9 Meaningful Ways To Give Thanks To Your Employees This Holiday Season


How To Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day Virtually

Work days would be a struggle without a trustworthy and enjoyable team by our side. So when it comes time to express your gratitude, it’s essential to find the right way to show your thanks!

Key Takeaways

  • Remote work is consistently gaining popularity, and finding virtual ways to show appreciation is essential!
  • Though it may seem difficult to find ways to show gratitude remotely, there are many ways to virtually express appreciation
  • Recognizing employees can be as simple as mailing a handwritten card, making a social media post, or enjoying a virtual lunch
  • Other methods, such as holding a virtual company event, can truly show your appreciation on a much larger and more impressive scale
  • Regardless of the way you choose to show your thanks, making a conscious effort is what counts!

But for those who are a part of the remote workforce, proper employee recognition and appreciation cannot always be that easy. Regardless, showing your virtual employees appreciation is essential for creating a happy and healthy workplace.

Need help brainstorming some virtual employee appreciation ideas for your remote team? Keep reading!

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The Hidden Value Of Employee Appreciation Day

None of us are immune to that warm feeling when someone goes out of their way to show us a little appreciation. When we feel like our hard work is acknowledged, it can easily boost our motivation and overall feeling of purpose.

But in the workplace, many people neglect the importance of properly expressing appreciation. Studies even show that the primary reason why people leave their jobs is a lack of recognition.

So when the holiday season rolls around, it’s a good idea to seize the opportunity and make a little extra effort to show gratitude to your team!

The Rise Of Remote Work

Nowadays, our work environment isn’t always in the corporate office. Remote work has taken the world by storm and is likely to stay (and increase in popularity) for a while.

A survey has shown that remote employees are even happier with virtual arrangements than those who still work in onsite office environments. Plus, it’s been shown that remote workers have lower levels of stress and a better work-life balance.

So, it’s decided – remote work is the new norm!

But now it’s time to find ways to show your appreciation virtually, which can seem like a daunting task at hand! Luckily, there are some straightforward and powerful ways to show your team your gratitude. We’ll let you know how!

Create A Company Culture Build On Appreciation

The key to employee appreciation is making it a regular occurrence.

In fact, your entire company culture should be based on the idea of readily and openly expressing gratitude and appreciation!

The importance of healthy company culture shouldn’t be understated. Employees strongly associate themselves with their organization’s values, and a strong culture will provide workers with a sense of purpose and belonging.

In addition, an engaging, healthy, and positive work culture can improve productivity and help make employees feel appreciated.

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The Best Virtual Employee Appreciation Ideas To Celebrate Your Team

Now comes the exciting part. Deciding the best way to show appreciation can be rewarding for you and your team!

We get it – not everyone is fantastic at brainstorming new ideas, especially when it comes to gift-giving. But we’ve got you covered. Here are nine of the best ways to show your appreciation, perfect for anyone!

#1. Send A Personalized Care Package

We all know that exciting feeling we get when something we ordered online finally shows up at our door. So it should be no surprise that sending your employees a thoughtful care package will effortlessly put a smile on their faces!

Care packages are our personal favorite. And by assembling it at home, it’s exceptionally easy to customize it to your employee’s liking and give it that personal touch!

On the other hand, you can order a care package online for your team if you need a hand with it all.

Need some ideas of what to incorporate into your care package? You can’t go wrong with any of these items:

  • Coffee or tea, and a mug to go with it
  • Snacks like chocolate, nuts, and dried fruits
  • Fuzzy socks (perfect as the weather gets colder
  •  Stationary and a handwritten note
  • You can even send flowers!

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#2. Host A Virtual Company Event

The best virtual appreciation ideas are ones that bring your entire remote staff together for an unforgettable experience. After all, good memories and laughs are the best gifts to give!

That’s why opting for a virtual event is a surefire way to express appreciation to your remote workers.

Regardless of the details of your virtual event, it won’t be complete with a speaker. And a magician speaker that utilizes comedy and humor to connect with the audience is essential to give your team memories they’ll never forget!

At Clean Comedians®, we have virtual speakers that are skilled at everything from juggling to performing magic. Our entertainers are skilled and personable, so the audience is always sure to have a great time!

Plus, we provide clean content free of divisive, crude, or inappropriate jokes. You know, the stuff that doesn’t have a place at work.

Regardless of the speaker you pick from us, our team knows that humor is a powerful tool for connecting with those around us. As a result, it’ll be easier than ever to feel close to your remote staff, even if you are miles apart.

And at the end, we are experts in leaving the audience laughing. There’s no other way!

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#3. Send Handwritten Letters

When you want to let someone know you’re thinking of them, whether in a professional environment or our personal lives, we usually send a text message or make a phone call. But virtual team members already primarily communicate via methods like video calls and emails.

So, let’s take this idea a step further.

When we hear “virtual employee appreciation,” we instantly think of ideas utilizing technology and online interfaces. Let’s change that!

Send a handwritten letter or a personalized note to a remote staff member to express appreciation and share positive feelings. This adds a unique personal touch to any correspondence.

You can mail a handwritten letter for any of the following reasons:

  • To celebrate work anniversaries or milestones
  •  If they’re sick, wish them a speedy recovery
  • To congratulate them on personal accomplishments like moving into a new home or getting a pet (really, it can be for anything)
  • Or just because!

Though handwritten letters are perhaps the best way to give employees a personalized thank you, this method of expressing appreciation is also quick and convenient. It’s never been so easy to give your whole team an amazingly memorable token of your gratitude!

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#4. Have A Virtual Lunch Break

For those onsite teams, employers commonly show their appreciation by treating their employees to a lunch outing. But for remote workers, getting together for even a simple meal is not always that feasible.

Instead, it would be best if you orchestrated a virtual team lunch, where everyone can tune in from the comfort of their kitchen!

For those working remotely, it can feel isolating at times. But setting aside an hour or so for a team lunch can improve feelings of friendship and recognition.

It’s also a great idea to give your virtual luncheon a theme, so everyone can whip up a particular type of culinary dish and share their final result.

Feel free to make it a little competitive and see who can make the best work-from-home lunch!

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#5. Give A Shout-Out On Social Media

A great and simple way to show your virtual employees you appreciate their hard work is by giving them a shout-out on the company’s social media accounts.

Virtual teams are usually pretty in-tune with their company’s online presence. So this is a fantastic way to help them feel a further connection to their working environment!

Even for brand-new employees, giving them a personalized introductory post can help give them a warm welcome into the organization. Don’t forget to include a fun fact!

And if they’re not a fan of being the star of social media, you can easily supplement this idea with just a company-wide email. Public recognition is a fool-proof way of showing your employees that you are proud of having them as part of the team!

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#6. Have A Team Game Night

There’s nothing quite as fun as gathering your team for a virtual game night. Enjoying some laughs and playful antics together can easily show team appreciation and boost feelings of friendship.

Nowadays, finding an online game that allows multiple people to play is pretty easy. Plus, it’s also easy to track down a game that is fun for everyone involved.

Whether your team chooses to get a little competitive or not, just taking the time and effort to put on a virtual game night can go a long way in showing some virtual appreciation!

#7. Celebrate Birthdays

No matter our age, birthdays are always the one day of the year when we expect a little extra attention from those around us. Unfortunately, nothing is as disappointing as those near us forgetting the day we turn one year older.

Celebrating your employees’ birthdays is a simple idea in showing virtual appreciation, but highly effective.

By handing out a simple “happy birthday!” message and perhaps an appreciation gift once a year, your team can easily see your attentive side.

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#8. Give The Gift Of A Digital Gift Card

To show some appreciation, you don’t need to get overly sentimental or spend hours pouring over ideas of your employee’s favorite coffee bean flavor for an appreciation gift. Sometimes, a simple offering is the best!

Some people are pickier and like to select their own gifts when given a chance. That’s where digital gift cards come into play.

Finding an e-card online is pretty straightforward – the key is just ensuring you get one you know your team member will use!

#9. Send Them Some Company Swag

If your organization has some merch, make the gift of some company swag! It will give your employees a sense of pride and belonging while allowing them to represent their organization.

Feel free to combine this with a care package and make it twice as powerful of a gift!

Finding the perfect way to show your employees your appreciation can be an exciting journey and one that is also necessary for an enjoyable and healthy working environment. And when it comes down to it, treating every day like Employee Appreciation Day is a great place to start!

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of CleanComedians.com. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.