How To Change Corporate Culture


A culture change doesn’t happen overnight. If it did, then we certainly would have experienced something different when 1999 struck midnight and turned into 2000.

How To Change Corporate Culture

This can indeed be frustrating for some. Especially when looking to change the current organizational culture of your company.

But below are some actionable steps and ideas that you can take to change culture slowly over time at your office. Remember: culture change is a process, and you’ve got to start somewhere.

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#1. Reassess company values

Typically, organizational culture will start at the head of the organization. Whether that’s senior leadership or simply the mission statement of the company itself.

At one point, it may have been appropriate to demand compliance or dictate optimism in the workplace. But maybe there are a couple of edits you’d like to make to the initial strategy that sought to shape the future of the organizational culture.

After all, we expect human beings to evolve, right? So why can’t company culture evolve too?

Start with the company’s mission

Times change. And with it, cultural change must follow. Addressing what may be outdated in your company’s bylaws will be the first step in reassessing your current culture.

From there, you can learn how to define culture in the present workplace and identify what desired behaviors are missing from the mission statement. Remember: we all create culture.

#2. Identify behaviors that need to change

Different teams of people may have a different idea of what should constitute the overall company culture. So having those conversations about what behaviors are less than desirable is yet another way to address organizational culture change head on.

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On the other hand, there may be certain behaviors that require no change at all. Like replying promptly to emails – great!

But looking at your workplace culture objectively will help you figure out what’s working and what’s not. (Like unlimited access to the vending machines? Seems like a perk employees should earn…)

What behavior has harmed or hindered the work environment?

Ideally, company culture should support employees while attracting new hires when necessary. So if you get the sense that your organization’s culture isn’t doing either of those things, it might be time to address a culture change.

Besides, just because there are cultural norms doesn’t mean that those norms can’t be improved upon in a new culture. There may be new behaviors that would better suit the organization and the employees working there.

#3. Set up new practices and procedures

We already told you that culture change doesn’t happen overnight. But small steps toward change is where change begins.

So put together a culture committee of employees, industry experts, the Vice President, and more. As many people to provide a well-rounded view of how business could be doing better.

Break down initiatives tied to key performance indicators

We all know that a company’s culture won’t change from conversations alone. So look for actionable initiatives like performance management.

Changing corporate culture will take time and patience

As you learn about the employee experience, make sure that employees are properly supported in their respective roles. Not only so that their engagement levels and good behavior go up.

But so business can be booming while remaining true to the values of innovation and commitment. Corporate culture can only change when put into action.

#4. Bring in a corporate entertainer

Let’s say you want to change corporate culture in small steps. Try bringing a little more laughter into the office with a corporate entertainer!

While this may not usher in an entirely new culture into the office, it will certainly bring a different change of pace to the work culture overall. Besides, when companies invest in employee satisfaction, organizations seeking greater initiative will certainly see results.

Boost employee engagement

When you hire a comedian, you’re not just creating an afternoon of fun for the company. You’re bringing in an act that will actively engage employees while speaking directly to their collective hearts.

Humor additionally releases tension. So if you’ve been in the thick of trying to change corporate culture and have hit a wall, consider laughing about it for a change.

Then, you can go back to work feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated. And the entire organization of employees will have had a shared experience they can pull from too.

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#5. Gather employee feedback

Employees’ input is absolutely crucial for a company and their new culture. Because those employees are the ones doing the work day in and day out.

If you’re a company looking to introduce a more innovative culture, look at the day-to-day operations of the staff. See where leadership might be able to step up.

Gather feedback from every person working at your organization

Or perhaps there’s another strategy that employees themselves may have to offer up. Doing this extra bit of research within your own organization is key to creating a future of shared values.

Conduct employee focus groups

Besides, when you embark upon an organizational change, you’ll want to gather everyone’s opinions. Not only to get a well-rounded understanding of the current company culture.

But to let others know that they are invited into the conversation. Organizations and companies that decide to invest in new values without consulting employees will hardly see much gratification.

When you create a new business culture, it’s a process. And one you’ll want to have everyone on board for.

#6. Become leaders of cultural change

What’s the greatest piece of advice we can give you? Lead by example.

Company culture is something you see and feel. So it has to come out of new business practices that you put into action.

An organization can only accomplish so much when they say they’ll create a new culture and set of values. They really have to do it for others to follow suit.

Understand that a desired culture takes practice and time

If you want to change company culture right here, right now, you absolutely can. But just know that a real overhaul will take a lot of time and practice.

Add humor into your work culture and bring in some corporate entertainment

Starting the conversation is the first step. Then, practicing those new values and leading by example is all you can do from there.

And, of course, there is always an element of trial and errors to these things. So as you go through the process, know that you can and should reassess as you go.

The bottom line

Changing corporate culture can seem like a scary thing. But it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, it can be a joyful experience when you know how to match humor with change. So take it from us – the humor pros!

And consider letting us Clean Comedians help you make the transition from one culture to another. There will, no doubt, be hiccups along the way.

But so long as you can laugh about it and assess the situation, you won’t need to fear change for what it may bring. 

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