What Is A Corporate Comedian And How Can They Enhance Your Corporate Events?


Hosting corporate events isn’t easy. Take it from us – we’ve hosted quite a few!

But one thing we have found time and time again that makes for a huge success at a corporate event is corporate comedy. And no, we’re not talking about the kind of standup comic you’d see at comedy clubs.

Corporate Comedian

We’re talking about a tailored experience that will suit your next corporate event perfectly. We don’t want to give too much away too soon, so go ahead and keep reading to get the scoop on all things corporate comedy.

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What is a corporate comedian?

A corporate comedian is just like a standup comedian except that their material is 100% clean. It can sound risky bringing in a stand up comedian to your next event.

Especially if you don’t want the rowdiness that comes with your typical comedy club. But a comedian versed in corporate comedy is a completely different experience.

The entertainment you get from Clean Comedians®, for example, gives you an entirely custom act. Because we invest in your event and collaborate with you on corporate goals.

Plus, we know that hilarious material doesn’t have to be dirty to be funny. That way, everyone among your corporate audiences can partake in the laughter without leaving any guests out.

Why welcome corporate comedians to your corporate events?

Clean entertainment options come with a host of benefits. But here are just a few that we’d like to highlight:

#1. Comedy entertainment is accessible for all audience members

When you’re looking to entertain an audience, the last thing you want to do is leave someone out. Especially when that audience is full of potential clients, donors, and employees.

Finding a comedy act with us is easier than watching last comic standing on comedy central or listening to a sports radio talk show or tonight show with jimmy fallon or late night with jimmy kimmel

Luckily, the inclusive language that corporate comedians put to use bypasses that risk. Because corporate comedy is all about what is relatable and funny.

Corporate comedy topics steer clear of politics, prejudice, and profanity. Besides, what’s the fun in bringing those kinds of topics up anyway?

When you don’t want to divide the audience, hire a corporate comedian. They’ll keep the laughter going without bringing current world events into the picture.

#2. Laughter bonds an audience like nothing else

If you’ve ever seen a stand up comedian, then you know just how much of a bond an audience forms when laughing together. The shared experience of fun reminds people to focus on what’s happening right in front of them.

Besides, laughing itself can be a pretty good workout too. The catharsis that accompanies laughter is something every entertainer knows how to harness.

And that’s exactly what you can expect from our comedians. If you’re looking to bond folks at your event, your best bet is to hire a world-class act of corporate comedy.

#3. A corporate clean comedian can act as an extension of your company

We like to say this to every client. But it’s true – any comedian you hire for your corporate event should act as an extension of your company.

Not just somebody who got hired to do their standard act. In fact, one of the best compliments we can ever receive is getting asked, “So, how long have you been with us?”

Brian regan keith alberstadt david letterman jay leno tom radio those with a unique brand perform on cruise ships on this american life or all american football player

That’s how corporate comedians should come across at your events. And when you go with Clean Comedians®, you have that as a guarantee.

#4. Entertained audiences are more likely to be loyal customers

Every corporate event has a particular set of goals in mind. But don’t forget that audience members are also looking at corporate events as an escape from their everyday life.

This means they want to be entertained. They want to go into an event knowing that the material will be funny and worthwhile.

All of this contributes to building up their customer loyalty. You may even find a regular performer to partner with that guests look forward to watching every year.

In that case, you’ve got plenty of allies in your corner. Not only with the comedy act you hire, but with the audience members excited to see it.

#5. You get stand up comedy and a motivational speaker in one

Sometimes when you hire a stand up comedian, you only get a stand up comedian. But a majority of our entertainers are not just comedians.

They’re motivational speakers too! Talk about hitting the jackpot.

Not only will you get some funny material in the mix. But you’ll also get some uplifting speeches that can lead the charge for the next corporate initiative you’re planning to roll out.

We take pride in our comedy entertainers and their abilities as multifaceted performers. And we think you’ll be just as impressed when you hire them for your next event.

#6. You leave audiences and guests with a memorable and hilarious night

With so much going on in the world, it’s nice to have just one night where you can let your cares go. That’s what you’ll get with the comedians from our agency.

With folks itching to get back to in-person events, you can give them a night to remember. Because our comedians know how to make the evening worthwhile.

Plus, offering your clients a good time will only guarantee their future attendance. Soon enough, you’ll be scheduling the events of next year soon!

#7. A corporate comedian has the goals of the event planner in mind

Sometimes, a standard comedian will only have their act in mind. But a corporate comedian or entertainer will make sure to work with the event planner.

Take a select page out of our book and make people laugh for a half hour whether in person in san francisco or las vegas or virtually over zoom

This means meeting before the event itself and mapping out any goals for the evening. You’d be surprised at just how effective these meetings can be.

Because every goal can be subtly accomplished in a comedy act when done right. We understand just how stressful event planning can be.

That’s why we’ve committed to making your life easier. In our book, the event planners are the real heroes of the evening.

#8. Comedians for corporate and private events get to cater their material to a specific audience

Standard comedy sets will revolve around any range of materials. But when working closely with a corporate comedian, you get to have some input too.

Let’s say you want a particular initiative highlighted. A corporate comedian can easily incorporate that into their comedy act. Plus, they may be able to crack a few clean jokes about it too, making it all the more memorable.

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Why trust Clean Comedians®?

We get that we’re asking you to put your faith in our hands. But let us show you what exactly you can expect when you hire a comedian from our impressive roster.

Our corporate entertainment guarantees clean comedy

The comedians, entertainers, and magician speakers on our team have one goal in mind: to give you a great time! Our core values include delighting your people with no profanity, no politics, and no prejudice.

We’ve said it before, but it doesn’t have to be dirty to be funny. That’s something we have always stood by.

We’ve been around for over twenty years

We can hardly believe we’ve been around for the past two decades! But we have.

Trust Clean Comedians® we have been in business for twenty years

Since 1990, our team has committed to helping clients secure speakers and entertainers. And all to keep their audiences laughing at every event.

We conduct a two-step review of every entertainer on our roster

Even though we’re comedians, our main goal is to support event planners. In doing so, we conduct a two-step review of all speakers and entertainers we recommend.

This not only ensures that they offer you a world-class comedy act on stage. But we also ensure that our comedians get to personalize the material based on your needs and all without offending anyone.

You can also hire our corporate comedians for your virtual events

We hope you didn’t think our corporate comedians were only available for in-person events. They’re also available for virtual comedy too!

In fact, during these past two years, we’ve perfected how to be the best virtual comedian. So folks can be laughing no matter where they are.

Final thoughts

You might not have thought to go with a comedian for your next corporate event. But hopefully, we’ve inspired you to take a look at the wonderful entertainers we have to offer.

We just know your event will be enhanced by their dazzling wits. So go ahead and make it a night to remember!

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Adam Christing is a professional comedy magician, virtual MC, and the founder of CleanComedians.com. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and a popular corporate entertainer, magician, and virtual speaker.