How To Attract And Retain Employees In 2022


It’s 2022 and you want the best talent at your workplace. Feel free to say it out loud!

That’s really not asking a lot. But what is asking for a lot is expecting that to just happen without you putting in the required work to attract and retain employees.

How To Attract And Retain Employees

So, what all goes into attracting and retaining talent? And how can you make 2022 your company’s year? Keep reading to find out!

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Ways to attract new talent

Businesses are always looking for new hires. So how can you make sure that your organization stands out from the rest?

#1. Demonstrate a fun and pleasant workplace culture

There’s no point in working at a company if the work environment itself isn’t a pleasant one to be in. And we’re not talking about the way the office is decorated.

We’re talking about the company culture. Whether it’s a place that’s work, work, work.

Or a company that knows how to treat its employees with a corporate entertainer. Not only can something like this lighten the mood.

But it tells employees that the company has their mental health and wellness in mind. Besides, who doesn’t love a good laugh in the middle of a work day?

#2. Offer competitive benefits and perks

Benefits are going to be a huge factor in attracting and retaining employees. So make sure that your organization can offer benefits that other companies can’t.

Attract employees with benefits and additional perks to the job

And if that’s not an option for your business, offer perks instead. Like gym memberships, 4-day work weeks, PTO, and more.

There are plenty of ways to bulk up your benefits. If not through the traditional means.

#3. Involve an outreach program through your recruitment process

Everybody likes to be approached with a job offer. It makes them feel desirable and valued.

So if you have your eye on some of the best employees out there, feel free to reach out! Don’t wait for them to come to you.

Instead, send an email, schedule a meeting, or otherwise just let them know that your business is interested in the specific skills they have to offer. Besides, what do you as a business have to lose?

#4. Give workers the option to work remotely

If you’ve been keeping up with industry news, then you know how appealing remote work is especially now. In fact, a number of organizations are turning to remote work to cut down costs.

But also to give employees a more satisfactory working situation. There are plenty of people looking for jobs that offer such flexibility.

And within the current workforce, you’re having to cater to baby boomers, millennials, and Gen Z. But by offering remote work as an option, you’re actually adding to the benefits of your company because it speaks to various generations at once.

So be the company that stands out and speaks to those employees who are looking to put in their best work. And all without having to deal with commute time.

Besides, this gives you the perfect opportunity to change things up with your weekly meeting. Bring in a virtual emcee to make it feel more like a party!

#5. Make it clear that there is room for growth while recruiting

When you’re looking to attract top talent, you need to offer up the big picture. A lot of jobs really don’t have much potential for growth.

Offering opportunities for growth is a crucial way to retain employees

And that’s what makes certain businesses all the more desirable when they do. So as you attract other workers, explain to them the different training programs you have lined up.

Be honest about whether there’s a pipeline to becoming managers or even the Vice President of the company one day. This will do most of the recruiting work for you and can even make up for some extra benefits on the side.

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How to retain top talent employees

Maybe your goals for 2022 are to increase employee retention and decrease employee turnover. Well, those are some admirable goals! Here are a couple of tips to help you with that.

#1. Offer current employees development programs

So, you’ve secured the top talent and now you want to retain talent? Then give them a path to walk.

Offer development programs where employees can cultivate different skills. And they may even help you attract more employees or even customers.

As far as the success of your workforce goes, this is a no brainer. Hiring the right people is step one and step two is offering benefits in the sense of continued training and further job opportunities.

Not to mention that these benefits can also extend into their personal lives. So don’t think it’s just a matter of enriching your workforce, but rather enriching the people you spend your days with.

#2. Provide flexible work schedules

This isn’t just a recruiting suggestion. It’s a suggestion that will help you retain top talent in the workplace.

If you can afford to offer remote work for employees that could benefit from it

The pandemic has forced us to change the ways we think about management and a job in general. So change with the times and offer employees the benefits and comforts of working from home.

At least providing this as an option is a great way to both attract and retain employees. Because you never know who you’re helping out in this situation.

#3. Incorporate work/life balance into company culture

Many employers know the importance of a work/life balance. So make an example out of this value and give employees the chance to let their hair down (metaphorically) while at work on occasion.

If your workforce is both in-person and remote, hire a virtual comedian to entertain the conference room. Make it a treat for employees to celebrate a big win.

Or offer regular opportunities for your top talent to acknowledge their hard work and receive the rewards. You may find it even helps their ability to perform better while at work too.

#4. Reward employees for an exceptional performance

A big reason why companies come up short in the employee satisfaction department is that they don’t reward their workers. In fact, a recent study revealed that 79% of employees felt undervalued due to lack of recognition.

Reward employees for a job well done and validate their work

So if employers want to attract and retain employee satisfaction, then rewards need to accompany a job well done. An employee needs to know that their work is going to be appreciated.

Otherwise they might as well find another workplace where they will be valued. But if one of the benefits of your office includes appropriate recognition of a job well done, consider your recruiting and retaining process made all the more easy.

#5. Ask employees about their individual needs

Businesses and companies sometimes underestimate just how important employee feedback is. Because they think that it’s automatically going to be about pay or benefits.

And while those are important considerations, companies also need to ask employees for their feedback to know exactly how to support them. Everyone is going to have different needs.

And as an employer, you’ll want to know those needs during the hiring process and after. So encourage employees to speak up about their needs and do your best to meet them.

The bottom line

At the end of the day, we all want the same thing. A good job that treats everyone with respect, civility, and decency.

Benefits are, of course, up there too. But hopefully this post showed you that benefits aren’t just about health insurance.

There are plenty of ways to make your workplace a desirable one whether it’s focusing on enrichment training. Or offering workers the chance to work remotely.

Either way, we have a feeling that 2022 is going to be your year. So go ahead and get going!

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