From Corporate Events to Fundraisers: The Versatility of Clean Comedians®


How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Comedian

Comedians have a unique superpower. They have to ability to effortlessly wield humor in order to ignite and energize an entire crowd of people!

Key Takeaways

  1. No matter the type of event, we’ll work with you and your budget to ensure it is an absolute success
  2. Each of our speakers is unique and makes any event memorable
  3. We pride ourselves on using clean humor to encourage an enjoyable and supportive atmosphere

If you’re looking to hire a comedian, it can be slightly overwhelming. From comparing different personalities to managing booking costs, there’s a never-ending wave of information to juggle.

But by booking a speaker from Clean Comedians®, you can ensure your upcoming event will be a success. Here’s everything you need to know about our hilarious team!

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#1. We Work With You, No Matter The Event

Hosting an event requires plenty of time, attention, and creativity. Whether you’re putting on an intimate celebration for just a handful of attendees or you’re hosting a conference for hundreds of people, you’ve got a lot to organize!

No event is complete without amazing entertainment. And one of the best ways to enlighten and stimulate an audience is with a corporate comedian.

Everyone loves to laugh. And comedians use their skills in public speaking and entertainment to keep their listeners chortling.

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Why A Stand-Up Comedian Is Always A Hit

Booking a comedian is a great way to ensure your upcoming event is filled with laughter, humor, and enjoyable entertainment. But hiring a comedian might not be as easy as it appears.

Many people wonder about the cost of hiring a comedian. And, when it comes down to it, there’s no definite price tag for booking one. Costs depend on so many different factors, such as the location, duration of the event, type of event, and the person you’re looking to hire in particular.

Many comedians or agencies will work with you on a price because every event is unique. But it can essentially come down to the quality of the event you’re looking to put on and the quality of the comedian you want to hire.

In short, the higher the quality, the higher the price. 

But at Clean Comedians®, we are passionate about working with you on a budget. When booking our corporate entertainers, we have you fill out a form where you can select your budget range, giving us an idea of how we can best assist you. 

While our virtual entertainers, speakers, and celebrity rates vary, we remain committed to helping you find the right presenter for your group. And knowing your budget range helps us accomplish that job even more efficiently!

But do keep in mind there are plenty of things you shouldn’t skimp on when it comes to planning an event. For many people, a large corporate event is a “once in a blue moon” sort of ordeal. 

So, you need to do all you can to make the event worthwhile, memorable, and entertaining!

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The Key To A Successful Corporate Event

Booking a comedian is a fantastic way to host a successful event. Attendees can always get on board with a hilarious speaker full of enticing antics!

For some event planners, the hardest part can be finding the comedian that fits their needs and has the experience and skills necessary to entertain a large audience. But if you know where to look, it doesn’t need to be difficult!

Here at Clean Comedians®, our team works with you during each step of the process to make your event a success. To us, there’s no such thing as shortcuts and half-measures. Even though things like that could save time, it will inevitably leave your guests disappointed.

So, regardless of the event you’re putting on, we will keep in touch throughout the planning process and ensure that the speaker we provide is a definite match for what you’re looking for.

We have speakers that know how to tackle any type of event whether they be virtual or in-person. Simply put, our experience is unmatched, and the content we provide is nothing less than absolutely stellar!

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#2. Each Of Our Speakers Carry A Unique Skill Set

The key to finding the perfect comedian is ensuring they fit your needs and have a unique personality.

For starters, if you book a comedian that isn’t completely in line with what you’re looking for (even if it’s for a discount), you will likely be left heavily disappointed. If you don’t agree with their personality and style of humor, you’re just asking for an upcoming disaster!

On the other hand, if the comedian is bland and boring, your audience will be left yawning. And that’s a definite mark of a failed event.

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Unique Content That Fits Your Needs

At Clean Comedians®, we can handle both of these demands with extreme ease. We have countless speakers that are personable and who do their homework.

For example, we always do heavy research into a company before performing at a corporate event. That’s the key to ensuring any company event is memorable and amusing!

Plus, each of our speakers brings a unique type of humor or comedy to the stage. From hilarious emcees to mystical magicians, you can be sure that when we step on stage, the show is truly about to begin!

#3. We Use Clean Humor And Steer Clear Of The Rest

One of the major distinctive aspects of Clean Comedians® is our dedication to clean comedy.

Clean humor doesn’t incorporate crude, dirty, or inappropriate jokes. It’s all about inclusive fun that leaves people feeling comfortable and at ease!

A big mistake that many event planners make is they hire a traditional comedian for their upcoming event. And that is a surefire way to make the entire evening end in disaster.

How To Create The Perfect Event Atmosphere

Traditional comedians usually include things like profanity, politics, or prejudice in their acts in order to garner some laughter. But what that inevitably turns into is an awkward event that leaves the crowd feeling uneasy.

However, Clean Comedians® does the opposite. Here at Clean Comedians®, we avoid things like swearing, rude humor, and divisive jokes so that everyone in the crowd has a great time.

Humor and comedy should be a way to unite people! And we believe that it’s our mission to help your event attendees feel more happy and at peace with the world around them.

Laughter is a powerful thing and should be used for good! 

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Wrapping Up

Any type of event demands plenty of time and attention during the planning process. After all, it’s no small task to orchestrate an event that is both entertaining and enlightening for the attendees!

Many people look to comedians to help them host the ideal event. But this can bring plenty of questions in and of itself.

From the price of hiring a performer to the content they’ll provide, booking a comedian can seem like a mysterious task. And we understand how daunting it can be at times. 

But when you work with Clean Comedians®, even planning is both effortless and exciting!

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.