Virtual Holiday Entertainment For People Who Are Sick of Planning


Every year when the holiday season comes around, different feelings start to bubble up. Of course, we want only those happy and excited feelings to take the center stage.

But more often than not, anxiety and trepidation start to creep in at the edges. And that’s because planning a holiday party is hard – especially for your colleagues.

Virtual Holiday Entertainment For People Who Are Sick Of Planning

You want to host a virtual holiday event that everyone can enjoy. But like all people-pleasers will come to realize at some point in their lives, pleasing everyone is close to impossible.

But notice how we said it was close to impossible? As in, not impossible completely?

We’ll let you in on a little secret. We know the secret formula to getting all of your team members engaged and having a blast.

And no, it’s not a virtual holiday dance party. You can certainly try, but we’ve got something just a little bit better in mind…

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Why hire entertainment for your virtual holiday party?

Pinterest will have you think that hiring out entertainment is the absolute worst thing you can do. After all, there are “25 Virtual Holiday Party Ideas That Will Knock The Socks Off Of Your Colleagues And Give You An Aneurysm In The Process!”

But let’s be real. Not everyone is able to be Pinterest-perfect. And those that are are likely crying in the closet as soon as people leave said virtual holiday parties.

No more coming up with virtual holiday party games

There’s no limit to the number of virtual holiday games out there that you could implement into your virtual holiday party. There’s virtual holiday trivia, a virtual dinner party theme, a virtual holiday photo booth, an online holiday scavenger hunt, a hot chocolate tasting party…

Shall we go on? Or are you already getting a headache?

Impress your virtual holiday party guests

Nobody likes to admit that whoever hosts the office party does so as a way of getting office cred. I mean, have you seen how seriously Angela takes her duties as head of the Party Planning Committee in The Office?

Even if you managed to come up with a virtual holiday party that includes holiday-themed games doesn’t mean that those games will be a hit. But virtual entertainment with solid professionals certainly will.

Online team-building games are factored in

Maybe you’re the type that views the virtual holiday party as a chance to work on some virtual holiday team-building in the process. And that’s a very noble cause for you to take up.

But if you think virtual team-building isn’t already factored into some virtual holiday party entertainment, then you’ve got a pleasant surprise coming your way. Haven’t you heard of shared experiences as a form of team bonding?

Gives you a chance to connect with remote employees

Getting into the holiday spirit is, without a doubt, super fun. But when all of your energy is focused on the virtual holiday party itself, you’re actually missing out on the chance to engage with your team members.

With these party ideas virtual holiday parties have never been easier

It’s one thing to try and organize a virtual Secret Santa, hoping everything goes off without a hitch. It’s another thing to sit back and enjoy the online holiday party while finally getting the chance to sit down with that team member you’ve been meaning to thank for your hard work this past quarter.

Finally, you can enjoy your Zoom holiday party

Okay, answer this honestly. What makes virtual holiday parties important?

If you answered, “the chance to impress my colleagues and show off my Christmas trees,” then you might want to reconsider your priorities. Because what makes a virtual holiday party important are the people in it.

So bring in some entertainment and let yourself loosen up! There’s no harm in taking a back seat when your priority is giving everyone the best virtual Christmas party they could have imagined. (And you won’t even need to lift a finger!)

#1. Book the best virtual party host

Yes, it does exist. Like Santa, people tend to spread rumors that the perfect virtual event host is a legend, a myth.

But we’re here to tell you that that is simply not true. Plenty of virtual Christmas parties have benefitted from having the right virtual event host.

And they’ve managed to make the virtual Christmas party fun without the help of fun holiday drinks. (Although those don’t hurt the process either.)

Benefits of hiring a host for your virtual holiday party

You get to stress less on Christmas Eve

Okay, hopefully you’re not hosting your virtual holiday party on Christmas Eve. But just in case you are, then you might as well lighten your own load at the holiday party by having somebody else host.

They know how to build rapport

You could have the best virtual holiday party idea. But if there’s no rapport amongst your team members, then your fun game won’t be, well, fun.

Book a virtual event host for your virtual holiday party and stress less

Luckily, a professional host knows how to take Zoom Christmas party ideas and make them stick. Whether it’s asking folks about their favorite holiday traditions, hosting a virtual tasting party, or taking you and your team members on a virtual tour of some Christmas lights and sights.

They come with their own virtual team-building activities

You might think that virtual team-building can only happen with a holiday-themed game. But even just attending virtual parties together is enough to bring you and your coworkers together.

They can make virtual office Secret Santa way more exciting

Okay, the Secret Santa gift exchange is always a coveted moment when people realize who got who what. And what makes that even better? A virtual host who can make witty comments throughout!

They’ll know how to engage an audience

Virtual Christmas games can only do so much for an online party. But luckily, professional hosts know how to switch directions when they feel the video call going a little lackluster.

They’ve hosted a virtual party before

We’re sure you’ve practiced those stocking stuffer scavenger hunts a number of times in preparation for the online Christmas party. But if you’re looking to host a virtual hit, leave it to somebody who’s done and won this rodeo before.

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#2. Hire a virtual comedian

Do you ever feel like holiday trivia has been done one too many times so now you already know all the answers? Well, something that will definitely turn your virtual holiday party activity on its heels is a virtual comedian.

A virtual comedian will know how to engage party guests

Sure, it’s sweet to gather ’round the virtual Christmas tree and listen to a Christmas story or two. But what if that Christmas story involved a bucket of shrimp, copper wire, and an Elvis impersonator.

Yeah, that’s a story you’d only want to hear as told by a comedian. So get your virtual act together and bring ’em in already!

Benefits of bringing in a comedian

They bring the virtual holiday party ideas for you

Some holiday parties prefer to have their entertainment be just that – there for their viewing pleasure. But with our clean comedians, you can guarantee an interactive performance that will no doubt engage your party guests unlike any other Christmas-themed games they’ve played before.

Laughter brings team members together

Sometimes, it’s hard to make your holiday party ideas virtual. But laughter is a guaranteed shared experience that can transcend any screen and get every team member feeling those cozy holiday feels.

No shop talk

Holiday parties with your coworkers can sometimes run the risk of all work and no play. But a virtual comedian definitely won’t let you do that!

No more having to come up with fun and creative challenges

You can just tuck that list of virtual Christmas party ideas away. It’s okay, we’ll hold your hand through every step of the process.

Trade in virtual gifts for a shared experience

Virtual holiday party presents are all good and fun. But the real magic of Christmas is about being together. (Cue audience sigh.)

#3. Bring in a virtual magician

Okay, what’s something that every event planner forgets to include on their list of virtual holiday party ideas? That’s right, a magician.

Everybody likes magic! And if they say they don’t, they’re lying. So cue up the holiday songs and get ready to blow your guests’ minds at your fun virtual holiday party!

Benefits of bringing in a little magic to your virtual holiday party

Gets people in the holiday spirit

Virtual holiday parties ideas are supposed to make us feel like kids again, right? Well, what’s more innocent and exciting than watching a magic show?

Livens your virtual Christmas party

Sure, you can play the adult in your online holiday parties. But isn’t it more exciting to stay on your toes while watching a magician do their thing?

Gives party guests something to interact with

Virtual holiday party ideas always revolve around trying to get folks to interact and engage. With magic, they’ll have little to no choice!

No need to worry about setup

What’s the best part of a fun virtual holiday party that brings in any kind of entertainment? You don’t need to worry about the setup!

#4. Welcome in a variety show

We already told you to get rid of that list of virtual holiday party ideas! Seriously, we’ve got you covered!

A variety show will have something for everybody at your virtual holiday party

Because even if you have a couple of Grinches in your office who say they don’t like magic, they can’t say that about a variety show. And that’s the point!

Benefits of a variety show your virtual holiday party

Variety is the spice of life

There’s no shame in the fact that people like different things. But when you want to bring in some entertainment that can appease everyone, a variety show really does check everyone’s boxes.

There’s a little something for everybody

Whether it’s a Dueling Pianos act or a stand-up comedy routine. There’s bound to be at least one act in a variety show that’ll grab the attention of each of your team members.

Holiday music is a guarantee

Because what variety show can call itself a variety show if it doesn’t involve music? And Christmas music at that!

No really, Christmas carols will likely make their way through

If you had dreams of Christmas karaoke on your list of virtual holiday party ideas, consider it done with a variety show. These interactive corporate entertainers will have your party guests singing along to all those tunes we hold dear.

No more worrying about the main virtual holiday party event

Because as host, not only do you have to come up with the ideas for the party. But you also have to manage them.

And that just doesn’t seem like a fun way for you to spend your time at the virtual holiday party – running around and worrying about everybody else except yourself. Instead, let a variety show take that responsibility off of your shoulders.

No muss, no fuss

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who serve only homemade mac ‘n cheese to their kids.

And those who go after a staple favorite: Kraft. Neither of these people are wrong for choosing between homemade or a store-bought brand.

But there is something to be said about how easy it is for Kraft to just take care of the evening for you. Now apply this analogy to your virtual holiday party.

Go ahead. It’s easy to see. If you don’t want to stress yourself out with all those homemade recipes and DIY Pinteresting, let some virtual entertainment come to your aid.

There’s no harm in saying that you need a little help this holiday season. In fact, it’s noble for a person to admit they need help!

So do the noble thing. And bring in some corporate entertainers who you know your office mates will absolutely love.

That corporate entertainer may even become a friend of the office. And each year, it’ll be like greeting an old friend just in time for the holidays.

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.