How To Harness Humor As Community Engagement


Creating engagement among an audience can feel like one of the world’s biggest challenges. But as corporate entertainers, we’ve come to learn that there’s one thing on our side when it comes to community engagement.

Humor As Community Engagement

Humor! Getting an audience to laugh can immediately bring followers together. And all while still getting your own message across.

So, how can you engage your audience both in-person and virtually with humor? Keep reading to find out.

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Why is humor a powerful tool for community engagement?

Funny content is just funny for funny’s sake. It can actually act as a powerful tool to form relationships and culture amongst a community.

Humor elicits an emotional response

Did you know that marketing messages paired with strong emotions make for stronger memories? That’s right!

Of course, there are different types of humor out there. But humor that appeals to the majority has the power to leave lasting impressions on fans and community members.

Eliciting such an emotional response can actually contribute to your brand awareness efforts. And folks will immediately be drawn to your projects simply because they’re looking for a laugh.

Funny material fosters bonding

Funny content has a way of circulating amongst community members and friends. And that’s precisely because they want to share a laugh with one another.

The world itself can be so divisive. That’s why when it comes to community engagement, you’ll want to focus on an idea that’s universal and can engage with many rather than a select few.

Brands use strategies such as these all the time to boost Twitter account campaigns and the like. But these efforts can also contribute to a stronger bond among consumers.

Humor nurtures community building

When brands put out media that’s relatable, it fosters a sense of trust amongst the community. After all, if everyone finds it funny, then everyone feels like they’re on the same team.

The daily show combines news with humor

This process of connecting with similar interests across the board can be a huge success among fans. Because everywhere they look, they’re looking to be represented.

So give them a community hub to fall back on. It can be as simple as a tweet that brings folks together and strengthens your community bonds as a brand at the same time.

Ways to harness humor as a community engagement tool

“Engagement” has become a social media buzzword. But we’re here to show you how to engage members of your community in person too.

#1. Hire corporate entertainment to engage customers

Corporate comedians, speakers, and entertainers are our specialty. So you can trust us when we say that corporate entertainment really knows how to bring a group of people together.

A corporate entertainer will know exactly how to tap into your audience’s interests. Namely because they are looking to form a bond with them right off the bat.

When we work with brands, we like to meet with them before the event itself. That way, we can offer customized, personalized material that will speak to their audiences.

Plus, you can always circulate our content online after the fact. So that post on Facebook, Twitters, Instagram, or otherwise can really take off with a good dose of humor.

#2. Focus on common experiences in your next social media campaign

When you post something online for your client base, you want to focus on shared experiences. This may mean recalling back to a Clean Comedians® routine your guests enjoyed at an in person event.

Clients search for humor so make it easy for them

Or maybe it has to do with something entirely different. Either way, focusing in on even just one example of a common experience among your crowd can create a sense of trust.

Besides, that’s what everyone online is in search of: trust and connection. It just so happens that our livelihoods were created upon those very same tenets!

#3. Create media that’s relevant and ideal for sharing

Word of mouth marketing continues to be the strongest marketing strategy out there. Yes, even with the endless amounts of social media apps there are today.

That’s why it’s important that whatever you’re putting out there can be easily shareable. Friends can send it to one another for a good laugh.

Or simply to inform one another about any company news. Either way, you’ll want to focus your content on being relevant to world events while also making it digestible enough for community members to feel comfortable sharing amongst themselves.

#4. Dazzle followers and employees with a magician speaker

Ever heard of a magician speaker? They have the ability to merge magic with inspirational talks that can wow, dazzle, and uplift your audiences.

Our magician speakers are some of the best of the best. Because they know how to find the perfect balance between escapist entertainment and putting out a call to action.

In fact, that’s the exact kind of balance you want to strike with your target audiences. One that will satiate their search for a good laugh while calling them to share with friends, family, and more.

#5. Research what type of marketing your audience will respond to best

Every client base is different. That’s why it’s especially important to research what kind of content your clients will respond to best.

Before we send one of our corporate entertainers to perform at an event, they meet with the event planners. They go over the goals of the event and strike up an action plan.

Then, using their unique talents, they incorporate those corporate goals into the comedy or magic act. This preparation is crucial for knowing what your customers want and being able to give it to them.

#6. Make room to laugh at your own brand

Being humorous is a great way to approach community engagement. But this also means that you can’t take yourself or your brand so seriously.

This is a sign to hire Clean Comedians® for your corporate events

Luckily, humor reminds us to take mistakes in stride. Or simply reminds us to admit that even a brand is human. (Well, run by humans, that is.)

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#7. Merge events with funny tweets and social media marketing

Your in person and virtual engagement shouldn’t be separate from one another. They should work in tandem with one another.

Like we mentioned earlier, you can use a Clean Comedians® recorded act as social media content for later. Not only to remind folks of the great time they had at the in person event.

But to encourage more attendees for future events as well. Remember that your engagement in person is just as important as virtual engagement. Don’t sacrifice one for the other.

#8. Offer valuable and engaging content that is worthwhile to consumers

The demand for content has never been higher. But that doesn’t mean you should be putting out clickbait just for the sake of likes and comments.

Instead, you’ll want to make sure that everything you put out there is worthwhile to your client. Ask yourself, “How am I using humor not only to engage with audiences, but to help them too?”

There is such a thing as entertainment with substance. We’ve spent over two decades crafting that exact balance! Don’t get too caught up in the fame game and forget to offer value as well.

#9. Lead by example in an Internet culture and avoid inappropriate comments

At the heart of Clean Comedians® is our commitment to clean entertainment. In fact, that’s how we’ve always led our business and relationships.

Especially in a world where offensive headlines are made into clickbait, try not to fall into this trap. Dividing audiences does so much more harm than good.

Stick to clean humor to appeal to everyone

Plus, if you’re looking to boost engagement, you’re hopefully looking to boost positive engagement. Not online vitriol.

So take a page out of our book: “No profanity, no politics, no prejudice.” That’s a Clean Comedians® guarantee!

#10. Promote customer engagement with a sense of fun

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun with your clients! Having the sensibility of play is the key to staying young at heart and forging positive relationships.

It’s easy to leave fun behind when you’re wrapped up in all of your other responsibilities. But just know that you can have fun while fulfilling those responsibilities at the same time. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Wrapping up

We’ve made a career out of humor. We know the benefits it has to offer a community.

So use these tips to foster connection among your clients today. And hire Clean Comedians® if you need a helping hand!

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.