11 Ways Magic Can Enhance Team Building Amongst Your Co-Workers


Magic Team Building Activities

When was the last time you enjoyed a magic trick? Too long ago you can’t even remember?

For most, magic tricks are not a part of their everyday life. But for us at Clean Comedians®, close-up hand magic is one of our love languages.

And we’re prepared to share the magic with you and your corporate team for enhanced collaboration. So, are you ready to be dazzled and amazed?

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Why use interactive magic for team building?

A typical team building activity is all good and fun. But when you combine magic with your team building efforts, amazing things can happen.

And no, we’re not necessarily saying we’ll teach your teams the skill set of mind reading. (Although that would come in handy for certain company affairs, wouldn’t it?)

Instead, we’re here to show you that you can build teamwork more effectively when you engage everyone’s creative side. Because that’s where the real magic begins.

#1. A virtual magic show inspires creative thinking

Board games, a treasure hunt, a murder mystery, playing cards, ping pong, etc. All of those sound like your typical team building shenanigans, right?

But what if you coupled problem solving with wonder and whimsy? That’s exactly what you get when you hire a magician speaker from our roster of corporate performers. Because every now and then, you need a little creativity to work through a work-related problem.

#2. Magic boosts motivation by encouraging mental stimulation

One of the many positive effects of magic tricks is its ability to mentally stimulate participants. A performance may leave a group trying to guess how the magic trick was accomplished.

Pair teams off in equal numbers to enjoy magic from clean comedians

And engaging in those conversations with one another can invigorate small groups to put their heads together and focus on how the trick was accomplished. Not to mention, it’s quite fun getting to see one of our corporate entertainers show off their skills on stage!

#3. Team building activities build trust among a company

Team building isn’t about who’s the winning team of a particular game. It’s about creating a common goal for friends to work towards while fostering trust amongst the group.

Rather than focusing on pitting other teams against each other, magic team building activities encourage the group to create and play together. So now, everyone’s on the same team and ready to return to the office with that forward momentum.

#4. Magic workshops foster the perfect balance between critical thinking and entertainment

If you’ve dabbled in mind reading yourself, then you probably know that employees want a break from mental stimulation. And while magic encourages critical thinking, it’s also as much about sitting back and watching some amazing tricks unfold before their very eyes.

This balance between performance and interaction is the perfect way to get a group to wind down and lean forward. The two seem contradictory to one another, but magic knows exactly how to walk that fine line (not unlike a tightrope!).

#5. Fun team building activities improve communication amongst colleagues

Let’s say you had a virtual meeting that didn’t quite go as planned. Namely because the new hires didn’t get a word in edgewise!

Give workers a shared experience like on shark tank

Well, virtual team building activities like magic shows can actually foster communication amongst a group. Besides, it levels the playing field for new employees to feel like they can add in their two cents. Not to mention, it’s simply fun!

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#6. Magic tricks and team building activities nurture collaboration

Planning projects and events in the office undeniably require collaboration. But when it comes to a virtual team building activity, you also want there to be a sense of fun attached.

Magic can accomplish both of these feats simultaneously, giving every person on the team a chance to put forth their own perspective. Because magic aims to create a sense of community above all else.

#7. A team building event can push participants out of their comfort zones (in a good way)

Maybe there’s one person on the team who hasn’t had the opportunity to put themselves out there. And maybe it’s time to give them a little nudge out of their comfort zone.

We bet your employees won’t anticipate being magically dazzled at their team building events. (Unless you give away your magician’s secret, of course.) So why not surprise them and watch that magical moment finally come together?

#8. Magic reminds teams to keep the humor alive

Infusing humor into the workplace isn’t just for the sake of giving everyone a good laugh? Studies have actually shown how humor can positively influence productivity.

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And even generate more meaningful rapport amongst co-workers. So while our livelihood is to make people laugh, we’re really out here trying to make the world a much better place.

#9. A magic workshop gives teams a corporate event they’ll never forget

Who in your office do you think will predict that a magician will grace the stage at a corporate team building event? None of them?

That’s probably likely. But we guarantee that with our corporate entertainers, your event will be such a success, team members won’t be able to stop talking about it!

#10. Virtual team building activities are the perfect way of bringing people together

Nowadays, remote teams are much more common than they used to be. But this can pose its own set of challenges, namely making sure that all team members feel connected to one another despite physical distance.

A corporate magician will know exactly how to bridge that distance between folks. How? Through magic!

Let magic inspire you to do your best work

But in all seriousness, offering folks a shared experience over magic can influence their ability to work together in a much more supportive manner. Because even if they didn’t experience the magic in person, they’ll still be wondering how that magician managed to pull such an amazing feat!

#11. Virtual magic can inspire levity in the company culture

Inspiring levity in the workplace sounds easy. But other times, not everyone is on board.

Maybe they’re too invested in a task or stressed out about an impending deadline. But magic gets everyone to let down their guard.

Because it literally goes against our expectations and surprises us with whimsy and fun. So if you want that kind of flexibility reflected in your workplace culture, consider hiring a magician speaker to inspire the office to carry on that sense of play.

The bottom line

Getting your team to bond doesn’t have to be difficult. And with our help, it can be as easy as pie. (We’re not guaranteeing we will bring pie, but you never know when magic is in question.) 

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of CleanComedians.com. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.