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Top 5 Professional Goals For The Workplace In 2023

Workplace Goals

Setting goals is how we motivate ourselves to continue developing. A thirst for learning and knowledge is key to ensuring our brains never stop growing. Key Takeaways Learn new skills by joining a learning course. Improve your public speaking skills. Focus on a healthy and fulfilling work-life balance. Build your network and develop your workplace … Read more

6 Reasons Why Soft Skills Are Essential For Your Career

Why Are Soft Skills Important In The Workplace

The term “soft skills” is frequently thrown around in our professional lives. Our careers are often determined by our soft skills and how we apply them in our work. Key Takeaways Soft skills are necessary for becoming emotionally intelligent Our technical skills can improve with good soft skills We become more receptive to feedback and … Read more

How To Improve Decision-Making Skills In The Workplace With Comedy Jugglers

How To Improve Decision Making Skills In The Workplace

In today’s workplace, it seems we’re constantly weighing the benefits of each professional and career-oriented skill we have. Whether it be our organizational methods or our critical thinking skills, our personal strengths are what make us who we are. So when it comes to decision-making skills, not many other traits can top it in terms … Read more