How To Create Embarrassment-Free Entertainment For Your Corporate Event


Corporate Event Entertainment

Finding the right corporate event entertainment can feel like an uphill battle. You’re trying to please every single one of your guests.

All without going over your event budget. While trying to give everyone a fun party to enjoy all night long.

That’s a tall order. But luckily, we’ve got some corporate event entertainment ideas for you that will help you out in a pinch and won’t cause you any second hand embarrassment!

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Corporate event entertainment ideas

These corporate event entertainment ideas aren’t listed in any particular order. Unless you consider the top of the list the best entertainment you can find…

#1. Hire a corporate comedian for your corporate event

So, you want your corporate event to be a smash and encourage guests to engage and have fun? Then the answer is simple.

Hiring a corporate comedian for your corporate event is the best way to get corporate event attendees laughing and bonding with one another. Not only will a comedian bring high energy to your corporate event.

But a Clean Comedian will give you a corporate performer who knows how to offer family friendly entertainment that everyone can enjoy. Who needs politics, prejudice, or profanity at your corporate event?

Nobody! In fact, those are the three P’s we work hard to actively avoid. So you can still have a company party that’s fast-paced and exciting. Just without the unnecessary elements we’ve come to equate comedy with.

Because comedy isn’t about being dirty. It’s about bringing people together. And isn’t that what your corporate event or holiday party is all about?

Why we love it:

Out of all your entertainment options, a comedian is sure to make a splash. Everybody loves to laugh, and as far as your event audience goes, laughter can bring them together in ways you can’t imagine.

Not to mention that the corporate entertainers we employ here at Clean Comedians® will do an extra amount of research on your company beforehand. That way, you’ll get some incredible entertainment that’s custom-made for your next event.

So if you want guests to genuinely enjoy themselves at your company party, choose entertainment that speaks to everyone. Literally. That’s what stand up comedy is!

#2. Bring in some live music as an entertainment idea

So, you’ve noticed that the dance floor has been left pretty lonely at your past company parties, have you? Well that’s because a dance floor requires a music partner – namely, a live band!

Whether you’re hosting corporate parties, a cocktail party, a wine tasting, or more, your next party will absolutely thrive from the energy that live bands bring. Music automatically puts people at ease.

For a wink design corporate stickers

It gives the atmosphere a feeling. And it’s the quickest way to make your event feel like a swanky party even without hiring circus acts from Las Vegas.

Even take these corporate entertainment ideas a step further and hire LED drummers! That way, you get a music and light show all in one.

While music can be subjective, there’s no denying that it will be all the rage at your corporate event. And it’s a simple corporate event entertainment idea – simply find the band, invite them to the party, and give your guests some exciting shows with music!

Why we love it:

Having music as your corporate event entertainment is not only a fun way to get guests moving in their bodies. But it’s also versatile for whether you’re hosting small events or large events.

At small events, music can make the venue and stage feel more intimate. But if you’re worried about filling up a big hall, music will surely take up some sonic space.

Besides, if your corporate events abide by a theme, then music immediately transports attendees into the very world you’re looking to create. Whether that be Christmas music for a holiday party, vaudeville classics for a Golden Age theme, or more, music can inspire a positive atmosphere for your next corporate event.

#3. Get your corporate event a comedy magician

You might think of magic as best suited for children’s birthday parties. But allow our entertainment choices of comedy magicians to persuade you otherwise.

With dazzling tricks and comedy-infused sorcery, these corporate entertainers will draw your corporate event audience in. Then twist their expectations on its head.

Not only will comedy magicians bring in a host of interesting activities for your audience members to engage with. But the final reveal will make those activities all the more worth it.

Anyone can set up a photo booth at a corporate event. (And you can consider that another one of the corporate entertainment ideas we’ve got for you!)

But photo booths don’t necessarily dazzle your mind or bend your perceptions of reality. Really, we shouldn’t be comparing comedy magic to a photo booth anyhow.

But if you want your next event to feel like a Las Vegas showroom, consider the artful combination of comedy and magic for your corporate event entertainment. With our entertainers, you won’t be disappointed.

Why we love it:

While we firmly believe that magic isn’t just for children, there is a sense of childlike wonder that accompanies watching a magic show. And this is what makes this one of our more favorite corporate event entertainment ideas yet.

Because the entertainment at your corporate event shouldn’t be boring. It should draw the audience in and give them something to remember.

Besides, magic can be for any person of any age. So if you want to bring in a unique form of entertainment to your corporate event, consider comedy magic.

#4. Explore corporate event ideas with virtual reality

Corporate event entertainment ideas are constantly evolving. And with the technology we have nowadays, that means your corporate event entertainment can include virtual reality as well.

Treat guests to augmented reality or any kind of immersive experience. Not only is this kind of corporate event entertainment a chance for custom branding since you get to design the virtual world.

Clean Comedians® can handle events everywhere even San Francisco

But it’ll certainly land on peoples’ list of top corporate event entertainment activities they’ve experienced. With technology at our disposal, why not use it for corporate entertainment?

Why we love it:

Using technology as your corporate entertainment is not only a cool thing to treat guests to. But it’s also a way to showcase how your company values technology and plans to use it.

It’s as much a form of corporate event entertainment as it is a statement about your corporation. So tell the world how proud you are to include technological advances at your company’s private parties!

#5. Have a big hit with dueling pianos

We’re proud to have a dueling pianos act in our roster of corporate entertainment options. And we’re even more proud to be able to offer your next event the same joys we’ve derived from this very duo.

Michael & Amy perfectly fuse comedy and music together. And all while making your corporate events all the more exciting to be at.

Not to mention what a treat it is to hear some well-played piano. Well, that and a side of unexpected hilarity too!

Why we love it:

It’s music, it’s comedy, need we say more? It’s literally the first two corporate event entertainment ideas we listed combined!

#6. Keep guests entertained with celebrity impersonators

As far as our corporate event entertainment ideas go, this one is definitely on the Las Vegas end of the spectrum. But who doesn’t love Las Vegas?

Okay, put your hands down, people who hate desert heat! With impersonators at your corporate events, you’ll get guests engaging with relics of Old Hollywood.

Hire Clean Comedians® with no hidden fees

Or even modern day celebrities your guests always wanted to meet. Besides, these impersonators may even make rounds throughout the evening, chatting up a storm and entertaining guests even when they’re not on stage!

Why we love it:

This is perhaps one of the most classic entertainment ideas we have to offer. It’s something that’s unique enough to spark attendees’ excitement.

But familiar enough that attendees feel comfortable and safe welcoming in these impressive acts. And that’s the perfect balance when it comes to entertainment ideas, don’t you think?

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#7. Make an escape room out of your corporate event hall

Okay, this one requires a little bit more creativity if you’re going DIY with it. But if you want our advice, we’d leave the escape room setup to the professionals.

As escape rooms have gained popularity in recent years though, plenty of attendees will know exactly what to expect when you say you’re installing one at your corporate events. So there’s all the more reason for them to attend and even bring a couple of friends along.

Besides, some critical thinking at a corporate event is required right? So long as it is accompanied with laughter.

Why we love it:

As far as entertainment ideas go, an escape room is particularly useful in getting guests up and on their feet. Sometimes, corporate events can feel a little stale when attendees aren’t given the chance to stand up and stretch their legs.

But an escape room automatically gets attendees engaged. Because otherwise, there’s no hope for escape…

#8. Choose corporate entertainment based on your theme

Relay races might make sense if you’re hosting a team building corporate event. But what kind of entertainment can you bring in to emphasize the theme and make attendees feel even more immersed in it?

Cirque performers

Did somebody say Las Vegas? Now you can bring the Strip right into the conference hall with acrobats and clowns galore.

Luau dancers

Maybe your ideas are more along the spectrum of a vacation getaway. Well, give attendees that feeling of an ocean breeze with Hawaiian dancers ready to welcome them onto the dance floor.

Living statues

Are your corporate events steeped in history? Then why not bring living statues to life while simultaneously educating your audience on who these prominent historical figures are.

Fire eaters

Okay, we’re struggling to figure out what the theme would be here, but let us guess… You’re the company behind Hot Ones, aren’t you?!

Entertainment at your corporate event is a must

Why do you need corporate event entertainment?

Maybe you’ve never attended corporate events with entertainment at them before. Well, let us enlighten you on what exactly you’ve been missing out on.

Builds community amongst the guests

Sharing an experience with other audience members is the quickest way to bond a group of strangers. Especially when laughter is involved.

That kind of energy in a singular room is enough to make friends out of enemies. (But hopefully you don’t have enemies attending your corporate events…)

Can help you achieve your event goals

Every event needs a set of goals. And when you choose corporate entertainers like ours, you get top notch service in achieving those goals.

Because at Clean Comedians®, we’re not just dropping in to do a stand up set or play some music while making you laugh. We prep with you to make sure our entertainment is up to par with what you want your corporate event to be.

Allows your company and event brand to circulate

As a company, you’re endorsing whatever entertainment you decide to bring in for your corporate event. So it really is a reflection of your mission statement.

But before you get nervous, this is actually a good thing. It’s a chance to show clients, employees, and staff that you are invested in their whole being – not just their business or their hard work.

It’s a fun way to put your company values into action

If your motto is, “We treat you like family,” then you might as well live up to it. And what says family more than a round of comedy?

Gets guests excited for the next corporate event

A successful corporate event always leaves attendees wanting more. So do exactly that with stellar entertainment that draws the masses back in.

On with the show!

Finding the right corporate entertainment for your event doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. And even if it is, we’ve got a host of Clean Comedians® ready to roll up their sleeves and help you up the hill. 

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