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Funny How To Ideas For Speech

Giving an effective funny speech can be challenging. But if you have the right speech topics, you’re already setting yourself up for success.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled some of the best funny speech topic ideas below. Because we believe in the power of humorous speeches to change lives, spark joy, and bring folks together.

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Quick Glance: Best Funny Speech Topics

Below, we’ve listed various speech topics for you to choose from. So take your pick and scroll down to find the funny topics that will make your next speech amazing.

  • Persuasive speech topics
  • Informative speech topics
  • Interesting speech topics
  • Inspirational speech topics
  • Impressive funny speech topics
  • Impromptu funny speech topics

Why a funny speech topic sets you up for success

Public speaking doesn’t always call for a funny topic. But why should you opt for a funny topic anyway?

It keeps your speech interesting

One of the biggest challenges in public speaking is keeping your audience engaged. We’ve all had the experience of zoning out of a speech or two ourselves.

But our corporate performers know the power of humor. Namely, how humor can keep the audience engaged and interested in the topic at hand.

In fact, one study found that humor can produce both psychological and physiological benefits to help students learn. So, when used in a public speaking setting, there’s no question that the power of humor goes beyond just making a room full of people laugh. 

Now, we want to offer you that power. Humor will inform the speech-writing process and give you a leg up once you take the stage to deliver such a speech.

Making the audience laugh builds trust

In any public speaking scenario, you want the audience to trust you. If they don’t, then they have no reason to listen to you, right?

Obviously, trust takes time to build. But if you want to build that trust in a short amount of time, go for a laugh.

Funny topics that build trust among audience members and speaker

Laughing automatically puts the audience at ease. You telling a humorous true story tells them that you’re relaxed and welcoming, ready to have a conversation.

Humor reduces tension

Think of a typical stand-up comedy joke. There’s a setup and a punch line. The setup creates tension and the punch line relieves tension.

That’s what humor aims to do. If you’re walking into a particularly stuffy event, you’ll want to diffuse tension any way you can.

That’s where your funny speech comes in handy. Rather than blend into the uptight crowd, try to get everyone relaxed with these funny topics that will surely make you the most popular speaker of the event.

Funny topics make the content relatable

Lastly, humor speaks to relatability. So often, we focus on our differences rather than our similarities.

But humor gets rid of those hidden boundaries and forces us to confront how we are alike. Of course, not everyone has the same sense of humor.

And that’s why at Clean Comedians®, we focus on clean humor that can relate to everybody. Whether you incorporate humor into your speech or hire a comedian to deliver it, your audience will thank you for being so down-to-earth.

Now that we’ve determined why a funny speech is important, let’s take a look at how you can make your speeches funny and relatable.

Persuasive funny speech topics

In a persuasive speech, the speaker takes a stance. This stance isn’t always meant to be controversial. But it’s up to the speaker to persuade the audience why they’re right.

  • You are always entitled to your own incorrect opinion
  • The older you get, the more you’ll regret not taking all those naps as a child
  • Why life should come with its own background music
  • Why the most dangerous animal in the world is a silent person
  • “I’m too busy” is just a myth
  • Why does math feel like mental abuse to humans?
  • Why being an adult is not an easy task
  • The funniest amusement parks and why
  • Why underarm farts are not an impressive party trick
  • You say I interrupt people’s conversations, I say I remember random things and get really excited about them

Clean Comedians® performers know all of these tips and tricks

  • Why kung fu training should be mandatory for female college students
  • Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes
  • The strangest person I ever met
  • Why you should never start a diet on a Monday
  • Netflix is a hobby
  • Why I prefer dogs over people
  • Blaming your horoscope when things go wrong
  • How to protect yourself from zombies
  • Why are Dads so weird?
  • What if plants had feelings?
  • Why cleaning up after yourself is overrated

Informative speech topics

Can you guess what informative speech topics aim to do? That’s right – they aim to inform! Let’s see how you can be both informative and funny with these speech topics below.

  • Absolutely laughable job applicant stories
  • My most profitable mistake
  • How to effectively deny reality
  • Rare speed limits and the reasons why they exist
  • How to become a more earth-friendly person
  • The male brain vs. the female brain
  • Do all pop songs sound the same?
  • 7 ways to maintain a boring conversation at a cocktail party
  • Ten fun things you could be doing during an exam
  • How to be a charming host at any event
  • The delicate art of making cereal
  • How to ruin a good thing
  • America’s dumbest criminals
  • How to juggle
  • Why exercise is actually a scam
  • What not to say on a first date
  • How to sell yourself
  • How to properly offend your parents
  • How to survive as a completely incompetent person
  • How to cheat at poker
  • How to fail at dieting
  • Get rich quick
  • The three biggest lies you learned in school
  • Why modern art is a scam
  • Ten different ways to order a pizza
  • Interesting ancient remedies

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Interesting funny speech topics

Humorous topics already set you up for an interesting speech. But here are some other interesting topics that you can easily incorporate some humorous anecdotes into.

  • Totally useless professions
  • How to mess up a job interview
  • A true story that isn’t actually true in the end
  • Funny holidays around the world
  • Funny computer terms and phrases we use daily
  • Bare funny facts about men
  • Robots will enable us to be even lazier
  • Having a sibling makes me less egotistical

Hire our comedians for the best funny speech ever

  • Beauty is devastatingly overrated
  • Smart people look crazy to dumb people
  • The refined art of being annoying
  • Why people don’t believe in horoscopes but will still keep reading them
  • How to confuse a telemarketer
  • Blaming others for your problems as a means of achieving relief
  • Topics that aren’t meant to be discussed publicly
  • How to use corporate jargon more often
  • Why being completely honest isn’t doing you any favors
  • How to unite procrastinators worldwide
  • How to survive on minimum wage
  • Why happy puppies make happy humans

Inspirational funny speech topics

Just because your speech is funny doesn’t mean it can’t be inspirational! Make your audience chuckle and make them feel motivated to take action after the speech ends.

  • Stop calling yourself weird. You’re just a limited edition.
  • Measuring a person’s character by their reaction to slow Internet
  • Why laughter really is the best medicine
  • Stop taking life so personally
  • Why you should smile and wave when somebody insults you
  • Becoming old and wise means being young and stupid first
  • Confused about life? Hang out with a 3-year-old
  • When nothing goes left, go right
  • Why bad decisions are necessary for you to accrue some interesting stories
  • You really don’t need to sugarcoat everything
  • Drive people crazy by simply being happy
  • What happened in high school doesn’t actually matter
  • Having a third arm is better than having a third leg
  • Common sense doesn’t come naturally to anyone
  • Sometimes, keeping quiet is our greatest accomplishment

Impressive funny speech topics

You want to come across as relatable. But you also want the audience to know how impressive you are. Here are the topics that hit the perfect blend of both.

  • The correct way to lie
  • How to control your laughter during serious moments
  • Why you don’t want to be a millionaire
  • Why all people should eat junk food
  • Do vegetarians actually love animals?
  • Useless things that everyone has in their home
  • Is reality TV even real?
  • How being lazy enhances your productivity
  • Why do New Year’s resolutions never get fulfilled?
  • A happy childhood doesn’t include homework
  • How to win an argument when you know that you are definitely wrong
  • The best things in life are not free
  • The silliest advertisements you’ve ever seen
  • The most impressive words in the English dictionary
  • Your worst haircuts
  • How to save paper towels

Impromptu funny speech topics

If you want your speech to seem off-the-cuff, consider these speech topics below. They may seem random, but they’ll help you come across as natural and conversational.

  • My most embarrassing moment
  • Are white lies okay?
  • How I ran away from home
  • Why the youngest sibling deserves their own holiday
  • How I choose my friends
  • The one time I made my parents proud
  • Which is the preferred trait: humor or intelligence?

Laughter is the best way to connect with an audience

  • Are uniforms really necessary?
  • My funniest childhood memory
  • My worst day ever
  • The perfect television ad
  • My fifteen minutes of fame
  • Stories from the scribbles on a bathroom wall
  • Your most hated household chore
  • Why all seasons should be canceled except for summer
  • The worst present I’ve ever received
  • What I don’t understand about fashion
  • Unusual incidents that have happened to me
  • Does the perfect person exist?
  • Crazy things to do in the supermarket
  • If I ruled the world
  • What if they lived unhappily ever after?
  • A ghost you would want to hang out with
  • The party that went wrong
  • The joke that backfired
  • If I had a time machine
  • Out of the mouth of a child

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of funny topics for you to choose from. Now, it’s just a matter of seeing which one resonates and helps you churn out an amazingly funny speech!

Making people laugh can seem like a daunting task. But we hope that these top tips can help you inspire laughter with ease.

From all of us at Clean Comedians®, good luck. We’re rooting for you!

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