6 Sales Meeting Ideas To Motivate Your Team From A Corporate Comedian


Sales Conference Ideas

91% of employees find themselves daydreaming during work meetings. After all, it can be hard to stay focused during meetings if they air on the side of boring.

Key Takeaways

  1. Take time to recognize your employees who deserve a shoutout
  2. Bring in an expert when you need to
  3. Incorporate some team-building exercises or games
  4. Host a Lunch and Learn
  5. Make sure to keep the floor open
  6. Discuss industry trends

However, if you want to be an effective team leader, then you need to leverage sales meetings as a way to successfully motivate your sales department. Sales meetings are about more than just numbers – they’re the foundation of a productive and engaged team!

Here are six ideas to incorporate into your next sales meeting to make it fun, motivating, and engaging. Keep reading!

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#1. Recognize A Job Well Done

When you gather up your team for a “sales meeting,” your team might groan in anguish. Meetings aren’t always the most exciting part of someone’s day, and very rarely are they something that people look forward to.

However, that doesn’t need to be the case.

Just because your team might not be excited to attend meetings right now doesn’t mean you can’t make them worth their while!

Making sales meetings exciting and fun can both entice your team and help motivate them. And with the right elements, you can ensure that your upcoming sales meeting is both motivating and lively.

What Makes A Great Sales Conference?

If you want to host a fantastic sales meeting, you need to understand the fundamentals. Of course, all sales conferences are unique, but there are always key aspects that every great meeting has.

Hosting a successful meeting isn’t always easy.

That’s why understanding the fundamental aspects of any great meeting is so essential.

For starters, all great meetings have a simple agenda. Organization is key when hosting a meeting, conference, or event.

But overcomplicating it can make the entire endeavor tedious and overwhelming.

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Setting Your Meeting Up For Success

Make sure you have your meeting objectives in mind before calling everyone in. It’s important to also ensure each aspect of the meeting is properly managed so it runs smoothly.

There’s nothing worse than a poorly-facilitated meeting. It’s laggy and can feel like a waste of time for everyone involved!

Here are some other things to remember when setting up your meeting:

#1. Make Sure All Technology Is Running Perfectly

In today’s professional world, every meeting utilizes some sort of technology. Whether your meeting is in-person or online, you’ll likely be relying on a computer and some type of software for your conference.

Ensure all devices or software are running perfectly.

There’s nothing worse than the immediate need for a troubleshooter to kick things off. 

#2. Don’t Go Over The Set Time Limit

Each meeting, as we said, should have a set agenda. And that agenda should have a set start and end time.

Let us repeat that again: Start and end on time, no matter what. There’s nothing more irking and disrespectful than starting late or ending late.

Your employees are taking their time to show up to the meeting, and the least you could do is respect their time!

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Something All Great Sales Meetings Prioritize

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to dive into how you can actually host an exciting meeting.

First, it’s important to start with the fundamentals.

A great way to make your upcoming conference more productive and intriguing is by taking the time to recognize the hard work of your employees.

The Power Of Employee Recognition In The Workplace

Proper employee recognition is the mark of any great workplace. It’s a cornerstone of healthy company culture and doesn’t even cost a thing.

Only 37% of employees in the United States say they feel satisfied with how much they are acknowledged at work.

But taking time to recognize your employees can help instill a sense of positivity and boost morale.

If your employees associate sales meetings with recognition, they’re more likely to be excited to attend and feel motivated afterward.

Everyone likes a genuine pat on the back for a job well done, and recognizing your top performers in front of their coworkers can help show that you truly are proud of what they’re doing!

#2. Bring In An Expert

Some sales meetings might just be about day-to-day routines. But sometimes, you might need to brief your team on something new and exciting.

Depending on your meeting’s agenda and your team, you would likely benefit from the input of a professional.

Time To Switch It Up

No offense, but your team might feel a bit bored hearing the same person talk at them each week.

Luckily, bringing in an industry professional or corporate entertainer can help you reenergize the team while providing them with a fresh outlook on their current objectives.

External speakers and performers can help provide some much-needed variety. And that’s a bonus you can’t overlook!

Plus, they can share their insights and experiences in the industry to help your team truly gain more knowledge that could help them.

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Finding The Right Speaker For Your Conference

However, if you truly want a speaker to help instill motivation in your workers, you need to find the right speaker.

Not all speakers are created equally, and some might end up being rather dull if you don’t do your research.

To bring some life and energy into your workplace, opt for a corporate comedian. A corporate comedian will be able to effortlessly help your team laugh and relieve any stress.

And they can also motivate your team by instilling a sense of camaraderie in the room while revitalizing your team’s values.

Just make sure you go with a comedian who specializes in clean content. Sales meetings are no place for divisive jokes that leave half the room or more feeling on edge! 

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#3. Incorporate Some Team-Building Games

Sales meetings don’t need to just be all talk.

Everyone knows that games are so much fun, so why not incorporate some into your next conference?

Fun activities and games can help your team relax and bond with each other. Team-building events can also offer amazing benefits and are a fantastic way to help cultivate a healthy and enjoyable company culture.

Picking Team-Building Exercises Your Team Will Love

The great thing about team-building games is they’re easy to switch up.

For a smaller-scaled meeting, you can just kick off the afternoon with some simple icebreakers.

But for a larger sales conference, you can have bigger events like a scavenger hunt or even an escape room.

If you have reoccurring meetings, find a game that your employees love! Then, you can start off each meeting with an activity that everyone will enjoy.

This’ll ensure your team is excited for the day, the meeting starts off on a good note, and collaboration flourishes.

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#4. Bring In Some Food

If you feel like your meeting is missing one crucial element, it’s probably the most simple.

And that is food!

No one can resist some free grub. Your team would likely really enjoy having their lunch catered for their meeting instead of eating the same deli sandwich they have every other day.

Offer More Than A Delicious Meal

Just bringing in some food is enough to have anyone look forward to the next meeting. But by hosting a Lunch and Learn, you can bring it to the next level.

Put together some activities aimed at skill-building and personal development for your team.

This would also be the perfect chance to bring in an external expert to talk to the team.

Just don’t forget about the most crucial part – the lunch! You can either cater with some food or host a potluck-style meeting.

Even if your team is remote, you can still pull this off. Simply order food to be delivered to your team’s houses or offer them a lunch stipend.

#5. Keep The Floor Open

It’s hard for your employees to look forward to a meeting and find it motivational if they don’t get anything out of it.

And it’s impossible for them to benefit from it if they feel stifled!

Your team members are full of ideas and ready to share their insights. After all, the workplace isn’t a lifeless box where your employees waste away 40 hours per week.

Instead, the workplace is a prime location for them to explore their passions and grow as individuals.

If you’re always the one dominating the floor, your team might not feel like they have room to talk.

But sharing ideas is one of the best ways for your employees to get involved and feel motivated.

So, make sure you leave the floor open!

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#6. Talk About Industry Trends

A great way to motivate your team is by tying in your company’s goals with trends happening in the industry.

Sometimes, it can be hard for your employees to feel like there is a true purpose in their work.

But when you take the time to discuss what’s happening in the industry and how it impacts their daily routines, it can help them feel a bit more connected to a greater experience.

No industry is stagnant. And keeping up with any changing trends can give your team the extra push of motivation and energy they need to truly thrive!

Wrapping Up

If you’re planning a sales meeting or conference, it can be challenging to create an agenda that is engaging, exciting, and instills confidence. But taking the time to host a worthwhile meeting is essential for any workplace.

With these tips and ideas in mind, it’ll be easier than ever to get your team excited for any meeting!

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