How To Build A Good Relationship With Your Boss


How To Build A Good Relationship With Your Boss

The boss-employee relationship is a unique one. As an employee, it’s of course understandable that you want to cultivate a positive relationship with your boss.

After all, such weak relationships in the workplace can lead to not only a troubled relationship. But a lack of career success and low self esteem.

Maybe you dread visiting with them in the office, or maybe they’re constantly telling you one thing and then the opposite thing. Either way, we’re here to help you show your boss that you are an invaluable team member, deserving of a good relationship within your boss-employee dynamic.

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#1. Suggest a corporate entertainer to combat workplace stress

Strong relationships don’t just happen overnight. In fact, building trust can be a lifelong feat.

But let’s say you want to fast-forward the bonding period a bit. Then why not suggest a corporate entertainer for the office?

Stress in the workplace is inevitable. But by suggesting an entertainer to your boss, you’re showing them that you are willing and capable of taking initiative while problem-solving future issues like burnout.

You can even ask, “What does the boss prefer?” simply to start a conversation. It may not be the very thing that garners your boss’s confidence right off the bat, but it’s a great place to start.

#2. Request a constructive performance feedback

In an ideal world, both you and your boss want you to succeed as an employee. But if you feel like they’re not taking your career path seriously enough, consider reaching out and asking them for feedback.

Suggest an inbox sign or suggestion box for the office

A strong relationship always starts with communication. And if you’re not on the same page with one another, then there’s no way to know what you could improve upon at work.

But approaching your boss with the desire to better your own work performance shows a great level of care. We don’t know any boss who wouldn’t be impressed by this character trait.

#3. Establish and maintain a strong work ethic

With every job comes a job description. But many employees tend to stick to only those roles and duties listed on the initial call sheet.

A boss will always keep an eye out for those looking to pursue bigger and better things. And this comes from going above and beyond the call of duty.

Of course, this isn’t to say that you should overwork yourself for the sake of impressing your boss. But rather you should work to consistently achieve goals and develop good relationships in the office overall.

If it makes sense, you can always ask your boss for more responsibility to further demonstrate your work ethic. But remember that your needs are also important too.

#4. Keep an open line of communication between you and your boss

Having little to no communication with your boss can no doubt negatively affect your relationship with them. So as a good rule of thumb, keep the lines of communication open.

Besides, showing your boss that you have good communication skills will make them trust you more. Because you’re showing not only your intellect but your emotional intelligence as well.

Remember that open communication goes both ways too. So it’s not just for you to develop a better relationship with your boss.

But it’s also an invitation for the boss to come to you with certain assignments they think you could handle. Or certain areas in which they believe you can improve.

#5. Take initiative of your own professional development

Your career path isn’t going to be handed to you. It’s something that you have to carve out for yourself.

Clean Comedians can help you bond with your boss through laughter

But your boss can play an integral role in this if only you work to create a strong relationship with them. If you have a particular interest in one of your departments, approach your boss with this fact and ask for additional opportunities.

This will show your boss that you are open to learning new skill sets and taking on more responsibility. And as a project stands, you may find yourself climbing the ranks because you demonstrated that initiative in the first place.

#6. Bring innovation to the table but offer reasonable suggestions

Let’s say you want to shake things up in the office and throw a party. Well, a party may not be the most productive thing.

But if you approach your boss with the idea of a comedy magician, arguing that such an act can foster team building in the office, your boss will surely be impressed. That being said, it’s always important to reflect on what you bring up with your boss.

Of course, throwing a party just sounds like you want to blow off some steam. But if you reveal your intention to better the entire office with this event, then that’s an entirely different suggestion to your boss overall.

Besides, if you have a healthy relationship with your boss by now, they may have suggestions of their own. And you can bounce back and forth, developing a rapport and seeking out new ways to improve the office.

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#7. Give thoughtful answers and a detailed account in your reports

This kind of falls under the category of having good communication skills. But when you report to your boss, you don’t just want to communicate the surface level information.

You want to give them the whole picture. Bring up certain things you’ve noticed in the office or certain dynamics you wish to address.

Bringing that thoughtful rapport to the table is a great way to develop a better relationship with your boss while also demonstrating your care and attention to the workplace. Besides, a good relationship with your boss means going above and beyond.

So even if they didn’t ask about something in particular doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring it up. So long as it is relevant and constructive.

#8. Set a positive example for other employees

Just because you’re working on your personal relationship with the boss doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also be influencing your fellow employees. After all, a heightened work ethic and open communication will be something other employees witness too.

Think ahead and problem solve while bringing solutions to your boss

And knowing that you have such influence in the office will also remind you of your own accountability. Each action you take to build a good relationship with your boss is another way of enhancing the office.

Because you’re probably indirectly showing employees what they should be doing too. Ideally, both the employee and the boss want what’s best for the office.

So it’s not about when one person wins. It’s about when the whole office wins.

#9. Always be thinking ahead

Paying close attention to potential issues in the workplace can feel like a lot to keep track of. But if you’re wanting to climb the corporate ladder, then this is the very initiative you need to show up with.

As you make these mental notes, feel free to share the relevant ones with your boss. Well, the problems you potentially foresee and the solutions you’d bring to the table.

Coming to your boss with a plan of action is always the best way to approach these matters. And it will also show your boss that you’re capable of handling issues that haven’t even happened yet.

Once your boss sees that quality in you, they may start handing you more responsibility. Because you’ve proved that you’re worthy of it.

#10. Connect with your boss on a personal level

Sometimes, developing a good relationship with your boss means recognizing that your boss is also human too. Not just a cog in the corporate machine.

Making this distinction and treating them as an entire human can mean a lot to your boss. Because odds are everyone else in the office only sees them as an authority figure.

Even if you ask how their weekend was, it can mean a great deal. They can always choose to reveal more or less if they like.

But at least you made the connection first. And showed that you recognize their livelihood outside of the office too.

#11. Make the workplace exciting with a Clean Comedian

We know we’ve hammered this one home, but bosses love us! And we think that we can help them love you too.

Set an example for others in the office too

A Clean Comedian will know just the right type of energy to bring into the boardroom. And they’ll uplift the entire office while bonding folks through laughter.

Doesn’t that sound like a great way to celebrate the end of the week? Or maybe just to treat the office after a particularly stressful quarter?

#12. Celebrate National Boss’s Day and create a workplace of appreciative employees

Okay, this one might be a little on the head. But bosses like to know that they are appreciated too.

You’ve heard of client appreciation and employee appreciation. But getting that kind of validation from employees can light up a boss’s day.

Besides, it’s a chance for the office to give back to the person in charge. And that in and of itself creates a culture of appreciation, consideration, and thoughtfulness.

Here’s to a good working relationship with your boss!

Improving your relationship with your boss can do wonders for your career. Not to mention it can give you higher self esteem too.

But most importantly, it can enhance your professional and personal life as you’ve made the connection and taken initiative to forge a positive relationship with them. That in and of itself is something to be proud of.

So no more dreading those boss talks at the office. Instead, you can start to view them as opportunities to engage and create a better relationship. 

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