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Planning a big event can be very stressful. You may worry whether it will be good enough, whether it will be offensive, if people will like it, and how to stay within your budget. But Clean Comedians takes away the biggest stress-factors for you! Our corporate entertainment is guaranteed to be funny, or we’ll refund your money. We also specialize in clean fun and won’t offend a single person in your audience! Learn more about our corporate entertainment: MCs, Comedians, and Event Speakers.

Read the following posts from our founder, Adam Christing, for some ideas on what you can do to ensure that your future event is a success:

5 Ways To Have A Terrible Company Holiday Party

by Adam Christing 10/20/2014

1. Don’t have one at all!  

This sends your people a signal–we don’t like to have fun, celebrate, or enjoy the spirit of giving and gratitude.

2. Do exactly what you did last year… Boring. 

My boss at Christmas was a lot of fun: “I want you to look in your pay envelopes and you’ll know that I keep the Christmas spirit around here. Because in each and every pay envelope you’ll find. . . snow.”  –Dave Ketchum

3. Play no music. 

Science has shown that music has the power to lift moods.

4. Offer embarrassing corporate entertainment.

2 dangers:  1. Amateur.  2. Offensive.

5. Make Sure There is No Fun. 


Solution??  Give Your Group the Gift of Laughter.

When you host a Holiday Party for your company, you have the opportunity to create positive memories for your people, build a sense of family and togetherness and experience team unity during the most wonderful time of the year.

Clean Comedians can help you capture this occasion by getting everybody laughing together, using our corporate entertainment!  

After all-Laughter is magic.

5 M.A.G.I.C. Ways to Make Your Next Event a Hit

by Adam Christing

  1. Make them laugh. Mother Teresa was no comedian, but she sure understood the power of humor. “A smile is the shortest distance between two people,” she said. You can break the ice, creating camaraderie and a spirit of celebration by injecting laughter into your next special program. You think your attendees want tons of information? Wrong. They want to have a good time!
  2. Audience involvement. If your idea of an engaging program involves PowerPoint, think again. What can you do to engage them physically in your program? Here are a few corporate entertainment ideas: hire a clean improvisation troupe; host an interactive game show; or hold a live auction with a humorous auctioneer. If you want your event to be great, get them to participate.
  3. Get them close together. One of the inside secrets of successful comedy clubs is that they pack a lot of people into a small room. The closer your people get, the better your corporate entertainment gets. Make sure there are no obstructions between your speaker and your audience. (Dance floors are a no-no, and leave the potted plants outside.)
  4. “Intertain.” Many meeting planners are taking their groups outside for corporate entertainment (night clubs, amusement parks, Chuck-E-Cheese). This can be a lot of fun, but it doesn’t build the group identity and shared experiences that you want to create at your event. Keep people in your theme, in your meeting space, and in your control. Make your event worth being in.
  5. Cater to their eyes and ears. Don’t invest your entire budget on a rubber chicken meal. The food you cater at your event is important, but you must also cater to the see-it-and-hear-it needs of your attendees. Musts: elevated stage for presenters; adequate lighting; and an excellent sound system (floor based speakers on stands are recommended). Learn from the TV programmers: They have conditioned us to sit for only 24 minutes of programming – and even that is broken into 8-minute bites. Your people don’t want to sit for a 90-minute session without a break. The mind can only absorb what the seat can endure.

Book our Corporate Entertainment: MCs, Keynote Speakers, Comedians, even Magicians! Laughter you can trust.

8 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Master of Ceremonies for Your Event

by Adam Christing

  1. Having a fantastic MC tells your audience, “WOW! This is an important program.”
  2. An entertaining MC will increase the laughter and fun for your people. You will never get feedback from your attendees saying, “That was just too much fun. We didn’t want to enjoy ourselves that much.”
  3. Your audience will often judge your whole program based on whether or not they liked your onstage host! Think about famous hosts like Johnny Carson; many times you enjoy the whole show because you like watching and listening to the MC.
  4. An experienced MC can help you cover all your bases. If your speaker(s) put the audience to sleep, the MC can revive them. If you run into an unexpected problem or need to stall, a great MC can fill the time. Trying to raise money? A polished MC can handle the raffle prizes or live auction.
  5. The way you introduce your program, your VIPs and your guest speakers is critical. A professional MC knows how to set the stage for your guests with the right “build-up” to make them (and you) look good.
  6. A good MC keeps things moving. Pacing is critical to the success of your event. You want your people wanting more, not wanting to find the exits.
  7. By hiring a professional MC instead of using your “regular Joe,” you avoid the danger of boring your audience with the same old thing. Note: Just because Joe is funny around the office doesn’t make him a seasoned, professional MC.
  8. A likeable MC leaves your attendees with a great taste in their mouths. And more than anything, when it comes to creating a successful event, you want your audience walking out of the room smiling.

How to Take the Fear out of Funny at Your Next Special Event 10 Tips for Making Your Event a Hit with Humor – While Still Keeping Your Job

by Adam Christing

That old saying, “Laughter is the best medicine” is true. But meeting planners and event coordinators have a not-so-funny challenge:

Most stand-up comics are not clean comedians. So, what to do?

There are so many factors that go into organizing a successful sales meeting, annual dinner, fundraiser, or company program, the last thing event planners need to worry about is hiring a comedian who will embarrass or offend. My company’s slogan is: “It doesn’t have to be filthy to be Funny!”

Here are ten tips for you if you are in charge of corporate entertainment, need to book a funny speaker, or quality after dinner entertainment.

One: Variety performers can be hilarious without being vulgar for corporate events and association meetings. (Think comedy magicians, ventriloquists, and jugglers). Sometimes hiring a variety performer is the perfect choice when you are looking for a corporate entertainer that your people will all enjoy.

Two: Humorous speakers can get everybody in your audience laughing together, and generally they come from a business background … instead of the crass comedy club scene.

Three: Clean Comedians can be found at These are pre-screened clean stand up comedians who get big laughs without getting dirty.

Four: Watch demo videos of comedy performers before you hire an entertainer. Remember that the word “demo” means demonstration. So you are looking to see in advance of your event exactly what you will get on stage.

Five: Talk to the professional entertainers you hire before they come to your event. Tell them about your group and your program goals.

Six: Hire a Master of Ceremonies. This host is also known as the M.C. or Emcee. What he/she does is critical. The Master of Ceremonies keeps your event on track. Do NOT invite a funny co- worker to handle this key role. Hire a professional emcee. You won’t regret it.

Seven: Make sure you communicate to your special event entertainer that by “clean” you mean, “If in doubt … leave it out!” Avoid racial humor, sexual innuendo, and swearing of any kind.

Eight: When you work with clean comedians or funny speakers, or clean entertainers, ask them to customize the humor around your program theme and the personalities in your audience. Again, avoid offensive material. Making fun of somebody’s golf game is usually OK … making fun of his or her weight or religion is not OK.

Nine: Audience participation can be the “secret sauce” that makes your special event entertainment a big home run. People will remember that you involved your people onstage and engaged everybody in the fun.

Ten: Sit back and relax. Enjoy the laughter with your group. If you have hired a professional clean comedian, wholesome entertainer, or classy master of ceremonies, you’ll be in good hands … and your audience will have a great time. And you will prove to everybody that “Fun is not a four-letter word!”

And one final thing, I just can’t resist. Don’t make the mistake of pouring your entire special event budget into food. What you feed people is important. It’s very important. But will they really remember the chicken and mashed potatoes you served years from now? No. But if you give them a great time, they will thank you for it. Humor helps. Make sure it’s good humor.

Adam Christing is the founder of and has given more than 3,000 public presentations for meeting and event planners. Clean Comedians helps meeting and event planners with: “Laughter You Can Trust.”