5 Key Ways To Make Your Next Corporate Speech Hilarious


We all know at least a few people in our lives that are inherently funny. These are the kinds of people that can make others laugh without even trying! However, for a lot of us, it’s not always so effortless.

How To Make A Speech Funny

Especially when it comes to a corporate speech, it’s normal to feel some nerves. But at the same time, you really want to leave the impression of a funny and intriguing host. So how can you successfully give a speech that’s both entertaining and humorous?

We’ll let you know what to do for your next corporate speech to leave your audience laughing.

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Main Aspects For A Humorous Speech

  • Focus on originality
  • Create your content to fit your audience
  • Loosen up and have fun with it
  • Deliver your speech the right way
  • Captivate your audience

1. Be Original!

There’s nothing less funny than hearing a joke you’ve already been told. Nowadays, social media is full of new memes and antics every day – so make sure you’re not just copying your joke from the internet.

Don’t Copy A Joke From Online

Even if you don’t spend abundant time online, many people in your audience probably do. And you won’t be able to get away with simply pulling a one-liner or funny story from social media.

Seriously – don’t even try!

Make sure your material is original as if you thought of it on your own accord. Better yet, draw from an inside joke floating around the office or a personal experience only you can speak on.

Remember, you should never resort to making jokes at someone else’s expense, either. Make sure you’re also careful with self-deprecating jokes. 

Sometimes, your audience won’t know if it’s appropriate to laugh or not. And that can be really awkward.

These are surefire ways to wipe the smile off your audience’s face.

What If I Can’t Figure It Out Alone?

Originality is critical, but it’s also one of the most complex parts to implement when delivering a funny speech. It can even seem stressful at times to try to understand what to do to bring out laughter from your audience.

That’s where Clean Comedians® comes in. We know exactly how to make a speech hilarious and leave your audience laughing!

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We tailor our material to your unique company and brand, without resorting to uncomfortable or inappropriate topics. So look no further if you’re needing some hilarious content for your corporate event – we’ve got you covered!

2. Tailor Your Content To Your Audience

Not everyone will laugh at the same jokes when it comes to comedy. Your audience might not find humor in every single punch line, especially if they don’t get it (duh).

Maybe that sounds a little daunting. So how can you really know what will make them laugh?

Luckily, there’s a simple way to both capture your audience’s attention and give them a good laugh.

People Laugh At What They Can Relate To

Most of the jokes out there are vague and can apply to everyone in the entire world. So in theory, it seems like these simple jokes are a safe way to bring some smiles. But that won’t cut it.

The best way to create a killer speech is to make humorous content that is unique to your audience. Give a speech that only your audience will get!

Because this is where things can get really funny!

A Funny Speech Is A Personal Speech

A unique and catchy speech is personal to either your own experiences or your audience’s experiences.

A great way to start is by telling an inside joke only your team will understand. You can also use funny stories from around the office to relive some hilarious memories!

But steer clear of jokes that will exclude certain members of the audience. That only serves to divide people rather than connect them.

So, make your jokes unique to your industry or company. Remember, jokes that might be funny for a law firm probably won’t bring the same laughs from a group of architects. Reflect on what your company is all about, and build on it!

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3. Don’t Take It So Seriously

If you’re writing a funny speech for a corporate event, it will make sense not to be exceptionally serious about it. Humour isn’t an exact science – it’s an art.

Adding humor to your speech should be fun and exciting! Don’t think of it as a corporate presentation, but instead, like you’re just speaking with friends.

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Your priority is to connect with people and have a good time with your audience. So, relax and feel confident in your material.

Don’t Force A Humorous Speech – Let It Happen

There’s nothing less funny than someone trying to force a dead joke. If your audience doesn’t laugh at a joke, move on.

Get comfortable with the possibility that a joke might not be funny. And that’s okay!

It’s important to recognize these key points:

  • If you make a joke and your audience doesn’t laugh, it’s important to move on.
  • You shouldn’t ever take time to explain your joke – if it didn’t hit quite right, let it go.
  • And don’t take offense if your audience doesn’t find your joke funny! Humor is subjective.

4. Humorous Speeches Are Told Correctly

Let’s say you’re giving a speech. You prepared the best joke. It’s catchy, not offensive, and you’re sure you’ll make your audience laugh.

But when it comes time actually to tell it, you don’t get a reaction. No laughter, nothing.

So, where did you go wrong?

Delivery Is Key

It’s not enough to just write a good joke. Your words need to be delivered in a way that impacts your audience.

After you create your own material for a funny speech, you need to decide how you will tell it. You’ll need to consider your tone, body language, and intonation.

You can quickly grasp your audience’s attention by being confident and excited as a speaker. Your voice should reflect the lighthearted and open nature of your message.

Remember, how you tell the joke is just as important as the joke itself.

How To Make A Speech Funny With Your Voice

It’s no surprise that you can’t tell a joke in a monotone or bland voice and expect to get a lot of laughs. Delivery can be challenging for many people when giving a humorous speech.

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Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • Act like your audience is your friend
  • Talk with life and energy in your message
  • Your audience can hear if you are nervous – embrace confidence!
  • Don’t rush – use pauses and various tones of voice to make the speech captivating

Most people struggle to know how to deliver a joke in a funny speech. But sometimes, all it takes is practice!

Confidence as a speaker will come much easier if you are comfortable with your material. So make sure you know your stuff. You can even record your speech, then play it back to it to see how it sounds.

5. Draw In Your Audience

If you’re trying to bring some laughs out of your audience, you will need to make it something that tickles their mind. Of course, the primary goal of your speech is to make your audience giggle, but first, you need to set them up.

The beginning of your speech should be comprised of content that will captivate your audience. You’ll need ideas of material that will hook them from the very start.

Build Your Speech Around A Story

Storytelling has been around for centuries as an effective way to communicate and entertain those around us. So telling a story is a timeless and reliable way to begin your funny speech.

The best stories are the ones where it’s hard to find other examples because great content is original and based on your own experience.

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Find some ideas for a funny story by diving into some hilarious memories from your past. (Bonus if they’re work-related, so your corporate audience can relate!)

Find Ways To Connect With Your Audience

One of the best ways to intrigue your audience and set them up for a hilarious speech is by connecting with them. If what you’re saying is something they can relate to, they will want to listen!

Find some common ground, then build on it. Spin it into an entertaining story, and then add your joke. There are many different types of jokes out there, but don’t get too caught up in the technicalities of it all.

The main thing to remember is that your joke should flow with the story you’re creating. Make sure your speech is conversational and feels natural to tell! And keep in mind, what reads well on paper might not always sound good as a speech.

So, when it comes time to deliver your funny speech, ensure you pay attention to all these details. But of course, have fun with it! Laughter is contagious – if you’re having a good time, your audience will too.

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of CleanComedians.com. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.