Hire a Virtual Master of Ceremonies:
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How Meeting And Event Coordinators Entertain With Positive Humor

She Hired An Emcee From Clean Comedians® And Made Her Event A Hit!

When event coordinator Karen Armstrong was looking for something different for her awards program, the last thing she considered was hiring a master of ceremonies. She says, “We wanted a funny entertainer at our banquet, but I never want to offend our people with rude, crude or socially unacceptable humor.” But her meeting turned out to be a success when she hired a hilarious event MC who didn’t embarrass anyone.

According to Karen, “I discovered a great resource. It’s called: CleanComedians.com. They provide speakers and entertainers who show that humor doesn’t have to be dirty to be funny.”

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When she contacted the entertainment bureau, she was skeptical at first. She wanted to know:

1) Would the humor be appropriate for everyone?
2) Would it actually be funny if it wasn’t racy?

Karen discovered that CleanComedians.com works exclusively with entertainers who abide by their “No G.R.O.S.S.” policy. It’s an acronym that means these performers present No: Gender bashing, Racially offensive material, Obscenity, Sexual innuendos or Swearing. So, her next question was, “Are they actually funny?”

How Did Karen Hire The Perfect Virtual MC or Virtual Meeting Host?

She was emailed several video clips to review and was happy to see that these virtual master of ceremonies relied on audience-interaction and variety (magic, juggling, improv, etc.) instead of shock humor or vulgarity. She hired one of the company’s 100+ pre-screened corporate event MCs. Her boss was pleased that the guest entertainer came with a money-back guarantee: “If it isn’t funny…we’ll refund your money!”

The corporate master of ceremonies was a big hit with Karen’s group. “We looked around the room and people were cracking up and laughing together. After the event I got a lot of wonderful compliments. People told me that they really needed a good laugh and that this was one of the best, most fun, programs we’ve ever done.”

CleanComedians.com has served more than 1,000 meeting and event coordinators who want to entertain their attendees —without offending. Founder Adam Christing says, “Fun is not a 4-letter word. Our goal is to make event coordinators feel relaxed at their next meeting. And we want them to look like heroes for giving their people the gift of laughter.”

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