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7 Ways To Break The Ice At Team Meetings

Ways to break the ice at team meetings

Starting out a meeting with an ice breaker is a great way to shake things up during the workday.  People easily become bored by stand up sessions where everyone just lists off their tasks for the week, or one person drones on and on until everyone begins to picture that scene where Ben Stein is … Read more

Hire A Virtual Magician: 11 Ways a Virtual Magician Can Make Your Meeting Magical

hire a virtual magician

…And 11 Tips for Working with the Best Virtual Magicians  ABRACADABRA! “ABRACADABRA” is the most famous of all magic words. Some language experts believe the word goes back to ancient Hebrew and means: “I will create as I speak.” If you want to create a memorable virtual event for your team, consider hiring a virtual … Read more

Tips for Planning Your Event

Tips for Planning Your Event

Our Corporate Entertainment Will Turn Your Event into a Success Planning a big event can be very stressful. You may worry whether it will be good enough, whether it will be offensive, if people will like it, and how to stay within your budget. But Clean Comedians takes away the biggest stress-factors for you! Our corporate entertainment is … Read more