What’s The Best Virtual Gala Platform?


Remember when you were little and you dreamed of going to a ball? Admit it, every kid has had that fantasy at some point or another.

Then you grew up and went to an in-person gala, giving you a glimpse of those childhood dreams come true. With the virtual world nowadays though, it’s not uncommon for such events to become virtual altogether.

What's The Best Virtual Gala Platform

But don’t think that a virtual gala can dampen the same spirit a fantasy ball can create. In fact, we’re here to show you just how much better a virtual gala can be with the right tools and platform.

You’ll still get to experience hosting a live gala, even if you do make it an online event. And you can rest assured that all your guests will feel like their childhood fantasies have come true too.

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Free virtual gala platforms

Yeah, we’re not playing around here. We’re ready to get down to it once and for all. So, which live streaming video platform is the right one for your virtual gala?

Facebook Live

As far as any one virtual gala platform goes, Facebook Live is always a great and user-friendly option. Most people are familiar with a virtual live event through this platform.

And that will just make the online space feel much more relaxed than if you’re trying to host your virtual event through a new platform altogether. So if the virtual fundraiser and virtual gala ideas are taking up too much of your time, go with Facebook on this one.

Besides, this platform allows you to engage with donors, supporters, and sponsors in real time. And as donations come rolling in from your live auctions, you can give a shoutout to audience members and organizations as they help you raise more money too.


  • User-friendly platform
  • Most people familiar with live stream through this platform
  • Allows attendees to interact through comments in real time
  • Perfect platform for a virtual comedian to perform their best set

Instagram Live

Let’s say you’re hosting a virtual gala with a partner organization. And let’s say that partner organization isn’t exactly in the same physical location as you.

Social media platforms offers live streaming services for you to use for your virtual gala

Well, no need to fret! Instagram Live offers you the perfect solution to host your virtual fundraiser since they give you the option of a split-screen.

This way, viewers can see two different live streaming videos simultaneously. And you’ll expand your virtual galas’ audience more than ever.

Not to mention that sponsors, nonprofits, and organizations can easily access the platform. And join in on the online comments with other guests.


  • Guests can interact with one another and host through comments
  • Split-screen allows partnering organizations to share the stage
  • Easy set-up as opposed to fancy event production
  • Great platform for clean comedians to do their thing!


Has the dictionary officially recognized “Zoom” as  both a noun, verb, and virtual organization? Because if not, 2020 alone is enough evidence of us hearing that word used over and over again.

And for good reason too! As far as virtual fundraising goes, Zoom is the one platform that many will flock to for virtual events.

And with everyone having access to a camera and microphone on their screens, you can mimic that community feel you tend to get with in-person events as well. While we listed this as a free option, it’s important to note that the basic plan can allow up to 100 users.

Anything beyond that and you’ll have to make sure your event financials take such costs into consideration. But you’ll probably find that you raise all that money back based on the virtual live auction alone!


  • Attendees have ability to interact online with microphones and cameras
  • A greater community feel because of this
  • Will require an upcharge fee if you are hosting a big event
  • But still allows for you to bring in a virtual emcee as host

YouTube Live

Unless you’re happy to have your fundraiser exist live and in the moment, you’ll love YouTube and their ability to keep your fundraising efforts around online. That’s right – all of your videos are automatically saved.

Use these free virtual platforms to make your gala stand out from the rest

That way, attendees can go back and watch the virtual fundraising and silent auction happen all over again. Or maybe even those corporate entertainers who stole the show! Besides, you can keep pumping out your fundraising goals on social media. 

That being said, some folks prefer to host a virtual gala like they would an in-person event. One and done.

But if you want your auction games, silent auctions, video entertainment, and fundraising tips to live on, why not keep them around with YouTube so they can be found online easily? It’s not a bad practice for those looking to create a little more buzz around their virtual galas for the next event they plan to live stream!


  • Incredibly helpful tool for saving videos from virtual events and virtual galas
  • Includes robust backend reporting system
  • Guests and audience can still interact with other supporters through comment section

Take your virtual galas to the next level

So you’ve got a little extra cash to burn in your virtual gala wallet? Well, consider these virtual event platforms a worthy investment for your fundraising event!

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When it comes to the best practices of virtual fundraising, Givergy will definitely give you the expert advice you’re looking for. They’ve hosted tons of virtual galas before.

A clean comedian can make your virtual gala a night to remember

And with their award-winning fundraising technology, no less. Any questions you have about sponsor logos, auction items, door prizes, and more, they’ll most certainly have an answer for you.

So don’t be shy! Ask for their support and raise the kind of money your donors and guests will be happy to contribute to.


  • A variety of packages and campaigns to choose from
  • Virtual fundraising technology and support at your service
  • Knowledgeable on the best practices for your fundraising event or virtual gala


Let’s say you want your guests and donors to feel like they’re attending an exclusive virtual gala. Not just a virtual event that anybody can sign on to.

Then try out Paybee! Their one screen virtual event solution allows donors and hosts to interact on a select platform.

And you can guarantee that your auction items will only have the right number of eyes on them. Not to mention, it’ll still give you that exclusive feel you only get from an in-person event.


  • Customizable fundraising and auction support
  • Exclusive platform for donors to send in donations
  • Easy to use fundraising tool for your virtual gala

Virtual gala software

When you think “virtual gala platform,” you’re probably just thinking of the live streaming service. But the fundraising software is definitely something you won’t want to skimp on.


GoFundMe is the number one crowdfunding donation service. So why not use it for your virtual gala and other events?

Use a virtual software that can collect donations easily and encourage guests to give

You can easily donate to the platform and circulate that donation page on social media. So that way, you’ll get as much support as you possibly can!

It’s so easy to donate to this platform that you’ll have guests wondering why they haven’t donated. Now that’s a great marketing tool.

Bidding for Good

Many nonprofits use Bidding for Good whether they’re hosting an auction or a bid. And lucky for nonprofits, this platform offers two different plans to accommodate users and hosts.

Either way, you’ll get a crowdfunding guarantee, customizable donation forms, online auctions, and mobile bidding for your event or gala. So you really can’t go wrong with an organization focused on making your gala the best it can be.

One Cause

You may know One Cause from in-person events, but their organization has pivoted toward a virtual event option. With mobile bidding, registration, social media integration, and software support, this platform really offers everything.

So you don’t have to worry about your gala or event hitting any bumps in the road. Because at the end of the day, your gala or event only has one cause in mind and this company is here to help you achieve it.

The best is yet to come

Maybe someday, you’ll attend an event that satisfies your childhood fantasies of a decked out ball. But that’s not to say that these virtual gala and event options can’t satisfy that itch either.

In fact, it’s pretty remarkable what these virtual event platforms can provide nowadays. But that’s us just sounding like a bunch of old geezers talking about kids and their technology.

So we’ll leave you with this instead. The event you’re looking to plan is no doubt geared toward something that will make a huge difference in the world.

So why not partner with a platform or software to help you make the most out of it? Besides, you can look at it as an event that happens every other day.

Or rather, you could look at it like it’s the event of a lifetime. Which of these options sounds more interesting to you?

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of CleanComedians.com. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.