How To Become A Professional Juggler


Professional Juggler

Professional jugglers seem to have it all – balance, discipline, and an ability to juggle several things at once. But becoming a professional juggler is to commit to a life of practice, performing, and entertaining.

In this episode of “So You Think You Can Juggle,” we’ll take you through the steps of the juggling profession. And you may end up leaving with a couple of tricks of your own…

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#1. Join a circus school

Every performer needs to start somewhere. And while most professional jugglers started juggling at a young age, they honed their juggling skills – and comedy skills – in school.

Learning the fundamentals of juggling will help you develop a strong foundation. Not to mention that you’ll leave the circus with a strong network of performers.

Plus, with teachers giving you the basic tips and principles of acrobatics, entertainment, and more, there’s nothing you won’t be able to do as a professional juggler. The circus may not be your “regular” class room, but it’s a place for you to focus on your passion and play with your act.

#2. Find a mentor in other professional jugglers

Professional jugglers often band together as everyone’s career can benefit from having a strong network. With other professional jugglers at your side, you may find further resources you didn’t have before.

Salary of a professional juggler varies worldwide but in UK it can be as much as forty thousand dollars a year

And you may even get job leads here and there. Additionally, being surrounded by other professional jugglers keeps you focused on your shared interest.

You can learn so much from fellow jugglers. Whether that’s how to navigate the world of business in juggling or how to optimize your services as a professional juggler interested in performing in countries across the world.

#3. Hone your juggling skills

There’s no denying that the 10,000-hour rule is true. With 10,000 hours under your belt dedicated to any art form, you’re sure to master it with consistent practice and dedication.

Of course, as a professional juggler, all of your time can’t be spent juggling alone. There will be other responsibilities and aspects of the job such as accounting, scheduling, marketing, and more.

But spending 10,000 hours on your act will come with some amazing results. Professional jugglers don’t gain success from singing it.

#4. Perform as much as you can

During those 10,000 hours, you’ll likely be working job to job. But any chance to get on the stage – whether at festivals or even a kids’ event – is time well spent on your craft.

Each event performed is another chance for you to learn something new. There may be a moment for you to play up the charm of your act.

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Or maybe, as you grow, you start to incorporate media and videos into your performance. Either way, getting up on stage any chance you get is another way of putting your skills to the test and growing your discipline over time.

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#5. Work on your relationship with the audience

Many professional jugglers will say that the most important part of being a juggler is your relationship with the audience. Whether you’re performing for kids or adults, you’ll want them to be engaged.

Because professional jugglers who connect with people will also develop a passionate following. You’ll gain more people in your corner the more you invest in your relationships.

The tasks of professional jugglers aside, the audience is where the real magic happens. So as you perform across clubs, keep this key element in mind.

#6. Attend juggling events, conventions, and conferences

As much as performing at clubs is important, professional jugglers should also attend as many corporate events as they can! As in, events specifically catered for professional jugglers.

These events are a great way for professional jugglers to further develop their craft. Whether it’s networking with other professional jugglers or participating in internships, these events have plenty of juggling opportunities to offer.

Learn the history of juggling in our other blog posts

Besides, these events are made specifically for your professional juggling development. So it only makes sense to attend and search for further opportunities.

#7. Learn from other professional jugglers

There will always be other professional jugglers for you to learn from. So while juggling itself can be rather competitive, use your time to cultivate relationships with other professional jugglers for the better.

Juggling is a lifelong learning process. And the best way to continue your education is to look to your juggling peers for inspiration.

There’s plenty to learn from professional jugglers and novice jugglers alike. Because juggling is a continuously evolving craft that is influenced by every participant.

#8. Get involved with an agency like Clean Comedians®

Finding a creative hub is something every juggling fanatic dreams of. And that’s why we’re proud to house an entire roster of corporate entertainers here at Clean Comedians®.

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In fact, our juggling duo The Passing Zone is one of the most in-demand juggling acts in the world today. So being a part of our agency could mean learning from these juggling geniuses.

There’s plenty to learn about juggling from social media to professional events. But having a creative hub to call home like Clean Comedians® is the best way to continue your juggling craft with at least somewhat of a safety net.

Final thoughts

You may only be juggling various aspects of your life right now. But if you want to get into juggling as a profession, follow the tips listed out above.

Each will help you along your juggling path. And guide you towards finding the creative home every juggler wants. 

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