Virtual Holiday Team Building Activities


By this point in the year, you’re probably ready to put on some cozy socks and read a good book by the fireplace. And we can’t blame you!

But while that much-needed reprieve is just an arm’s length away, we’re here to remind you that a little R&R can also include some productivity too. No, we’re not telling you to bring work home with you.

Virtual Holiday Team Building Activities

(But if you are working remotely, that’s pretty much the norm by now, huh?) What we’re talking about is incorporating some team-building activities into your virtual holiday office party.

Oh, did you forget about that? It’s just the office holiday party you’ve been looking forward to for the entire year!

(No seriously, Brenda from Marketing has been nonstop with her email reminders.) So get ready to play some fun virtual holiday party games that will get you and your coworkers into the holiday spirit.

Why team-building during the holiday season?

Okay, you might be asking yourself, why team-building during the holiday season? Well, let’s just say that the holidays remind us to slow down a bit.

That might seem counterintuitive with the crazed Black Friday sales and busy scheduling that goes into family get-togethers. But even still, the holidays are a time to take stock.

Not just stockings. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

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Reflect on the past year with team members

So what better time to reassess your office relationships? And finally get to know that one team member you’ve wanted to introduce yourself to all year but were too busy to?

Sure, the holidays are also just a great time to play some fun games. But why not play a fun game while getting to know your team members just a little bit better?

Only a Grinch would turn down such an opportunity for friendship and connection… (Yeah, we went there.)

#1. Book a fully hosted virtual holiday event

Coming up with virtual holiday party ideas can feel a little overwhelming to say the least. So if you’re hoping to wow your virtual holiday party guests without tearing your hair out, book a fully hosted event!

With a virtual Master of Ceremonies, you won’t have to be (virtually) running about the (virtual) party trying to make sure everyone’s (virtual) drinks are full. You can sit back, relax, and focus on the remote employees you’ve been wanting to connect with all year.

Besides, the best virtual party host will know not only how to host but how to bring the holiday cheer. Not that we’re doubting your skills! But consider yourself one step closer to that sweet cozy feeling by the fireplace.

Why we love it for team-building:

Virtual holiday parties should feel effortless. But we all know that a ton of effort goes into making those holiday parties happen.

So when you let a professional host a virtual holiday party, you’re giving yourself the benefit of focusing on what’s really important. Your team members.

#2. Virtual Secret Santa gift exchange

What’s the best part of a virtual holiday party? Opening up virtual holiday party presents!

So organize a virtual office Secret Santa and build on the holiday spirit that comes from giving. And watch your team members open up from receiving thoughtful gifts from somebody who walks on the other side of the office from them.

Organize a gift exchange and get your employees thinking of their office mates this holiday season

And let’s be real. Secret Santa is the perfect virtual holiday party idea precisely because it relieves the stress of getting everyone in the office a present!

Why we love it for team-building:

You might not think of Secret Santa as a virtual team-building activity. But think of it this way.

Not only will you engage remote employees by getting them to think of a gift for another team member. You’ll also help bridge gaps between employees who might not have had the chance to work together.

#3. Virtual holiday trivia

Sometimes, virtual team-building can come from a little healthy competition. So why not get your office organized into different teams to play some holiday trivia?

Not only will you get team members to test their knowledge on all of the names of Santa’s reindeer. You’ll also give folks the opportunity to share their own holiday traditions as the game goes on.

Why we love it for team-building:

Virtual holiday games are an easy way to bring folks together in a team-oriented environment. So it’s really a no-brainer to host a virtual event that includes holiday-themed games.

Besides, how else will you remember how many ghosts show up in A Christmas Carol? (Four.)

#4. Hire a comedian

What’s the easiest way to make sure that your virtual Christmas party is a smash? Hire a clean comedian to bring the house down!

Or, the computer, in this case. But either way, a comedian will know how to engage a holiday team that’s celebrating holidays remotely.

And you’ll have party guests talking about such a stellar act at the virtual Christmas party for ages! You might even find yourself in the office Hall of Fame for one of the best virtual holiday parties.

Why we love it for team-building:

Laughing with others is one of the most powerful forms of bonding. After all, it gives folks a shared experience.

So make your main virtual holiday party event something that your employees will never forget. You might even hear years down the road that that was their favorite virtual holiday party yet.

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#5. Virtual holiday photo booth

A holiday-themed video call is all good and fun. But why not make those memories last with a holiday-themed photo booth?

Give employees a chance to break out from the main Zoom holiday party where they can play with fun filters. Or even start a side conversation about their most beloved holiday movie.

Hire out corporate entertainment to liven up the party and give employees a shared experience

Why we love it for team-building:

Small things like this will take your Zoom holiday parties to the next level. Because sometimes, it’s hard to come up with so many fun and creative challenges to include in your virtual parties.

So let the photo booth do the work for you. And give folks a chance to savor the memories of this online holiday party with a sweet digital memento.

#6. Online holiday scavenger hunt

Want your holiday party guests to get moving? Organize a scavenger hunt!

It doesn’t have to be crazy difficult. Just compile a list of household items for folks to find, then bring back to the group. And you know, have this happen all while holiday songs blast in the background.

Why we love it for team-building:

Take it a step further toward holiday team-building and organize your group into teams! See which team can get the most amount of items on the list and make this the new favorite virtual holiday party activity.

#7. Virtual Christmas carol session

Simply stated, there’s nothing like singing Christmas carols to get into the holiday spirit. It’s just a fact.

You can even set up virtual karaoke to make your virtual Christmas parties all the more fun. But if you’ve got a shy group of workers, get everyone singing together. (And make sure everyone has some fun holiday drinks to loosen them up!)

Why we love it for team-building:

If you’re coming up dry with virtual holiday party ideas, singing and music is always the way to go. It returns to a holiday tradition that everyone can relate to.

And it also gets folks to give in to the holiday spirit – even if they’re not singers! The point is that everyone is singing together, and that’s what makes virtual holiday parties important.

#8. Bring in some corporate entertainment

Organizing activity after activity for your online holiday parties can be a lot. So if you’re stuck in the quicksand that is coming up with virtual holiday party ideas and you’re running out of virtual holiday icebreakers, bring in some corporate entertainment!

Virtual parties maintain a kind of decorum. You know, the kind that doesn’t ask Bob to stop telling the same Christmas story over and over again.

But when the virtual holiday entertainment arrives, it gives everyone a chance to quit entertaining each other. And start enjoying the entertainment themselves!

Why we love it for team-building:

Let’s say you do have somebody like Bob in your office who tends to talk for days on end. Well, a corporate entertainer can come in and liven up the scene.

You know, get some other folks involved who might otherwise stay quiet in the corner. Think of it as the kosher version of, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…”

#9. Holiday movie pictionary

Virtual holiday party ideas often revolve around games. But this one is quite the exciting one for your team members to get involved with.

Holiday games can get employees to think creatively and resourcefully which are great team building skills

Not only will it take you down memory lane, going through all the classic Christmas flicks you watched as a kid. You’ll also get a kick out of trying to decipher that those are in fact Christmas trees on the board – not just fuzzy sticks and lines!

Why we love it for team-building:

Holiday movie pictionary gets employees working together to decipher codes and images. And maybe in the end, they’ll end up winning a prize for Casual Friday!

Who knows! You could go as far as you like when handing out these prizes.

#10. Virtual escape room

Nothing involves problem-solving like an escape room. And making it virtual just adds to the resourcefulness that team members must embody!

So get everyone in a holiday-themed escape room. Whether you’re planning to escape the North Pole in time for Christmas with loved ones or trying to get out of Santa’s workshop before the elves find out you were there!

Why we love it for team-building:

Escape rooms involve creative thinking and problem-solving. The exact qualities you want your team members to embody when at the office!

Think of this as an easy and carefree way of training for an emergency in the office. Who knows? You might need to escape the Nakatomi Plaza after German terrorists take over the Christmas party! (We see you, Die Hard fans.)

#11. Virtual holiday dance party

You know those ecards that place your face on a dancing elf? Well, try making that happen for real with a holiday dance party!

You know you want to see your officemates moving and grooving. So let loose and bust out those Christmas moves!

Why we love it for team-building:

Dancing in front of other people can sometimes be vulnerable. So for those looking to build trust among colleagues, a holiday dance party is a great way to break down barriers!

#12. Share your holiday traditions

Nothing says the holidays like a sharing circle. And besides, everyone grows up with different holiday traditions, right?

You can even make it a game like every time someone tells a story that involves gingerbread, you take a sip of that hot chocolate. (Get ready to be crazy full of some hot cocoa…)

Why we love it for team-building:

Sharing is caring. Sure, it sounds cliche. But it’s true!

When you can get your coworkers to open up, it’ll do wonders for office relations. And finally, you can get Brenda to talk to Carrie again after that whole “She ate my tuna fish in the break room!” fiasco.

#13. Take an exciting virtual class with colleagues

Want everyone to be on a level playing field? Get everyone together in a virtual class, learning a new skill!

Go down in office history as the best virtual holiday party with these holiday party tips

There’s nothing like learning something new to humble everyone into being cooperative. So if you’ve got a wily group of colleagues, consider this your one-way ticket to compromise and encouragement!

Why we love it for team-building:

I mean, need we say more? Learning something new together is, in and of itself, a shared experience and it will get everyone on the same level footing.

#14. Take a virtual Christmas tree tour

Want to get out for the holidays without actually going outside? Take your team on a virtual Christmas tree tour!

That way, you’ll get to see some beautiful lights while remaining in the comfort of your own home. Sounds like an infomercial, but it’s true!

Why we love it for team-building:

Getting folks to get into the holiday spirit with Christmas lights is known to bring people together. Just look at any Hallmark movie ever made!

But in all seriousness, this will give your colleagues a chance to take in something beautiful together. And that kind of shared experience will stick with ’em, we guarantee.

Best. Office party. Ever.

Every year, we hope to have a holiday season that we’ll never forget. And with these virtual holiday party ideas, that’ll be a piece of cake!

Or cookies. Maybe you’re partial to them just like Mr. Claus!

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