How To Create A Healthy Workplace Environment


How many of us can say that we’ve experienced a healthy workplace environment? Too few of us?

Yeah, that sounds about right. But that’s why at Clean Comedians, we’re especially passionate about infusing fun and laughter into the workplace to make for a happy, healthy lifestyle in the office and a positive work environment.

How To Create A Healthy Workplace Environment

Because what’s healthier than laughing and enjoying ourselves while still managing to get the work done? Well, maybe these other tips can also help you create a healthy work environment too…

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#1. Hire a clean comedian to boost mental health

Now more than ever, people are beginning to discuss mental health. Namely, its significance in one’s life and its effect on one’s work performance.

So if you’re not sure where to start when creating a healthy work environment at the office, start by focusing on boosting the mental health of your employees. How? With a corporate entertainer!

Employee wellness can mean a lot of different things. But one thing we know for certain is how a workplace culture can change when it prioritizes joy and encourages the health and happiness of its workers.

Laughing can have a positive effect on increased productivity

Before you think that a corporate virtual comedian will hinder your employees from working, consider this. When you’re bogged down in the work with no end in sight, how motivated are you?

Now, if you have a little break to laugh it off and let go of some stress, don’t you feel a little more motivated to get back to the grindstone? When employees spend just a little bit of time on a break, they’re able to approach the work with a more balanced mindset.

Besides, providing employees a break can help them feel fulfilled in their jobs and boost productivity in the office. Seems like a win-win situation to us.

#2. Encourage employees to share their voice

There’s nothing healthy about repressing your opinions or tamping down your thoughts. So why would you want employees to do that anyway?

Human resources should be able to encourage health and wellness in the workplace

Employee satisfaction and employee engagement can come from many different things. But when you provide employees with the opportunity to share new ideas, they feel like they can breathe easier and enjoy the work ahead.

Promote psychological safety by nurturing new ideas

A big part of creating a healthy workplace environment is that happy workers feel safe. So rather than dismiss their ideas, encourage them to come forward with them.

A workplace culture that values each individual’s contributions is one that can recognize employees for their unique talents. Which brings us to our next point…

#3. Reward them with meaningful recognition

There’s no question that employee morale gets a boost with employee recognition. But recognition shouldn’t just mean paid time off or vacation time.

It should mean real recognition like getting a certificate, award, or even kind words from the boss. Not only can this make a big difference in an employee’s day.

But it can motivate them to create higher standards for themselves going forward. And before you know it, team productivity has gone through the roof because employees are excited at the prospect of being recognized in a meaningful way.

#4. Rejuvenate the office with a little renovation

When talking about how to create a healthy work environment, we often talk about the interpersonal relationships between team members. But what about the physical environment?

Workers compensation from medical claims should be honored and reinforced by the HR manager

Having a clean and organized workplace environment with working equipment and clean air can have some tremendous effects on company culture. So how can you create a comfortable office for folks to work in?

Standing desks

Not everyone does their best work sitting in a chair all day – unless they’re high quality ergonomic chairs. So giving employees the choice to work at a standing desk may inspire a more energetic approach to their projects.

Literally getting their blood flowing can not only play into healthy lifestyle practices. But it can also influence the working environment to remain “on their toes” so to speak.

Natural light

The thought of working in a dark basement with poor ventilation doesn’t necessarily sound appealing, does it? Not only for your team members’ health but for their sanity too!

So make sure your company has an office with natural light and (ideally) beautiful views. After all, they’re spending long periods of time in this space so it may as well look lovely.

Indoor plants

A healthy work environment also means being able to create a healthy ecosystem in the work environment. And with that, some plants to help improve air quality and give a pop of color!

Sure, this might be a more aesthetic aspect of creating a healthy workplace. But don’t you want to enjoy your lunch breaks next to some nice monstera leaves?

Comfortable furniture

Healthy work environments should feel inviting. And the best way to look inviting is to adorn some nice and comfortable furniture around common areas.

Hire clean comedians to bring laughter to the office

No, we’re not suggesting that your workplace environment be turned into a living room set. But at least there can be a designated place for the entire team to enjoy a well deserved break with some good company.

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#5. Offer remote working when possible

There are plenty of things that COVID-19 taught us. And one of them is the beauty of remote work.

If you’re able, offer employees the option to work remotely as a way of expanding your work culture. Whether an employee needs to maintain their health and well being or simply work at a healthy pace, allow remote workers to find what works best for them.

And if you feel that there needs to be a bridge between remote workers and in-person workers, consider hosting some team building activities. Even with a corporate entertainer to boot!

#6. Promote wellness with a relaxing atmosphere

A healthy work environment is not necessarily devoid of stress. In fact, there are plenty of good stresses to have like deadlines or project tools to keep you organized.

But you don’t want your work environment to be unnecessarily stressful and in a negative way. So like most healthy workplaces, it’s best to try and create a relaxed atmosphere.

One where employees are focused on the health of the company as well as their own personal well being. This shift in company culture can greatly enhance the mood of the workplace while still prioritizing getting things done.

#7. Prioritize vacation days over hustle culture

We live in a world that glorifies hustle culture. AKA never taking a break and sacrificing your health and well being over everything else.

But a healthy workplace knows that this model is simply not sustainable. Instead, demonstrate to your employees that you value their health and well being.

Let employees know they matter

And encourage them to take breaks or vacations as a “reset.” Sure, it might seem counterintuitive to tell an employee to stop working, but if you want to promote a healthy work environment, then you have to know that your employee’s health is a top priority.

#8. Keep things fun with a weekly newsletter

Interested in keeping the workplace both healthy and fun? Start a newsletter where employees can send in their personal news to share with the office!

Demonstrate a work life balance with personal announcements

Maybe Dana has a brownie recipe everyone’s been asking about that she’d like to share. Or maybe Robert is celebrating his wedding anniversary with Debra.

Give folks a chance to celebrate with one another while reminding your employees that their personal lives are just as important as their professional ones. Not every employee has to contribute, but at least they know they are in a workplace environment that values their outside lives as well.

The bottom line

Striking the right balance for employees in the workplace can be a little tricky to start. But hopefully these tips can help you introduce a sense of community amongst employees.

And even get you a yummy brownie recipe in the meantime! Either way, a healthy work environment is a much more sustainable model than one that grinds its workers into the ground.

So make sure you’re prioritizing their health and well being. And yours too!

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