9 Ways Comedy Jugglers Can Make Your Workplace Fun


How To Make The Workplace Fun

Do you remember the first time you saw a juggling act? The thrill of whether the jugglers could catch these swirling objects in the air was magnetic to watch.

And it left you feeling like you’d been the one doing all the amazing work after the fact! That kind of exhilaration is something we think employees should be treated to every now and then.

After all, research shows that fostering a fun work environment may actually increase productivity. So what exactly what comedy jugglers offer you and your employees?

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Key Takeaways

If you want to create a fun work environment, comedy jugglers can help you. Along with their stellar act, comedy jugglers will also:

  1. Provide fun activities for all co-workers to engage with
  2. Increase staff engagement by fostering participation
  3. Help the office celebrate milestones and accomplishments
  4. Lead team-building exercises to strengthen team bonds
  5. Relieve employees of their workplace stress
  6. Offer a healthy amount of laughter to the workplace
  7. Foster bonding experiences between colleagues
  8. Re-invigorate co-workers for the week ahead
  9. Shift company culture to be fun and playful all year-round

#1. Comedy jugglers bring a full bag of fun activities

Like comedy magicians, comedy jugglers certainly come with a bag full of tricks. But these tricks aren’t the kind that employees will be expected to sit back and enjoy.

(At least not for the whole act.) Because juggling is a participatory performance that thrives off of audience interaction.

Some acts are even allowing employees to join in on the juggling fun

When you hire a comedy juggler from Clean Comedians®, you don’t just get an amazing comedy routine. You get a full-service act that takes the time to get to know your specific event goals.

Encourage friendly competition to inspire employees

Even if you’re hosting a simple, fun meeting, we’ll want to know. That way, our entertainers can tailor their act to meet your needs.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to try their hand at juggling? We’re sure it’ll be the most fun your employees will have had in the break room all year!

#2. Corporate entertainment automatically increases employee engagement

Welcoming new employees into the fold can sometimes be difficult. Especially if one new team member is simply too shy to interact with others.

But corporate entertainment acts know how to bring people out of their shells. By bringing in some comedy jugglers, you’ll not only be showing new workers that this is a happy workplace.

You’ll also be showcasing your investment in everyone’s participation. What could be more welcoming than that?

Workplace happiness comes from everyone’s participation

When everyone feels included, the atmosphere just feels more fun. Inclusion reminds folks that their thoughts and opinions are valued in the workplace.

So if they have a great idea, they’ll be more willing to share it. Of course, they may not share this great idea in the middle of a juggling routine.

That’s the moment when everyone’s breath will be held anyway. That is until the juggler finally catches that spinning plate!

#3. Comedy jugglers are the perfect way to celebrate birthdays in the office

It’s one thing to post about a colleague’s birthday on the company bulletin board. And an entirely different thing to surprise the office with a comedy juggling act.

Not only will nobody see it coming. They’ll also have a great excuse to keep the party going into a happy hour celebration afterward.

Work anniversaries are also a great excuse to bring in a corporate comedian

Any company milestone deserves to be celebrated. After all, that milestone was likely difficult to attain.

So it seems fitting to give those hard-working employees a chance to blow off some steam – with some clean comedy, of course. Our Clean Comedians® are top-notch when it comes to celebrating company milestones.

Enjoy these useful tips for bringing the fun back to work

They’ll make sure to do their research before the event. And most often, they’ll want to meet with you too.

That way, they can take in the significance of the event and become an extension of it. Because our entertainers are just hired talent – they’re a part of your organization too.

#4. Comedy juggling offers its own form of team-building activities

Sometimes, the term “team-building exercises” inspires an audible groan. But at Clean Comedians®, we firmly believe that team-building doesn’t have to be a groan-worthy affair.

When you bring comedy jugglers into the office, they may ask for some assistance mid-act. One employee may be asked to hold onto a spinning plate while another is asked to place a ball on top of the said spinning plate.

And needless to say, this may push both employees out of their comfort zones. But that’s the very place where trust begins – when employees know they can rely on each other in stressful situations.

Making work fun won’t feel like work anymore

When team-building is carried out in unconventional ways, it sidesteps the initial groans. Because those groans are expecting a kumbaya circle with a guitar strumming in the background.

Go with Clean Comedians® corporate entertainers

But what you can offer employees with comedy jugglers is beyond anything they could ever imagine.

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#5. Corporate entertainment can help relieve stress

Stress is a natural and integral part of any workplace. It can be used positively to push employees to do their very best work.

Or, it can sometimes lead to burnout. In order to avoid this, you’ll want to offer employees the tools to let go of stress whenever possible.

In addition to wellness programs, laughter is its own type of therapy

You may have a soft, cushiony sofa in your break room for folks to sink into on their lunch breaks. But what if you turned stress relief into something engaging?

Corporate entertainment can engage employees while relieving their stress at the same time. And when the inevitable laughter hits, endorphins are likely to fly off the charts.

Of course, there’s a time and a place for employees to wind down and relax. But if you want to give employees the chance to experience a collective high, offer them a dose of laughter to perk up their spirits!

#6. Entertainment offers a healthy dose of levity in the workplace

A workplace can’t always be fun. But a workplace with no fun at all isn’t a great option either.

That’s why it’s important to find a healthy balance of levity. Turn up the dial when the office needs more fun or reign it back in when things get a little hectic.

Either way, paying attention to these dials will help you gauge what the office needs at the present moment. And remember – you’ve got corporate entertainment as a tool to help you jack up the fun in a pinch.

Taking a little break from work can allow for more good ideas to flow in

You’ve likely experienced the phenomenon of solving a problem only when you walk away from it. That’s because you’ve given your brain time to process the information adequately.

Corporate entertainment offers a similar solution in that it triggers a different part of employees’ brains. If they’ve been hammering away at a particular problem, it might do them good to take a step back.

#7. A magician speaker similarly fosters team bonding

Comedy jugglers aren’t the only types of entertainers we offer at Clean Comedians®. In fact, among our roster are some stellar magician speakers who know how to inspire an audience with both their words and their bag of tricks.

Watching a magic trick happen before your very eyes is awe-inspiring, to say the least. But when that experience is shared with others, it becomes even more significant.

Such a shared experience gives employees something in common. They can always recall that one magician who came into the office and reminisce on a unique scenario that not many employees can say they’ve had.

Happy employees tend to better communicate with one another

When employees know how to have fun in the office, they’re more likely to communicate on an even better level. And that’s actually backed by science.

The British Cohort Study found that engaging in fun activities can actually improve our language skills. They identified the missing link as the notion of self-directed learning.

Enjoy these comedy routines

When we stimulate ourselves mentally in a fun environment, we transfer that same curiosity and sense of fun to other areas of our brain. So no, you’re not wasting time by bringing in a corporate entertainer. You’re enriching your employees’ experience.

#8. A corporate entertainer is a perfect pick-me-up on a Friday afternoon

Let’s say you’ve been through a particularly harrowing month and you’d like to treat the office to something nice. Rather than leave thank you notes on everyone’s desk, try bringing in a corporate entertainer.

(And maybe do the thank you notes as well. Who doesn’t love receiving a little note of appreciation?)

Give employees a little fun at the end of the work week so they’re refreshed for the following Monday

Giving employees a little reprieve from the stressful work is the perfect way to reinvigorate them. There’s always more work to do.

But that doesn’t mean employees need to continually chug along at it. Giving them a break is a great way to earn their trust and demonstrate your appreciation for their hard work.

#9. Having fun at work can make for a positive environment year-round

We don’t imagine you’ll be bringing in a comedy juggler every month. (But we wouldn’t discourage you from doing that either!)

Luckily, the fun a comedy juggler brings lasts longer than the act itself. In fact, it can set off a whole chain reaction, imbuing more fun into the company culture year-round.

Creating a fun workplace shows employees that you care for their mental health

Lastly, hiring a comedian or corporate entertainer goes beyond bringing some cheer into the office. It shows employees you care.

Entertainers know how to tap into the human side of employees. And by bringing them into the fold, you show employees that you too are acknowledging their humanness.

Final thoughts

Want to add some more fun to your company’s environment? Then go with Clean Comedians® and all the amazing entertainers we have on our roster. 

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of CleanComedians.com. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.