Corporate Entertainment: 5 Benefits


Corporate entertainment 5 benefits

Have you ever been to a corporate event that relied solely on Powerpoint presentations? Don’t get me wrong –  you love this company.

In fact, you were psyched that they were hosting a corporate event in the first place. But then you arrived only to show up and watch un-motivational speakers click a button to shift slides.

It was a little bit of a letdown, right? Not that you were expecting a party.

But Powerpoint? You know this type of “event” isn’t doing the company or team any justice.

If you’ve experienced anything like this, then you know how important corporate events are for a company’s image. Events give businesses a chance to connect with their clients either in-person or virtual.

And they have the opportunity to showcase who they are within the industry. So how can a company maximize the benefits of their corporate events, you ask?

Corporate entertainment. Anywhere you look, entertainment is all around us.

It’s the quickest way to engage people. And it can boost morale amongst customers and employees alike.

Entertainment is also highly accessible. So your events can appeal to all sorts of people – not just one specific demographic.

Ultimately, you want your event to be able to represent your company well. And you definitely don’t want to leave folks with that chalky Powerpoint taste left in their mouth.

So keep reading to discover new ideas on how to maximize your events. And find out the real benefits that corporate entertainment can provide.

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#1. Promote your business

Do you remember how the popular kids in school had the most amazing parties? Well, corporate entertainment is sort of like the adult equivalent of that.

If you have amazing entertainment at your corporate events, it’s likely that word will get around. And this automatically helps to promote your business.

Entertainers know how to engage an audience. Whether they’re comedians, dancers, or musicians alike, they can easily break the ice at an event and reduce any stress that might be in the room.

Performers can get guests to feel comfortable and ready to have some fun. And this will only enhance the energy of your event overall.

When people hear “events,” they already assume that they’ll be entertained. So why not prove them right and get your company’s ideas out there in the world?

You’ll find that there’s way more bang for your buck when it comes to events. It’s all about playing your cards right.

Highlight a service

Boost your product launch with corporate entertainment

You might be hosting this corporate event in order to launch a new product. And if that’s the case, then there’s all the more reason to hire out entertainment.

You’ll want to draw as many people in as you can. So hiring a corporate comedian or other corporate entertainment might draw in different colleagues than if you were simply showcasing a new service.

With a bigger audience draw, your events will be able to create a heightened atmosphere. Relationships can be forged between professional colleagues who might not otherwise meet.

And you’ll reap the benefit of providing them with a performance they won’t forget. In a way, booking out entertainment is also a great way to market your own company.

And events can help you kill two birds with one stone. Entice them with entertainment, send them home with a product sample!

#2. Strengthen customer loyalty

Customers love rewards. Any sweet deal they can snag will ensure that they keep coming back for more.

Sure, there are some rewards that can help them save money. But what about a reward that can help them reduce stress?

Corporate entertainment at events can help customers break from their everyday routine. After a long day of meetings at their own job, wouldn’t it be amazing to go to another corporate event that was actually fun?

Your corporate event can end up being a lot of things. It can give guests a night out to forget about their worries.

Or, it can give employees the chance to connect and communicate with other professionals. Either way, attendees will get what they crave out of the experience.

And that’s all thanks to you for organizing the corporate entertainment for the evening. After all, you want to set yourself apart from other companies, don’t you?

Then why not turn to entertainment? You’ll soon have loyal customers who look forward to your events as they know what to expect the next time around.

Increase retention rate

We all know that a person isn’t likely to return to a place they didn’t enjoy. For example, would you go back to a store where nobody made eye contact?

Or maybe somebody made an off-color comment? Any negative experience hardly inspires loyalty.

And the same goes for clients with an organization. So every encounter with your clients is just as important for your long-term business.

Relationships can be broken just like that. So it takes quite a bit of effort from the company to maintain business with the various clients they serve.

Luckily, most people tend to appreciate a good party. And with entertainment to accompany a corporate event, guests will feel like they are being well taken care of.

And not just in the business sense of the word. Business often gets misconstrued as something cold and impersonal.

But, good business is personal. So give your guests something to look forward to with performers, comedians, and speakers alike.

Give them a break from their everyday life. And watch their loyalty grow as you give them a memorable performance to write home about.

#3. Boost employee morale

Generate customer loyalty with corporate entertainment

As much as your events are for guests, your employees must be taken into account too. A normal day for them means being in the office and boosting sales for the benefit of the company.

But what if they’re never rewarded for the work that they put in? If you notice a lower rate of productivity in the office, this could be a sign that your employees are feeling a little low.

But if they have a corporate event with entertainment to look forward to, they might feel more motivated to keep putting in the good work. Recognition has been proven to boost morale.

And you want to keep your group as strong as ever, right? Then invest in corporate entertainment as a way to also thank your employees for their hard work.

Customers can similarly enjoy the entertainers there. But your employees will know that they earned their own night to party. 

Even after the event, they’ll still be buzzing. So the next time employees enter the office, they’ll return refreshed and rejuvenated to get ready to boost sales again once more.

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Encourage team-building

Any organization knows that success comes from working hard and within a group. In other words, no one can do it alone.

And your corporate event is the perfect place to implement team-building practices. Employees may have to work together to host the event.

Or, they may be interested in getting to speak with the entertainer in question. Either way, giving them the shared experience of corporate entertainment fosters their relationships with one another.

And their professional working relationship will also benefit too. You see, comedy isn’t just an act that people watch on stage.

It’s something they feel. And they feel it together.

Such experiences bring an audience together in ways that conferences can’t. So, generate that positive and fun working relationship outside of the office.

And you’ll set yourself up for a workplace that prides its success on its productivity. Even if your event is happening through virtual means, don’t underestimate the power of an entertainer.

With a memorable experience comes sales and loyalty galore. And that loyalty is for both your employees and guests alike.

#4. Expand your reach

Provide networking opportunities for your employees with corporate entertainment

Organizing entertainment into your company event might feel overwhelming at first. But the benefits will far outweigh the stress that goes into planning such a fun evening.

It’s not often that you hear about company events, if at all. But when a company event promises to blow the socks off of all of their guests, word gets around.

Additionally, hiring out entertainment allows you to further market your business. You can create a blog on your company website with posts on the comedy act you’ll be hosting.

And you can make this online hype fun and interactive as customers comment their own excitement. Once you circulate enough news about your upcoming event, you might even attract the attention of other companies as well.

Across the industry, companies are always looking to one another. Not just for networking.

But for inspiration. There may be other organizations out there who’ve had little success with their conferences.

And they’ll be looking to you as a model in the industry for incorporating high-end entertainment into your event. So allow your reach to expand as far as your entertainment will take you.

Someone might show up and post a picture to their own blog posts. Either way, your company name will get out there.

Generate networking opportunities

Nothing says team-building like networking. And a fun evening of entertainment at a company event can foster networking connections like nobody’s business.

With entertainment to draw more people in, the more likely vast connections will be made. Employees might create partnerships with certain organizations you’ve been looking to be connected to.

And this overall sense of purpose will increase productivity once you return to the office. Networking doesn’t have to be the sole purpose of your event.

But it never hurts to give employees the chance to broaden their team. In the end, you’ll find that your company benefits far more from cultivating alliances.

#5. Spread your company’s message

Book an entertainer for your next corporate event

Your company might have the most heartfelt mission posted on its website. But if your company event can’t convey that mission in an effective manner, then what’s the point?

Luckily, entertainment can help you convey that message to all who attend your event in a clear and exciting way. Everyone likes to enjoy themselves.

And getting to attend a fun night out (or virtual night in) is a great way to get more people attuned to what you’re all about. So, create an event that showcases your values.

Hand out awards of recognition to specific employees or to your entire team. That will show the world how personal your business is.

Even dedicate social media posts to those you will honor at the event. Then, if employees send the news to their friends and family, you’ll have an even bigger turnout.

And you’ll foster that family-friendly atmosphere you’re after. After all, events are a communal experience.

And when you have so many people in one room, you have to take advantage of that fact. So, let your events be a reflection of your values. And who knows.

Maybe you’ll become that one company that’s known for its entertainment and events. That’s not a bad reputation to have.

Let attendees know who you are

Do you remember going over to your friends’ houses when you were little? And each house had its own rules? Here, I’ll give you an example.

You learned who had the “cool” parents, who had the “smart” parents. Who had health-conscious parents and who had parents who hated fun.

Well, events are similarly just as telling of their hosts. Your team of employees might be down to business in the office.

But maybe you’re looking for a way to let them know that they can let loose. Use the entertainment at your event to convey that.

Your team may be surprised by the kind of event you host. But that just means that you’re interested in changing the company culture.

After all, that’s the joy of these kinds of events. New revelations are made and new teams can be built.

Your event is a sign of what kind of a company you want to create. Even if your events are virtual, you can still showcase who you are.

That’s show business

Corporate entertainment can offer your business a memorable night and long-term sales. With entertainers able to connect with the audience, your clients will feel seen by you.

And that will only inspire them to keep coming back. In a way, providing entertainment at these corporate events is like giving everybody a little piece of the reward.

Sure, the planning might get stressful. But you’ve managed to create relationships, increase brand awareness, and boost morale all with a single night.

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