Greg Bennick: Keynote Entertainer and Juggler


Corporate Mentalists

A corporate mentalist is a mind-baffling entertainer who is bound to give an exceptional show for any audience whatsoever. In general terms, he is a person who performs mental and intuitive acts that revolve around, telepathy, mind control, divination and many more. A mentalist may have his ties to magic but generally, his acts are more of logic than magic.


Initially mentalism was discovered by Fredric W. H. Myers and as a result it goes way back since the era of the ancient Greeks. It is a shame that until now only a few people possess and nurture this art primarily because it has been present for eons. Mentalists also date back to the old testaments where they were mistaken for magicians. Then, such acts were seen as demonic and evil due to their strong religious background. As much as mentalists use their skills for shows and performances as a source of amusement, they are capable of a lot more than their current venture.

Facets of Mentalism

The greatness of mentalism is how the mentalist can predict your next move, read your mind and even be able to move things with his mind. Telepathy is the ability to read someone’s mind or in more scientific terms, it is the ability to create a connection between the mental state in one’s mind with another. Amazingly, this is one of the most basic knack learned in mentalism however complicated it sounds.

Greg Bennick interviews Owen Karimanzira for The Legacy Project from gregbennick on Vimeo.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see clearly (not literally of course); it is derived from French meaning clear vision. Clairvoyance applies when the corporate mentalist attempts to see what is before him even when blindfolded. The skill is also used in the event of an illusion where only the mentalist can see the bigger picture in what is presented.

Extra-sensory perception is also an aspect utilized in mentalism. It is applied where the mentalist tries to sense what is around him with an extra sense that can be learned. I guess from now you may start questioning your kindergarten teacher if there are five senses.

Authentic or Not Authentic

Today, people all around the world try as much as possible to earn even if it means using unscrupulous means. It has been noted that there are a couple of individuals and also firms that are faking mentalism services. One thing you must know is that not everyone possesses these extra-sensory abilities, and so most people will try to fake it. Some will simply show and perform a mediocre show, and others will simply run after you pay them in advance. In essence, you should research proficiently about your desired mentalist to prevent unwanted mishaps. Where others go wrong, speaker Greg Bennick makes it right with passionate, keynote entertainment that is not only reputable but can provide motivation, philosophy, and general well-being into your life. He is a breathtaking juggler as well.

What They Do

Today, corporate mentalists air TV shows and perform in exhibitions. Recently, their abilities have been used in business marketing and product promotion. This has proven to be very effective due to their ability to attract large numbers of people.