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Rik Roberts

Comedian | MC | Speaker

Rik Roberts is the Perfect choice for your event. His Clean comedy, sharp wit and smooth delivery will unite your audience in LAUGHTER. Whether you are looking for a spark to kick off your conference or a surefire performance to wrap up a retreat- Rik will deliver the laughs. The number one comment Rik receives after his show is that he is “gifted at delivering humor that we can all relate t0- without having to resort to cheap laughs.”

Rik’s easy going demeanor allows audience members to relax and feel part of the experience. Courtesy and respect for your group is just as important as getting laughs. He’ll work with you to get you the results you’re looking for.

Rik’s dynamic show begins with pure stand-up comedy. Topics range from fatherhood and family to travel and technology. Next, Rik brings out the guitar and kicks your event up another notch. A combination of impressions and original songs will have you tapping your feet as you grab your sides. Finally, Rik brings the show home with a big finish as he turns a member of your group into a star. You’ll want to catch this on camera!

When not performing for corporate or private groups, Rik headlines the nation’s top comedy clubs such as The Improv, Funny Bone, Punchline, Stardome and Zanies. Occasionally he opens for musical acts such as Kenny Rogers and Weird Al Yankovic. You may also have caught Rik on any number of syndicated morning radio shows, NPR’s Car Talk, XM and Siruis Satellite Radio, Great American Country, Bananas Family Comedy Show or Comedy at Large. As you can see, Rik’s clean comedy is appropriate for a large array of audiences!

Did you know Rik is also a Barney Fife Impersonator? As an added bonus or as a stand-alone appearance you can have “Fife” deliver an arresting performance your audience will never forget! It’s a great option if you’re looking to customize part of the show.

“The Mayberry Method”- Increase Productivity By Nipping Distractions in the Bud!

Imagine your attendees surprised by America’s Favorite Deputy blowing a whistle as he enters the conference room. Next, he pulls out a few “citations” that he has written up on members of your group. The group belly laughs as the “harmless offenses” are revealed. Once the group is engaged, Rik steps out of character and delivers a speech that can include how to increasing productivity by eliminating distraction, how to manage time more effectively, setting clearer goals, developing customers for life, and much more!

“Game Winning Drive”- Character, Leadership, Integrity

Taking stories right out of today’s sports headlines and history’s record books, we will explore the steps that lead to real winning. By emphasizing teamwork and integrity, your attendees will identify leadership qualities that they can develop to become a champion in their own right. This is a program designed to help you take your game to the next level. A great fit for organizations who need a soft skills tune-up and help converting life lessons into a purposeful plan of attack.

“A.C.E. Team Building”-Team Building Through Improvisation

The A.C.E. approach to improvisation is to create unity by following a simple formula: Accept, Commit, Explore. This workshop is an excellent experience for leadership retreats, newly merged companies and groups looking to streamline their creative process. It’s a fun and focused way to introduce individuals into group thinking and team dynamics. You’ll get out of your seat and gain hands on training in active listening, agreement and trusting your instincts.

"Your Show was Energetic, Tasteful and absolutely hilarious. It was the best entertainment we’ve had in years!"

- Kraft Foods

"Rik had everyone laughing out loud the entire show. A number of people told me “He could have been talking about my life.” Rik truly knows how to relate to a crowd."

- U.S. Department of Justice

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