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Laugh Your Way to Success: How Clean Comedians Can Boost Employee Morale

Benefits Of Laughing And Smiling

Laughing and smiling have some fantastic benefits that you can’t pass up. And with Clean Comedians, it’s that much easier to help your team step into success! Key Takeaways Clean Comedians can help relieve your employee’s stress We can better connect your team to the organization We use clean humor to let your employees laugh … Read more

How Many Calories Does Laughing Burn?

How many calories does laughing burn

Whoever said comedy wasn’t a workout lied. In fact, laughing has been proven to burn calories. I know this sounds like a ruse. But even Vanderbilt University Medical Center agrees with me. During a research study, they found that 15 minutes of laughter burns between 10 and 40 calories a day. And the International Journal … Read more