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Glenn Strange

Comedy | Keynote | Entertainer

Years ago, Glenn Strange found a magic shop. 48 hours later, he was armed with business cards, and he was dangerous. He had discovered “magic” a tool that justified him being funny in public. Today, Glenn specializes in providing quality comedy programs for corporations, churches, and associations over the United States.

Glenn’s programs are 90% fun, comedy entertainment and 10% message. He uses magic, sight gags, humor, and audience interaction routines to generate fun and laughter. Glenn’s magic is strong, but his true reason for being there is to make his audience laugh, enjoy themselves, and touch their emotions with an uplifting message about the importance of laughter in their everyday life.

Glenn has performed in 42 and a half states (the half state is Washington, DC). And featured on the Masters of Illusion TV show, which is shown in over 120 countries.

Yes, "Strange" is his real name. Strange runs in his family.

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