6 Amazing Corporate Entertainment Ideas That’ll Wow In 2023


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Corporate entertainment can revive the workplace like nothing else. Whether you’re planning out company retreats, trade shows, private parties, or company parties for the new year, you’ll definitely want to secure your corporate entertainment now.

Our Favorite Corporate Entertainment Ideas

  • Hire a clean comedian for your next corporate event
  • Make holiday parties a memorable experience with corporate magicians
  • Foster team building at your next event with funny keynote speakers
  • Invite musical acts that’ll dazzle at your corporate parties
  • Bring your corporate team closer together with live entertainment like corporate performers

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So what kinds of corporate entertainment ideas have you come up with? Drawing a blank?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve compiled the best corporate event ideas and entertainment options imaginable.

The only thing you’ll need to worry about is how to top these corporate entertainment ideas for next year!

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Top Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

Corporate events are a fantastic way to thank team members for their hard work. With high energy, good music, and great entertainment, folks will be thanking you around the office year-round.

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#1. Hire a comedian for your corporate party

This might seem obvious to some. But studies have shown that laughter actually works as a social glue.

Findings from a 2017 study specifically found that people who laugh together tend to like each other more. So why not infuse that sense of team building into your corporate events with some corporate comedians ready to encourage laughter at the drop of a hat?

Aaron O’Brien

Aaron O’Brien is one of the many incredible corporate entertainment options we have to offer here at Clean Comedians®. He began his comedy and magic career at the ripe age of thirteen at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

And he hasn’t stopped there. He’s gone on to establish himself as a popular keynote speaker, magical master of ceremonies, and dynamic event performer. He sounds like the perfect addition to your corporate events, doesn’t he?

Carlos Oscar

Looking for some family-friendly corporate entertainment? You’ll only find that with what Carlos Oscar has to offer.

He’s known for his charming, witty, and energetic stage persona. In fact, he’ll take your corporate Christmas parties to the next level!

Cartoon artists cirque performers celebrity impersonator

Nick Arnette

Known as “The Feel Good Funny Guy,” Nick Arnette brings his extensive events entertainment background with him to every gig. Having performed for groups like AT&T, Unilever, Microsoft, and more, his resume is more than impressive.

Nick is also passionate about delivering relevant content that’s customized to your guests. So no need to worry about how the event entertainment will come across – he’ll make sure it’s intentional and well-suited.

#2. Swing some musical entertainment with dueling pianos

When you think of live entertainment, you obviously think of corporate event bands, right? After all, what’s a dance floor doing without a party band and their high-energy tunes?

Blind tasting sign autographs game show photo booth

Michael & Amy

Michael & Amy‘s music and clean comedy variety show is the epitome of “unique entertainment.” Playing familiar music to offer guests the chance to follow along, they also manage to intertwine a couple of surprises along the way.

Such twists and turns leave audiences laughing, singing, and cheering alongside friends and family. These talented musicians truly know how to put other exciting bands to shame!

#3. Nothing says magic like corporate magicians

Booking entertainment doesn’t have to mean simply finding a live band last minute. In fact, there are more than a couple of options out there for you to truly dazzle your guests.

Dana Daniels

Dana Daniels, alongside his Psychic Parrot Luigi, offers a stage show your guests won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Entertaining guests with incredible magic, Dana can make even small events feel like a stadium experience.

His rapid-fire clean comedy has garnered him top honors in magic such as “Comedy Magician of the Year” and “Stage Magician of the Year.” As far as corporate entertainment goes, you’ll get the cream of the crop with this act!

Clean Comedians® corporate entertainment

Robert Strong

Want to turn your good event into a great event? Then you’ll want to hire none other than corporate comedy magician Robert Strong.

Not only has he been twice voted San Francisco’s “Best Comedian” and three times voted San Francisco’s “Best Magician.” He’s also had the opportunity to open a number of times for comedy legend Robin Williams! Talk about bringing some star power into your next business meeting.

#4. Host your corporate events with a theme

Bringing in performers for your corporate event doesn’t mean the entertainment stops there. In fact, you can deck out the whole venue with a theme that’ll get guests excited to attend.

Casino party

Poker tables, professional dealers, you name it! A casino night is a great idea to get the evening off to a good start – and all while putting a fun twist on what would otherwise be a traditional cocktail party.

If your employees have had a particularly busy year, give them the chance to blow off some steam. Roll in some photo booths to help them capture the night and tailor your entertainment to match the theme through and through.

Corporate entertainment by clean comedians

Las Vegas

You might have had some grandiose plans to fly your entire team to a destination. But why not create an event that brings the destination a little closer to home?

Events with a theme automatically engage guests. After all, you’re giving them the chance to be creative!

Don’t stop at the entertainment alone when brainstorming some corporate event ideas. Make your events as immersive as possible.

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#5. Bring in some professional performers

Throughout history, we’ve relied on entertainment not only to allow the chance to sit back and relax; but to lean in and engage. In fact, certain studies show that entertainment can actually boost levels of activity amongst participants.

So why not let the following performers activate your events?

Best corporate entertainment

Greg Bennick

If you want some variety at your event, then go with Greg Bennick – the epitome of a variety performer! His act combines comedy with magic, mind reading, juggling, AND ideas on how your company can thrive.

Greg embodies the very quality we pride ourselves on here at Clean Comedians® – we tailor your entertainment to you. No need to hire live bands that you hope will play one of your favorite songs.

And no need to worry about entertainment that will hopefully resonate with your audience. With our entertainment options, audience satisfaction is guaranteed.

Jeff Civillico

Jeff Civillico is an esteemed entertainment artist who recently celebrated a 10-year run on the Las Vegas Strip as a Headliner with Caesars Entertainment. Talk about bringing Las Vegas to you!

Ideas for corporate entertainment

Beyond entertainment, Jeff has also been featured in national publications like Forbes and The Wall Street Journal for his work with the national nonprofit Win-Win Entertainment. Bringing smiles to children in hospitals, this nonprofit is geared towards brightening even the darkest of circumstances.

Willie Brown & Friends

It’s not too often you can hire one performer and end up with three. But that’s exactly what you get when you invite Willie Brown & Friends to your corporate event!

This comedian/ventriloquist team reinvigorates the age-old craft of ventriloquism. And with clean content guaranteed, you can invite the whole family to enjoy the festivities of these events.

#6. Hire amazing speakers for your corporate event

As a corporate entertainment agency, we pride ourselves on the variety of performers we have to offer. That’s why we speak from experience when we say that your next corporate event absolutely needs a funny keynote speaker.

Adam Christing

Adam Christing has been described as a “meeting planner’s dream,” due to his diligence both before and during events. having started his career at the ripe age of 17, Adam has since gone on to become a favorite guest performer, emcee, and after-dinner performer for hundreds of top companies and organizations.

Best entertainers

Not only does Adam have some amazing comedy to offer. But his unique mix of leadership, humor, and creative communication make him one of the most engaging performers of today.

Jody Urquhart

If you’re looking for fun corporate entertainment, you might not immediately think of hiring a motivational speaker. But Jody Urquhart redefines the term as she shatters the assumption that work can’t be both rewarding and fun.

Humor plays a pivotal role in her speaking. And like every other performer from Clean Comedians®, she tailors her message to fit the specific audience she’s speaking to.

The Passing Zone

You might be surprised to learn that these comic jugglers are also keynote speakers. But that’s exactly what The Passing Zone specializes in – surprising you at every turn!

Owen Morse and Jon Wee are one of the top comedy/variety acts in the world today. There’s no doubt that your events will only be enhanced by their impressively humorous skills.

Unforgettable pictures play songs best entertainment smaller events

Book corporate entertainment like a pro

Booking the right entertainment for your corporate event can seem daunting. But that’s exactly why Clean Comedians® exists – to take the stress out of event planning!

Clean Comedians® – the best corporate entertainment agency

Our performers are dedicated masters of their craft. Here are some of the things you can expect from our top performers:

We’ll work with corporate event planners before the event itself

We take event planners very seriously. After all, they’re the glue that holds all events together!

That’s why we take responsibility to support them as much as we can. First, we meet with the event organizers before the event to understand the target audience.

Clean Comedians® performers

Then, our performers tailor their material to meet that specific audience’s needs. This way, you won’t have to worry about an act coming in to perform their stuff, only for none of the material to be completely irrelevant.

Instead, you get the assurance that we’ve done our research. And that research becomes the backbone of our performances.

You’ll get only clean corporate event entertainment from us

Nowadays, comedy has become synonymous with crude comedy. But we understand more than anyone that corporate events are no such place for crude language.

That’s why all of our performers are vetted, clean comedians. They don’t rely on expletives or crass language to get a laugh from the audience.

Instead, the laughter they inspire comes from a place of connection. With so much division in the world as is, why create more when we can bond over laughter?

We’ll encourage audience participation to keep guests entertained

Some people prefer entertainment where they can sit back and relax. And while that’s perfectly fine and good, we prefer to engage audiences through participation.

This type of audience engagement is especially important for corporate events. After all, these are your coworkers and colleagues.

Best agency of corporate entertainers

There’s nothing like a positive shared experience that can bring a team closer together. So you can count on us to offer that very service, moving your team from strength to strength.

We’ll embody corporate hospitality like no other corporate entertainment agency can

While comedy may be our craft, hospitality is our trademark. After each performance, every audience ends up feeling like family.

Because that’s the kind of wholesome connection we pride ourselves on cultivating. Corporate events are the perfect opportunity for colleagues to get to know one another.

But that can only happen if the entertainment you hire out is dedicated to fostering those positive relationships. So if you’d rather not gamble on the fate of your company, go with Clean Comedians®.

We’re here to support you throughout your corporate event needs. We simply offer our services in the hopes of inspiring laughter and empowerment at your events.

Corporate entertainment for the win!

Any corporate entertainment is better than none. But wouldn’t you want to have a team of performers with your very best interests in mind?

If so, you can count on us to provide you with a night you’ll never want to forget. So go ahead and browse through our various acts and corporate performers alike to find the perfect fit for your upcoming corporate event.

We guarantee you’ll find an entertainer that suits your corporate needs perfectly. After all, if you want to make the workplace fun, engage employees in a memorable way, and treat them to an evening of spontaneity and laughter, then you have to go with Clean Comedians®.

Our mission is to empower employees in the workplace to take charge of their happiness and productivity. And each of our performers know how to inspire those very sentiments through their acts.

All you have to do is give us a call and book us now. We’re ready to make this amazing change happen in your workplace, but we’ll need your help too.

Can we count on your to do right by your coworkers and employees? We hope so!

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of CleanComedians.com. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate performer, magician, and virtual speaker.