What Is A Corporate Magician And How Can They Enhance Your Event?


Every corporate event needs some kind of entertainment. After all, you want guests to be gushing over your corporate event for days to come, right?

Corporate Magician

A corporate magician is a perfect way to entertain your corporate audiences. While you may think corporate magic and business don’t necessarily mix, you’d be surprised with a corporate magician can bring to your next event.

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What is a corporate magician?

In short, a corporate magician is a magician, or magician speaker, who performs at corporate events. But that definition only skims the surface of what corporate magic can offer you.

Every corporate magician and entertainer is unique. But in general, most magicians tailor their magic shows and mind tricks to the specific guests in your audience.

Magic changes our perspective and can dazzle guests at your event

So no, you don’t have to finagle a Vegas-themed holiday party in order to justify hiring a magician. Instead, you can set up your next corporate event as you would and expect a corporate magic show that seamlessly blends into the rest of the evening.

In fact, many of our Clean Comedians clients have hired our comedians and magicians for sales meetings, trade shows, special events, and more. Because our services bring fun no matter what kind of company event you’re hosting.

Why hire a corporate magician for your corporate events?

What can companies expect when they hire corporate magicians for their business events? Take a look below.

#1. Corporate magicians know how to engage an entire audience

You may be hosting a small party for a select number of guests. Or maybe you’re planning to pack a crowd into a convention hall for a trade show.

Either way, you’ll want every party-goer to be thoroughly engaged throughout the showcase. And that’s where a corporate magician comes in.

Performing illusions or close-up tricks, a magician is able to pull groups of people in by virtue of the wonder and excitement they generate. As a master of their craft, a corporate magician’s skills are a fun and accessible form of communication for guests of all backgrounds.

So whether guests come from different sales departments or even different companies, they’ll get to enjoy an act that simply makes them go, “Wow!”

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#2. A corporate magician can entertain at both big and small events

When you think of magic shows, you might conjure up images of a grand Las Vegas stage. But a close-up magic show doesn’t need as much room to shine as you might think.

Close-up magic

Close-up magic entertainers are perfect for events where audience members are expected to mingle. They may make their way around the room, offering exciting entertainment and generally engaging audience members throughout the evening.

Magic bonds people together from sheer excitement

Because these illusions are up-close, your company won’t need to worry about renting out a stage in order to accommodate the talent. Instead, a corporate magician can deliver whatever kind of entertainment fits your business event best.

Stage magic tricks

Let’s say you’ve got an online event. Or maybe you’ve rented out various hospitality suites for the evening.

The stage itself may seem foreboding, but a magician knows how to make their entertainment as grand-scale as is needed. If you’re looking to amaze clients with a fun show, a magician will be sure to fill the entire stage with abundant magic tricks galore.

While corporate magic may conjure up a niche idea, these magicians are able to perform some real magic: amazing clients no matter the size, venue, or circumstance of the event.

#3. A corporate magician will bring high energy to your event entertainment

Time and time again, clients are wowed by the kind of energy our corporate magicians bring to the event. Of course, our whole goal at Clean Comedians is to make you laugh, smile, and enjoy.

Bring magic to your event with a magician from clean comedians

But that kind of experience shouldn’t be reserved for company-wide events alone. We bring the same type of energy to your meetings as well.

Whatever your team is in need of, we are happy to deliver. Because we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

#4. A seasoned corporate entertainer will give guests something to bond over

At a large event, you may have different clients seated next to each other at a community table. Naturally, they’ll need something to talk about.

Our corporate magicians will immediately give them something to bond over. They may end up being a team for a particular trick, literally fostering team building at your event.

Or maybe the trick itself was so memorable that guests will spend the rest of the night trying to figure out how it was performed. Either way, the best magician is one who knows how to ignite the magic of friendship and camaraderie amongst guests.

#5. A good magician will leave you with a truly memorable night

How do you know the night was a success? When folks simply can’t stop talking about it.

Leave a lasting impression with a magician speaker

With a corporate magician, you’ll be able to create a memorable night for all attendees. Because that’s what magic is meant to do: leave an impression.

There are plenty of corporate events happening all over the world. But seldom few employ a corporate magician to perform.

So make it your business to leave a lasting impression on the world of corporate events with a professional and charismatic magician. Once clients get a taste of what you’re willing to offer as a company, they won’t be able to wait for what kind of entertainment you line up next!

Get ready to be amazed!

Your search for the perfect event entertainment is over! Browse through our roster of comedy magicians for additional information. We’ll see you at your next corporate event!

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of CleanComedians.com. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.