Best Corporate Wellness Speakers To Hire In 2023


Corporate Wellness Speaker

Our minds are a powerful place. And we need to take care of it to grow and thrive. A health and wellness speaker can help us in this process. By using the art of spoken word, they can help open and revitalize our mindset and bring us newfound prosperity.

Our Top Picks

  1. Adam Christing
  2. Dan Thurmon
  3. Andy Core
  4. Curt Coffman
  5. Eric Termuende

If you’re looking to host a corporate event, booking a workplace wellness speaker is a great idea. Here are the best of the best to hire in 2023.

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#1. Adam Christing

The greatest medicine is laughter. That might sound like just a feel-good quote, but it’s completely true.

Laughter helps with reducing stress and increasing happiness. It can even bring similar health benefits to exercise, like increased blood flow to your organs.

But a big way that laughter can help heal you is through your mind.

A hilarious keynote speaker is exactly what you need to boost your employees’ mindfulness and mental health via a company event. That’s because people who know how to make others laugh can easily provide them with the best medicine!

And that’s where Adam Christing comes into play.

Improving Workplace Wellness One Laugh At A Time

Dubbed a “meeting planner’s dream,” Adam Christing knows precisely what it means to discover health and wellness through the power of laughter.

Reenergizing workplace wellness starts with a speaker who knows something about business and how people work together. Plus, Adam is exceptionally experienced and skilled in the art of public speaking.

He’s been featured on countless news outlets and entertainment platforms and has even been called “one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in America” by Success magazine.

But the reason why he truly shines is that he knows how to utilize comedy to touch and connect with his listeners.

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Finding A Health And Wellness Speaker That Isn’t Afraid To Crack A Joke

Laughter is what ties people together. And at Clean Comedians®, we know that bringing genuine humor on stage is the best way to give the audience precisely what they need.

Our team keeps the content clean, so you don’t need to worry about the audience getting uncomfortable or offended by tasteless jokes.

You only need to think about how inspired and engaged your team will be once it’s all over!

#2. Dan Thurmon

Dan Thurmon started practicing to become a performer from a young age. What began as a passion quickly became a success story full of inspiration, hope, and change.

Dan pushes the concept that to be truly successful, you need to take care of yourself. To be your best in the workplace, you need to prioritize things like personal growth, a healthy work-life balance, and stress management.

Prioritizing Personal Growth And Development

His high-energy and high-impact style of public speaking makes his message clear and readily accepted. For over 25 years, his message has transformed Fortune 500 companies and teams by helping them focus on the end goal.

By passionately delivering an inspiring and rewarding message, Dan Thurmon pushes employee wellness to the forefront. After one event with Dan as your motivational speaker, your team will be visibly happier, healthier, and wiser!

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#3. Andy Core

An essential component of company events and wellness speakers includes benefitting the team within the organization; not just benefiting the organization itself. Finding ways to link workplace productivity with inner mindfulness in a healthy way is key to a more well-rounded life.

Andy Core uses his message to improve employee wellbeing, wellness, and productivity by inspiring resilience and stress reduction.

“What if we could all excel under stress?” he asks.

The Power Of Energized Mental Health

His messages have gone a long way in increasing employee engagement, motivating change, and building inner strength. With a message as strong as his, it’s easy to improve employees’ mental health while decreasing workplace stress.

Andy Core knows the value of strengthening mental health, especially in the workplace. Corporate wellness is about taking care of your body, inside and out, and maintaining a healthy mindset is a great place to start.

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#4. Curt Coffman

Curt Coffman has been incredibly influential in the employee engagement movement. His message has helped reshape businesses to be more engaging and productive for the benefit of the organization and the people that make it up.

Curt Coffman has also created plenty of work to help educate people worldwide to be more accepting of the importance of worker engagement.

From The New York Times to the Harvard Business Review, his research and writings have helped educate many people about the value of organizational energy and engagement.

Even as a speaker, Coffman is energetic and engaging, showing his listeners first-hand the power of wellness and well-being.

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#5. Eric Termuende

Eric Termuende cares about what happens in a company and how it relates to his listeners. Coming from a small town, his voice captures the true power of a down-to-earth message and meaningful delivery.

Even when he attended university, Eric noticed that there was something wrong with the modern workforce. His curiosity led him to great success, and he now uses his platform to highlight the importance of an optimized workplace.

Some fantastic speakers out there know how to reach your employees the right way when it comes to corporate wellness. It’s up to you to just bring them together!

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.