevate all of these event elements effortlessly? Laughter! It’s a natural human response that everyone can partake in, making your event all the more enjoyable.

#9. Enjoyment plays a critical role in the success of a presentation

A motivational speaker knows that they can’t simply motivate an audience out of fear or sheer determination. The audience has to genuinely enjoy what the motivational speaker has to say.

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Of course, there are plenty of ways to motivate an audience. But a keynote speaker with the right sense of humor will be able to tap into the audience’s psyche by virtue of their sharing a laugh.

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#10. A funny closing keynote speaker will know how to motivate attendees into taking action

You might not think a keynote speech with some jokes here and there will do much to incentivize the audience. But you’re forgetting about the feel-good hormones that laughter releases.

Hormones like dopamine trigger our pleasure response when engaging in something funny or enjoyable. And like any spike in pleasure, the audience will want more of it to follow.

#11. Motivational speakers with a sense of humor can better relate to an audience

There’s nothing more painful than watching a keynote speaker or guest speaker not be able to connect with an audience. But luckily, humor in a keynote speech can remedy that issue right then and there.

Humor knows how to build a bridge between the keynote speaker or guest speaker and their audiences. From there, they can simply build upon that foundation throughout the rest of their keynote speech.

#12. Humor can break up tension leading to more inspirational elements

As a general rule, humor can break up the tension. We see it in comic relief in movies or even in standup routines where the comedian literally creates the tension just to break it.

When humor gets used this way in a keynote speech, it can lead to some pretty inspirational moments. Because ultimately, the keynote speaker is able to lift that tension and give the audience something inspiring to ponder.

#13. Clean Comedians® entertainers work with event planners before the conference

Not all guest speakers meet with event planners before the actual conference. But our Clean Comedians® performers do exactly that.

Guarantee laughter at your event with clean comedians

Because we want to know the theme of your event so we can cater our keynote speaker address to the specific demographic you’re after. After all, there’s no point in delivering a keynote speaker address if it’s not going to resonate with the clientele.

#14. The best speakers make their speeches interactive

Every keynote speaker is different. But when you hire a keynote speaker from Clean Comedians®, you’ll get a speaker who knows how to interact with clientele from all different backgrounds.

We believe that’s the best way to connect with people. After all, when you share a laugh with someone, it’s like you’re already becoming close friends.

The bottom line

Getting the right keynote speaker for your event is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to event planning. But when you incorporate humor into the mix of your event, you’re guaranteed a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of CleanComedians.com. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.