How Can Public Speaking Help You?


If you can’t tell, at Clean Comedians®, we’re big fans of public speaking. Not just because it allows us to meet other people.

How Can Public Speaking Help You

But because it helps us achieve both personal and professional success. Our work at your corporate events is like the icing on the cake.

And that’s why we want to share the benefits of public speaking with you too. Because your everyday life could be enhanced by this essential skill, and it may offer you some career benefits too!

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Why strong public speaking skills matter

Public speaking skills aren’t just for high school debate teams. In fact, public speaking is something that we all do in our everyday life.

Maybe you’re trying to brush up on your communication skills at work. Or maybe you’re looking to stop that negative self talk you do in your personal life.

Either way, the life changing benefits of public speaking can truly make a difference in both your personal development and professional life. Because when you can represent yourself eloquently, you gain a world of confidence going forward.

But we’ll let the benefits speak for themselves. (Yes, public speaking pun intended.)

Benefits of public speaking

That public speaking course you’ve had your eye on might not guarantee all of these benefits. But we know as corporate entertainers that all of these benefits are possible if you truly commit to this invaluable skill set.

#1. Professional success

Ever wanted to speak up in a corporate meeting and simply didn’t have the guts? Or maybe you knew exactly what you wanted to say but the words just came out all jumbled?

Well, public speaking skills can help you articulate your ideas in a much more effective way. And delivering that speech to the boardroom will be a piece of cake in no time.

#2. Personal satisfaction

Admit it. Whenever you represent yourself well, you feel pretty darn good about yourself, right?

Public speaking can give you the confidence you need

Well, that’s how public speaking classes will leave you feeling after every course. As a form of personal satisfaction, public speaking can actually influence your personal life, giving you more confidence to speak publicly and show the world what’s on your mind.

(When appropriate, of course. We don’t necessarily recommend telling your Uber driver what’s on your grocery list…)

#3. Enhance your communication habits

We’ll never tell you that hiring public speaking coaches is a bad idea. But here’s an even better one:

Hire a comedian for your corporate event and watch those oral communication skills at work firsthand! When we are welcomed into your event, we’re there to boost you up, not just entertain you.

So consider our comedians a public speaking class in and of themselves. Our comedy acts will have you developing leadership skills in no time. Simply because you want in on the fun!

#4. Allows you to speak effectively to direct audience members

If you’re tasked with giving a persuasive speech at a board meeting, you want to be razor-sharp focused. Well, public speaking skills can help you achieve that level of concentration.

Because as you are persuasive speaking, you’ll be going over both the positive and negative consequences of the material at hand. And this only further develops your critical thinking skills.

By the time your speech is through, you’ll have demonstrated not only an eloquent speaking style. But a heck of an intellectual mind as a public speaker.

#5. Helps you develop your personal brand

Nowadays, everybody seems to have their own brand. And maybe you want in on the action.

Well, public speaking can help you literally articulate who you are and what you’re about. Because giving a speech forces speakers to stand strong in their convictions.

And public speaking engagements give you a platform to improve communication skills, all while mastering some entertaining speaking at the same time.

#6. Allows you to gain confidence

Worried about personal development? Communication skills can help!

Because critical thinking, public speaking, and more each offer a valuable skill. And once you’re able to get through an entire speech with your point having been effectively put out there, you’ll feel like you’re on Cloud 9.

Hire Clean Comedians® to show you the power of public speaking

So sure, you might have masterfully disclosed a business report with audience analysis and the like. But you’ve also reaped the personal benefits that accompany public speaking.

(AKA you get to go home and celebrate with a glass of wine!)

#7. Encourages good writing skills

The speech writing process is not necessarily an easy one. But this challenge is what forces you to generate valuable insights while improving communication skills.

So while a good speech may sound effortless, it’s truly a labor of love. And you may find that these writing skills help to enhance your work within the business world as well – not just at your public speaking engagements.

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#8. Enhances your leadership abilities

If you listen to other speakers who are confident in their material, you’ll know just how much that confidence makes them come across as a leader. That’s because public speaking skills are directly linked to leadership skills.

It’s not only that public speakers need to address a crowd of people. They need to lead that crowd of people somewhere.

Ideally, somewhere inspiring and motivating. That sure sounds like career advancement to us, don’t you think?

#9. Helps you build critical thinking skills

As your speech draws closer, you might start second guessing your material. But that is all a part of the process.

Because second guessing your material means you’re working hard to dismantle your own argument. And that in and of itself is boosting your ability to think critically. Even against your own ideas!

#10. Enhances your professional reputation

We all know that one public speaker in the office that just knows how to get the job done, right? Well, consider it a testament to his public speaking skills that his reputation is off the charts.

Confront public speaking anxiety and master your board room presentation

That’s because people respect those who can articulate themselves well. Whether they’re riling up a crowd to take action or simply performing informative speaking and disseminating information.

#11. Does wonders for your self confidence

Public speaking certainly conjures up images of standing in front of a room full of strangers. But what you don’t consider is after the fact, you feel great having accomplished such a big feat.

For some people, just the thought of speaking up in a meeting can cause anxiety. But with more and more practice with public speaking, you can let go of that fear and allow your confidence to take over.

#12. Opens up the job market for you

Those with a background in public speaking may find it easier to get a job. Not only do they come across well in job interviews.

They also have a skill set that not everyone possesses. So if you want to give yourself a competitive edge, consider brushing up on your public speaking skills to secure that job opportunity.

#13. Encourages seeking fresh perspectives

Presenting an argument in public requires a lot of preparation and thought. And throughout your process, you’re constantly having to seek out fresh perspectives to enhance your argument.

But this process alone is a wonderful way to boost your own personal growth. Because you’re actively seeking out opinions that you hadn’t thought of before.

Rather than running away from dissonance, you’re engaging it. And that’s just another skill set that public speaking can offer you.

#14. Helps you practice performance skills

Speaking in public takes practice. But over time, those performance skills that you’re perfecting will come in handy for the next big presentation you’ve got scheduled.

After all, once you’ve seen our corporate entertainers dazzle on the stage, you’ll know just how important those public speaking skills are. We may even manage to get everyone up on their feet for a standing ovation!

#15. Gives you control over your body

Body language and eye contact are a huge part of public speaking. But so is breath control and projection.

So really, when you think about it, public speaking trains you to control various parts of your body. And that training can help you in the long run.

#16. Enhances your everyday conversation

If you already have a lack of confidence when it comes to speaking, then your daily conversations probably aren’t as fruitful as you’d like them to be. But public speaking can give you the tools to hold a conversation more steadily.

Polish your speaking style and wow colleagues and friends alike

So even short conversations can become a bit more engaging for you. Besides, once you tackle the boardroom, a little small talk seems like a piece of cake!

#17. Polishes your general communication style

You’d be surprised just how much your public speaking skills can leak into your everyday speech. And for the better!

Adding just a bit of polish to your everyday communication style is a great way to enhance your confidence and attract others around you. After all, everybody is drawn to that one person who seems like they can hold a room at attention.

#18. Helps you overcome speech anxiety

Anxiety around speaking is very real. But the only way to truly master that fear is to confront it.

Public speaking allows you to do this at your own pace, especially if you’re taking a public speaking course. So try chipping away at this fear little by little and you may find that anxiety is completely gone one day.

#19. Develops your research skills

When it comes to speech writing, there’s quite a bit of research involved. But those research skills will surely come in handy in other areas of your life too.

Whether it’s work related, or you’re just trying to track down that one friend you had in high school. All of these different skill sets will come together to serve you best in both your professional and personal life.

Overcome fear of public speaking today!

As you can see, there’s quite a bit that public speaking can offer you. And just take it from us.

We’ve made entire careers out of public speaking. And we can say with certainty that we wouldn’t change it for the world.

With so many avenues open, we’re happy to have these skill sets by our side. Most importantly, because they led us to you.

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