How To Make Your Corporate Event Venue Stand Out


Every memorable experience starts with something eye-catching, right? Well, yes and no.

You might have a swanky new venue website that you’re excited to show off. But once people try to log on, it doesn’t really function as well as it should.

How To Make Your Corporate Event Venue Stand Out

That’s the perfect example of style over substance. And you don’t want all that style to trump the substance of your event objectives, do you?

When it comes to corporate events, there’s a fine line between being flashy and actually being effective. But luckily, we’ve got just the right tips to help you make your event venues both flashy and effective – the happy medium.

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How can I make my corporate event stand out?

Event planners sure do have a lot of tricks up their sleeves. But you’ll soon find that we do too!

#1. Choose an event venue with an easy location

First and foremost, you’ll want your venue to be accessible. Guest lists might include folks from all around.

But finding a central property to host meeting spaces will ensure that you’ve picked the perfect venue for everyone. And if you can’t find a venue that’s right in the sweet spot, consider hosting virtual tours.

You’ve probably hosted past events in a virtual way. So why not bring that strategy to future events too?

#2. Give attendees an immersive experience

If you’ve been to one corporate event, you definitely don’t want to have been to them all. So make your events venue stand out by giving your audience something to be immersed in.

Set guests up in an immersive experience and environment at your next corporate event

Market the event as more than just a gathering space for your enterprise. And tap into your creative side to get visitors and customers excited.

Most people will remember an immersive experience more than just any plain old conference. So go the extra mile whether it’s an awards banquet or a business planning meeting and give your target audience something they’ll never forget.

#3. Engage attendees by creating unique content

Most venues will be happy to work alongside you to bring your unique content to life. So consider brainstorming before the event and working with the venue manager throughout the process.

You might set up a business card station where customers can learn about a different brand or two. Or you could hire some services to take fun photos that will only help you promote events in the future.

#4. Showcase the company’s branding relationships

Planning an event is very much like advertising. So it really is the best marketing opportunity for you to showcase just how many clients and contacts you have.

Not only does this help companies set a precedence of authority. It also gives them a key advantage to hooking new clients who are mid-search for the next best company to back.

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How do you attract attendees to your venue?

Corporate events don’t necessarily have the same draw as, say, a wedding. But here are some ways that you can attract guests to your venue.

#5. Choose a theme for your corporate event

Everybody loves a theme. It boasts creativity and makes the group feel like a single unit working together to achieve success.

Bring company members together by hosting a themed event venue

And in plain terms? It’s just fun!

Having a cohesive look can help you string together ideas within the setup. And you can even play with lighting to make guests even more excited about their being there.

#6. Create “FOMO” through social media

If you’re not familiar with the term, “FOMO” simply means “fear of missing out.” And nothing quite stirs that feeling inside of us like social media does.

Every corporate event needs some kind of hype around it to coincide with the creating and planning of the event. So why not have guests post on their Facebook or other social media sites to give others just a hint of FOMO?

There are plenty of marketing strategies that you can try. But Facebook posts are an easy way to make your corporate event the talk of the town. Or feed, rather.

#7. Bring in a virtual comedian

When it comes to making your event venues stand out, comedy really is your best bet. That’s because nobody can bring a group of guests together like a clean comedian.

Even if the event space isn’t everything you ever dreamed of, having stellar entertainment will surely make up for it. And besides, a stand-up comedy set doesn’t require much setup either.

So if your venue doesn’t look like a space fit for weddings, at least let the corporate entertainment do the talking. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

#8. Make the event space fit for connections

When you create a business event, you’re also creating an opportunity for visiting guests to network. So make your business the brand that brings planners, clients, and other guests in contact.

Allow guests to network with each other at your event venue

From a marketing standpoint, this will ensure that your business will stand out from the rest. Because your corporate event will be the most coveted one everyone can’t wait to get to.

What makes a great venue?

Sure, you want to get some great photos of the event venue for your website. But what really makes an event venue stand out?

#9. Versatility

You’d be surprised at how many spaces you can transform. Take a wedding for example. People get married in barns now!

But our point is this: versatility is key. Don’t worry about getting the swankiest venue out there if you can’t also create unique content to go with it.

Don’t substitute style over substance. The feeling you give guests when they enter is what will matter most.

How do you run a successful event venue?

Whether it’s for a wedding or business market, these tips will come in handy. (Maybe handy enough to help you in your everyday life.)

#10. With confidence

The search for confidence is something we all struggle with. But when it comes to hosting at an event venue, confidence is an absolute must.

Hire a virtual emcee to bring the confidence into the room

Your confidence will show guests that you’re ready and prepared for the event. And if you don’t think you can pull that off, get a virtual emcee to come in and be confident for you!

#11. A dedicated company staff

No event can be pulled off by a single person alone. So make sure you’re working with the best set of folks out there.

Having a dedicated staff is also great for accountability. So that every goal you set out to accomplish remains at the forefront of everybody’s minds.

Wrapping up

Hopefully these tips have helped you see all that goes into hosting. And that making an event venue stand out from the rest is really about the experience you provide guests with.

So go ahead and try some of these tips out at your next event. And pay attention to the smile on peoples’ faces as soon as they walk in the door!

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