What Are The Social Benefits Of Laughter?


When was the last time you had a good belly laugh? You know, the kind where you could hardly catch your breath.

Maybe you even drooled a little. What?

Nobody here is judging. Odds are, plenty of folks would be jealous of you having had such a good laugh.

What are the social benefits of laughter

That’s because laughter can induce positive feelings and relieve stress hormones. And when shared with others, laughter can do wonders for our mental health.

We all know that laughter unites people. But how specifically does a funny story manage to do just that?

Well, we’re glad you asked. Because the social benefits of laughter deserve a round of applause all on their own.

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#1. Improves communication

Communication can be difficult. Even for those of us who share the same language.

But laughter can transcend language. And make playful communication strengthen.

Take laughter yoga, for example. (Yes, this is actually a thing.)

Let’s say your boss put you in charge of keeping foreign business associates company. And aside from a couple of TV sitcoms, you don’t have much to talk about.

As silly as it sounds, try taking them to a laughter yoga session. Sure, you might be pushed out of your comfort zone physically.

But would you rather have a quiet lunch with them? Or laugh your butt off trying to hold that plank pose?

#2. Sets the mood for romance

Some people argue that being physically attractive is enough to set the romance. But what if the person you’re attracted to ends up having no sense of humor?

It’s kind of a let down, don’t you think? So the next time someone says humor isn’t attractive, pay them no mind.

That’s because laughter is great at fostering emotional connection. And it gets to the core of deeply felt emotions too.

Try making your crush laugh if you're having trouble developing a rapport

After all, romance is about developing a rapport. And the simple act of shared laughter is enough to make any of those first-date butterflies go away.

(What? You’ve never considered a first date a stressful situation?)

#3. Sharpens your mind

You might not include intelligence under the benefits of laughter. But have you ever visited a bookstore’s humor section?

Those funny pages are incredibly intellectually stimulating! Not to mention a great way to spend your Saturday afternoon.

Even if you don’t think the material will sharpen your mind, laughter will. So take in the therapeutic benefits of laughter and add reading humorous books to your list of fun activities.

#4. Makes you feel younger

Age is just a number. And the more laughter you have in your life, the more likely you’ll feel younger than ever over time.

And the reason why is simple. Laughter adds joy to your daily life.

Laughing can help you feel younger at heart

Sure, there are plenty of negative situations all around us. Work might be particularly stressful or maybe something goes wrong in your personal life. 

But sharing laughter can have a positive effect. Even when things feel impossible.

So bring in a corporate entertainer and let your coworkers enjoy a laugh. Or try sliding a couple of jokes to ease any tension in your personal relationships.

Laughter is all about creating opportunities to enjoy life. And let’s be real. Life’s too short to not enjoy it with the ones you love.

#5. Enhances your relationships

Take a good look at your friends. Who’s the one you’ve had the longest relationship with and why?

Odds are, it’s because you both bring laughter to one another’s daily lives. And that overall sense of a positive bond is what has kept you together.

Think of laughter’s specialty as keeping relationships fresh. Whether it’s a way to foster emotional sharing.

Or, used as a way to heal resentments. Laughter is there to create lasting relationship bonds.

And that bond acts as the tether to your relationship through thick and thin. So consider giving that friend a call or inviting them to watch a funny movie with you this weekend.

#6. Makes you more approachable

Stress levels automatically go down when you laugh. Besides, approaching a stressed out person doesn’t always seem like the greatest idea.

But funny people are easy to approach. They’re down for a good joke.

And laughter helps build rapport immediately. So if you’re looking to get your social interaction on, use laughter as your experimental medicine.

You’ll likely make a friend or two. Without even having to attend one of those laughter clubs Joe from Accounting has been trying to get you to attend!

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#7. Releases good hormones

Laughter has a number of health benefits. Including its ability to release good hormones.

Laughing can actually lower your blood pressure. And laughter boosts your immune system and t cells.

Laughter can help you in social situations or even stress situations

Triggering positive feelings, laughter also increases your pain tolerance. Not to mention that it helps your body let go of physical tension and reduces your risk of heart disease.

Increased blood flow to the brain sounds like a great way to keep you staying positive. Without even having to go to a comedy club, no less!

Or better yet, hire a virtual emcee to come in and lighten the mood of the whole office! And get those good hormones flowing alongside your colleagues for a better work day.

#8. Increases productivity

Sure, laughter therapy is great for your well-being. But did you know that laughter also benefits your work productivity?

And no. We don’t mean that you spend time laughing instead of working.

We mean that humor can boost your attitude. With a happier outlook, you’ll be more likely to accomplish your goals in a timely manner.

So don’t laugh in the face of work. Laugh with it and get the job done.

#9. Relieves stress

You’ve heard of therapy groups that host game night. But have you heard of therapy groups that host laughing circles?

Yes, you read that right. Laughter can help us engage with our true feelings. At the same time, a good laugh can help to relieve stress.

#10. Helps you live longer

Laughter is no stranger to a theoretical review. And through such reviews, it’s been revealed that humor can actually be the key to living longer.

You’ve already heard us spout out the health benefits of laughing. But maybe you didn’t connect that to a longer and happier life.

Laughter may be the key to living a longer and happier life

Well, consider this your life to start laughing more. Even invest in a laugh watch to remind yourself to chuckle every now and again.

#11. Releases your inhibitions

Some people drink alcohol to release inhibitions. But some people choose to forgo that beverage cost in favor of a comedian at corporate events

And you want to know why the latter option is often smarter? Because humor allows you to let go of tension. Whether that be physical or emotional.

You don’t necessarily need alcohol to release your inhibitions. Besides, laughing is the much healthier option. 

And if we really need to twist your arm, just think of that high you get from a good laugh. Pretty irresistible, right?

#12. Promotes playfulness and creativity

Earlier, we said that laughter can make you feel younger. And one of the pinnacle values of youth is play.

Play is something we often feel we have to age out of. But there are a number of benefits to playing and letting your creativity run wild.

So try accessing your inner child by laughing. You might even recall how you used to feel at that age.

Laughter is the best medicine

It’s true what they say. So engage in the simple act of sharing a laugh with someone you know.

Or someone you don’t. Maybe you’ll make a new friend!

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of Clean Comedians®. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.