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Stacy Pederson

Funny & Inspirational Speaker

It took almost dying to teach Stacy Pederson how to truly live. Stacy Pederson is an award-winning Actress, Comedian and Speaker whose life was a perpetual mess. After experiencing failure in every area of her life-Stacy made a choice to reinvent her life one painful step at a time. Stacy has performed in front of thousands offering fun yet practical advice on overcoming stress, innovation, and living a life that matters.

Dying to Laugh - How to be Happy When Life is a Mess

Want your employees to be more productive, make more sales, have less sick days, stay longer for less salary, an outperform your competition? Teach them how to be HAPPY! In, “Dying to Laugh, How to Be Happy When Your Life is a Mess” Stacy utilizes comedy and good ol’ fashioned facts for a lighter take on a serious subject. Stacy shares how she went from losing everything-including almost her life- in a three week time period. It was through this process of loss that Stacy learned how to truly live. Your audience will leave with 7 actionable steps on how to stress less, enjoy life more, and be HAPPY…even at work. This talk is practical, poignant, entertaining, funny AND will help your bottom line. Great for after lunch keynote, closing keynote, or spouses programs.

The 7 Habits of Highly Stressful People

We all know stress is bad for our growing bellies, bottoms and shrinking bottom lines. Stacy gives a unique and hilarious take on being a “Professional Stresspert.” Diagnosed with PTSD after almost dying several times, Stacy shares 7 stress habits to successfully sabotage you and your co-workers’ productivity and quality of life. Your audience will laugh, identify with the 7 habits of highly stressful people, and walk away with some practical “de-stressing” tips based on physiology and mindset, as well as practical tips on getting along with their co-workers or difficult customers.

"Our team hosted Stacy Pederson to present at a virtual team meeting in November 2020; and by the flurry of messages, laughter and stories that continuously streamed in the chat box the entire 45 minutes, there is no doubt she was a huge success! Stacy was dependable, flexible, and easy to communicate with throughout the entire process!"

- Denise M. Kovacs, Merk Animal Health

"Can I just say that the one event I attended where Stacy Pederson was the key note speaker was AMAZING! She was hilariously funny and poignantly real and deeply touching! I have literally been thinking about the things she spoke about for an entire year!! If you are thinking about hiring her- quit thinking and just do it! You will not regret it! "

- Risha Winslow, Event Attendee

"Not only does Stacy provide super fun entertainment with her always witty and often side-splitting humor, she prepares her talk by listening to the different presentations during your event and makes “respectful” fun of things she heard in a way that reinforces learning. The perfect performer to maximize your emotional and educational impact!"

- Dr. Josephine Gross, Cofounder and Editor in Chief of "Networking Times"

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