7 Simple Ways To Promote Your Fundraiser Like A Pro


How To Promote A Fundraiser

So, you’ve been tasked with creating a fundraising event that can outrank last year’s event. You have all the event logistics solidified.

Now, it’s time to send out your call to action through online marketing. But where do you start? And how can you do justice for your big event?

Key Takeaways

  1. Create a landing page on your company’s website for the fundraising event
  2. Advertise the corporate entertainment you’ll be hiring
  3. Create a solid email marketing strategy
  4. Talk to local media outlets and submit your event details to them
  5. Promote your fundraiser through social media channels
  6. Spread the word about your fundraiser – literally
  7. Create videos and other visual content to add to your promotions

Don’t worry. Below, we’ve compiled some of the best promotion tips we have to offer. And even some more tips on top of that – just because we like you so much!

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#1. Create an event landing page on your company’s website

Any fundraising event will inevitably drive traffic to your organization. So why not give them an event page or donation page right on your website?

This way, you can streamline all information into one place. And even garner more traffic on your company’s website than ever before.

Besides, nowadays, we judge a company based on its website’s appearance and user-friendly capabilities. It’s harsh, but it’s true.

So make a good first impression with an awesome-looking website. And one that has a clear navigation guide to help supporters know where to go.

It may seem like a small thing. But in the grand scheme of things, this will help your company establish credibility.

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#2. Advertise your corporate entertainment

Fundraising events are the perfect excuse to bring in some corporate entertainers. After all, everybody likes to be entertained.

Make sure your potential attendees know what fun they’re in for. And create a strong promotion of that entertainment to draw attention to the main cause of your event.

Besides, having entertainment at your event is a promotion strategy in and of itself. Some people may be on the fence about attending.

But if they know there will be entertainment, that may just change their mind. It’s these little details that can sway a potential attendee one way or the other.

So give them as many reasons to attend as possible. And you’ll surely get their support.

Include them in all of your fundraising event press releases

Your full-blown press release should obviously include your fundraising goal. But it should also speak to the target audience directly in terms of what they will experience at the event.

Some community members may be drawn to the event for the entertainment itself. But they stay for the cause and call-to-action at hand.

Write a press release for your event and circulate it

Think of the clean comedy entertainment as the hook, and your successful fundraiser as a testament to the great ideas you managed to pull off.

It’s a fundraising event after all. You want to reward those who donated with a little entertainment, don’t you?

#3. Create an email marketing strategy for your fundraising events

What’s the best way to connect with your targeted audience and potential donors? Through direct mail of course!

Social media channels are all good and fun. But they speak to a large group, not individuals.

With an email invitation, you can invite potential donors with a more personal approach. Plus, enthusiastic supporters love that extra bit of special attention.

But you don’t want to overload their mailbox with spam. That’s a surefire way to lose their support and sabotage your own email marketing efforts.

So what’s the perfect balance? Keep reading to learn about the magic of 3.

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Start with an event announcement

The initial email serves as a Save the Date reminder. This gives folks the chance to mark your upcoming event in their calendars and invite people on an early-bird discount.

Follow up with an event reminder

Your next email should give them a taste of your fundraiser. So use this opportunity to promote that corporate comedy magician you’ve hired or the dance troupe who’s set to perform.

Give folks a final email to boost last-minute RSVPs

Lastly, you’ll want to create a sense of urgency. This is your fundraiser’s last push!

These 3 different emails set the perfect balance. They’re enough to keep your event in the attendee’s minds.

But without overdoing it and spamming their inbox. It can be a tricky balance to strike. But following this email marketing format will guarantee your success.

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#4. Submit your event details to local media outlets

It takes a village to raise a baby. And let’s be honest – this fundraiser is your baby.

So send out a news release to local newspapers and media outlets. Get them to shout from the rooftops far and wide about your next event.

You may even get some new supporters from the various channels you reached out to. Trust us – there are plenty of ways to promote a fundraiser.

But your best bet will be reaching out to your community. It may seem cliche. But when one person does well, the whole community does well.

Besides, including your community makes the event more of a team effort. So everyone gets to celebrate the success, not just your team at the office.

Get in touch with other local event sites

The term “local” has taken on a whole new meaning with the Internet. In fact, you could potentially reach “local” communities through a Google Ad Grant.

Getting the word out to your community in person is a great way to go. But don’t forget about any big local sites other organizations may have.

Connect with other local business owners to advertise your fundraiser

They may even give you other ideas on ways to promote your event. After all, these local communities are constantly inspired to raise one another up. Because when one is empowered, all are empowered.

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#5. Promote your fundraiser with social media

Social media has entirely changed the way we interact with each other. But it’s also a powerful tool to promote your next fundraiser.

Through social channels, attendees can learn how to purchase tickets, and how many more donations are needed to meet your fundraising goal.

How to plan ahead for the upcoming fundraiser, and how to spread the word through the touch of a mobile device.

Seriously, you can accomplish some incredible things with social media. So make the event promotion a team effort and use all of social media’s tools to your advantage.

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Create a Facebook event or Facebook page

Worried about having to constantly remind attendees of when your event is happening? Then create an event page to do that part for you!

These event pages can contain all the details you want attendees to know. And they’ll even have a ticking clock as to when the event starts and how to purchase tickets.

And if you host your fundraising event multiple times a year, create a page. This way, folks have a designated area to learn about the cause at hand.

It’s not just an event with a ticking clock. It’s an ongoing, collective effort to raise awareness and more money for the organization.

Plus, you can sample social media posts on these pages to see how they perform. Then, blast them on all the rest of your social channels.

#6. Go traditional with your event promotion strategy: word of mouth

When it comes to event promotion, remember to go back to the basics. As in, word of mouth!

Of course, social media has given us plenty more opportunities to spread the word. But nothing travels like word of mouth does.

Hire Clean Comedians® for your corporate entertainment

We know that it may be tempting to use only digital channels. But don’t underestimate the power of the spoken word!

You may be in a small community where everyone knows everyone else’s business. While this may be annoying on other occasions, this makes it perfect for advertising your event.

See? There’s an upside to everything.

Encourage people to get local businesses involved

You know how it goes at your local coffee shop. People talk. They find out about new stores opening up.

Or that one event that’s happening down the road. Start spreading the word there, even to your local barista.

In fact, speaking to local businesses about your event could broaden your audience. And you may get a more enthusiastic local following after the fact.

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Encourage staff to amplify your promotion

You might think it goes without saying. But tell your staff to spread the word themselves too.

Get them to bring the family along to the event. Or let their friends know about the fun entertainment you have planned for the evening.

Sometimes, folks simply need the invitation to invite others, silly as it may seem. So make sure that your staff knows just how important it is that they bring their friends and family along.

#7. Create videos to add to your visual content

We’ve mentioned the importance of press releases. But in this digital age, visuals are just as important, if not more so.

A great way to promote your event is through these visual means. Whether it’s through videos, pictures of past events, or simply informational graphics.

Make visual graphics to advertise on social media

These can circulate better than any press release can. And it will even speak to a different kind of audience.

One that wants information fast. And gets it from an aesthetically pleasing visual.

Besides, social media algorithms restrict how many may see your content. So do everything you can to play into the algorithm and give your event the attention it needs and deserves.

Make social media algorithms work for you

You may have a graphic designer in-house. But if you don’t, we’d highly recommend working with one or tapping into that one employee who seems to have a knack for Photoshop.

Making your visual content digestible is key. So with each graphic, make sure you get to the point.

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Include the details of the event and what the cause is for. No need to clutter the image with information that isn’t immediately valuable.

Remember: you’re trying to draw the audience in. Give them a taste of the event, then let the rest of the promotion do the work for you.

Final thoughts

Promoting a fundraiser is no small feat. So by no means are we implying that these steps are easy.

But hopefully, if you didn’t know where to start, these tips can show you where to go. After all, the cause you’re working towards is bound to be a valuable one.

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So make sure everyone knows how to support your event. So you can keep making these events a thing of the future. And something for everyone to look forward to. 

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of CleanComedians.com. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.