What Are The Different Types Of Corporate Events?


Have you ever seen a Russian nesting doll? They’re essentially a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other.

Well, consider the term “corporate event” to be the biggest doll. And the types of corporate events to be the smaller dolls nested inside.

What Are The Different Types Of Corporate Events

Okay, yes, we could have gone with the whole “corporate events are actually an umbrella term” but we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to talk about matryoshka. (Seriously, if you’ve never seen these dolls before, look them up!)

Anyway, we’re here to talk about corporate events, not dolls. So how many different types of corporate events are there? And what are they?

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#1. Conferences & seminars

The most common types of corporate events are corporate events & seminars. Their primary objective is to build relationships amongst guests and provide new and relevant information for those within the same industry.

You can think of seminars as shorter, stand-alone events. But conferences can sometimes last days with multiple sessions, plenty of speakers who are often industry leaders, and maybe even a virtual event host. 

#2. Trade shows

Another among the most common types of corporate events are trade shows. A trade show helps to give companies a public presence as they get to show off new products with a flashy introduction.

Typically when you attend trade shows, you have to rent out booth space. But the media coverage that’s involved in a trade show is sure to make any business expenses worth the visibility.

#3. Executive retreats

If an executive retreat sounds fancy, that’s because it is. Typically held at luxury resorts, company employees have the chance to discuss business strategies like relationship management in a relaxed environment.

Trade shows are a great opportunity for companies to gain visibility within the industry and make connections

In fact, being in a non-work environment is what makes these kinds of events all the more productive. Because when you’re engaging in enjoyable activities, you give your company a chance to rest, recharge, and brainstorm all at the same time.

#4. Incentive programs

Incentive trips are related to executive retreats and are typically reserved for high-profile companies who can afford incentive programmes in the first place. But don’t mistake the power of these trips.

Whether it’s building relationships or talking business development, this type of corporate event is sure to build incentive. Incentive to get back to business meetings in the office in high and well-rested spirits, that is.

#5. Product launch events

Is there anything more exciting than a product launch? Seriously, product launches come with their own hype as potential customers and employees alike get a firsthand look at the company’s recent developments.

No matter the company’s size, product launches offer the chance to create buzz amongst targeted audiences and raise awareness. Not to mention that it does wonders to boost morale too.

#6. Corporate team building events

Team building events are among some of the most important corporate events to be held. And some companies even make sure that a team building event is held annually, if not multiple times throughout the year, with corporate entertainers to boot. 

Team building events tend to be more casual in a non work environment so that employees have the chance to connect outside of the office

Their main purpose is to boost employee confidence outside of the office so they can return with reinvigorated energy. Sensitivity training is often also included.

#7. Appreciation events

While appreciation events are a less common type of corporate event, they should still be viewed with equal weight. Not only are they a chance to bring board members and employees together in the same space.

They’re also a great opportunity to give back to staff for all their hard work. These types of events should feel more like big parties rather than a corporate dinner or something more formal.

#8. Board meetings

Board meetings are the perfect type of corporate event for new board members to be introduced to the rest of their peers. They may offer the opportunity for companies to generate leads.

And new leads may even inspire them to draw new conclusions regarding the company’s future strategies. Sounds like an awesome opportunity to us!

#9. Company milestone events

When you’ve gone through a major milestone, you like to celebrate it. And that’s exactly what milestone events are for!

These can vary in scope depending on the size of the company. But typically, they tend to be similar to appreciation events. (Pro tip: hiring a virtual comedian makes these events all the better!)

#10. Holiday parties

A holiday party follows along in the list of fun, internal parties. Though some companies choose to host the public as well as a means of giving back and raising visibility.

We guess this technically falls under the umbrella of appreciation events. Or the Russian nesting doll, whatever your preference.

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#11. Charity events

If your company is looking to raise money, then they’ll no doubt throw a charity event. With a specific theme and cause, a charity event may include a number of sponsorship rates.

Large conferences are the most common type of corporate events and can last up to a couple of days

And the target audience may even be treated to some corporate entertainment as thanks for their generosity. No seriously, you haven’t seen a corporate entertainer dazzle a room like at a charity event.

#12. Golf events

Never heard of a golf event before? The concept is easy enough to understand.

It’s simply a great place for folks to make connections without holding small internal meetings in business offices. Because if your event can make the green playing field your office space, then why not?

#13. Corporate dinners

A corporate dinner event can range in capacity depending on what they’re aiming to accomplish. So you can expect anything from catering in the office to a formal restaurant.

Typically, those formal dinners are reserved for potential clients that your company is looking to woo. But they may want to woo their employees every once in a while.

#14. Shareholder meetings

Like board meetings, shareholder meetings are the perfect place to discuss future strategies and yearly plans. Additionally, this type of event offers shareholders the chance to provide feedback on the company’s most recent performance.

So while it sounds like a schmooze event, it’s really about constructive feedback. And future planning.

#15. Award ceremonies

Everybody likes getting awards. So this type of event is sure to be the one everyone looks forward to.

Recognition awards are a great way to boost confidence amongst employees and morale within the office

Employees, suppliers, customers, or stakeholders can be the lucky recipients of a trophy. And internal award ceremonies also help to bring company staff together.

On the other hand, public award ceremonies can also offer companies a chance to publicize their business. So it works on a spectrum of size and scale.

#16. Congresses

Congresses are similar to conferences. But they tend to focus on a specific topic.

Typically, this type of event is for specialists within the field. And they’ll have the opportunity to learn and discuss new concepts and practices.

So you can think of it as an event for specialists to expand their skill sets. Yes, even more so than their current skill sets already take them.

Plan your corporate event today!

Bet you didn’t know all that existed inside of one tiny little doll! But in all seriousness, when it comes to corporate events, there are a myriad of practices and styles.

Hopefully this guide can help you determine what to expect at your next corporate event. Or even give you ideas on how to plan the next corporate event coming up in the books!

Or – if nothing else – we’ve introduced you to matryoshka. What? That’s got to count for something.

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