How To Hire A Magician For Your Corporate Events


How To Hire A Magician Corporate Events

Getting the right corporate magician in front of your corporate clients is the best way to keep people talking. After all, how many corporate events have you attended that included a stage magician armed with some amazing tricks?

Past clients of ours can attest to the absolute joy that accompanies hiring a magician for an event. So, why pass up an unforgettable experience when you know your guests will have a fun evening guaranteed?

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#1. Think about your corporate audiences

When it comes to hiring magicians, it’s not a one size fits all situation. First, you’ll want to look at your audience and get a sense of what kind of magician will suit them best.

A magician at your corporate events may wind through the crowd, amazing people with illusions and close up tricks during a fireside chat. Or you may want to arrange for a stage show where the whole audience can get together and be amazed by a magician all at once.

As you search through the world of corporate magicians, you’ll find that there are plenty of different styles out there. So you’ll first want to consider what will best speak to your audience and give guests the amazing and memorable night they deserve.

#2. Consider the type of corporate event you’re hosting

Next, you’ll want to consider the type of corporate event you’re hosting. A professional comedy magician will know how to work a room no matter what, but the magic show may vary based on how the special occasion is arranged.

Private parties

If you’re treating guests to a series of small events, you may want to go with close up magic. Many magicians love the experience of participating with audiences up close.

Hire a magician for your event entertainment from Clean Comedians® magician lineup

And to get that to happen, you’ll want a smaller space for your magician to perform in. This is a unique way to treat guests to a memorable experience. And all while you host a small party to either celebrate clients, a new product launch, or more!

Company holiday parties

If you weren’t already thinking about it, magic tricks can be catered to the theme of the party. Namely, if you’re hosting a holiday party for the office, for example.

A good magician will know what type of corporate event they’re walking into. And they will also have done the appropriate research to prepare.

So you can rest assured that the entertainment services you’re investing in will not only amaze clients. But keep within the theme of the party too!

Larger corporate events

You can probably imagine how difficult it is for a magician to do close up magic in front of a large crowd. And that’s why magic shows can be made into stage shows to perform for more clients at a time.

Whether it’s mind reading, card tricks, or just a great magic trick fit for a large audience, you can rest assured that a magic show at your corporate event will know how to cater to all guests involved. Even the ones in the back row!

Trade shows

You might think that magic shows at a trade show simply don’t reach all of the different kinds of clients attending. But you’d be surprised!

Make your events stand out with a corporate magician who makes any other magician seem lame and low brow

Magicians can easily make their rounds amongst your clients, giving them a taste of the magical illusion just waiting for them in the entertainment hall. Then, they can entertain everyone together while performing in a stage show.

As you can see, no matter the type of corporate event, a corporate magician knows how to get the party started. So even if you can’t come up with enough ideas for entertaining, a corporate magician will.

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#3. Browse through Clean Comedians®’ corporate magicians

If you’re interested in hiring a corporate magician for your corporate events, then you probably have some ground rules in mind. But no need to spell it out for us here at Clean Comedians®.

We’ve already beat you to it! Our magicians and corporate entertainers bring absolutely no prejudice, profanity, or politics to your special events.

Because that’s not the point of good-natured fun, is it? Instead, our entertainer lineup is made up of seasoned entertainment professionals who know how to dazzle the crowd, all without hitting below the belt.

Adam Christing

Interested in working with a corporate event master? Then Adam Christing is your best bet!

Having become a member of the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood at the age of 17, Christing knows how to work a magic show while inspiring audience participation. In fact, he has delighted more than 3,000 separate audiences across North America.

How’s that for a resume? As always, you can feel free to watch videos of the various entertainers we present to get an idea of what type of fun you can expect.

Dana Daniels

You might think it’s a bit eccentric to team up with Psychic Parrot Luigi, but that’s exactly what Dana Daniels does. And has made him a multiple award winner with top honors in magic from the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood, CA.

A magician at your event will dazzle do not think a magician is only for kids adults can enjoy a magician at your corporate event too

Having performed as a corporate magician at a number of corporate events, Daniels knows how to make a magic show at your event a huge success. Not to mention that he’s been vetted by our Clean Comedians® standards.

Pete McLeod

Pete McLeod masterfully combines sleight-of-hand tricks with hilarious stand-up comedy. And even musical parodies that inspire hysterical audience involvement to boot!

Another performing member of the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, McLeod is one of the few people to ever win the coveted Golden Wand Award for excellence in stage magic. So you can forget your worries and go with a seasoned pro at your next company event.

Robert Strong

Curious to meet an entertainer who can say he’s performed on national television, at the White House, The Smithsonian, and opened for Robin Williams? Then look no further than at Robert Strong.

Strong has been an entertainer since 1985, dazzling audiences and winning awards such as San Francisco’s “Best Comedian” and San Francisco’s “Best Magician.” Now that’s bringing some star power into your next company events, don’t you agree?

Aaron O’Brien

Yet another young member of the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, Aaron O’Brien began his magic career at the tender age of thirteen. And has since established himself as a popular virtual magician, keynote speaker, and event entertainer.

Your event will benefit from a magician who knows how to work a corporate crowd

And what makes him an even better fit for your corporate event entertainment needs? He believes that the real stars of the show are the meeting planners, attendees, and companies he feels privileged to represent. Talk about a class act!

The perfect entertainment for your next event

When you hire a magician for your corporate event entertainment, you want to know you’re getting the best. And that’s exactly why you should hire from Clean Comedians®.

Every magician and comedian on our roster has been vetted, providing clean entertainment with an outstanding track record within the entertainment community. Don’t go with a magician you picked up on Craigslist.

Bring some high quality magic to your corporate events. And be the talk of the town until the next event to come!

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.