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Clean Comedians®' comedy magician acts will give your corporate events a magic show you'll never forget. Our funny magicians and their amazing magic tricks will surely make history at your event as they dazzle audiences with their talent and infuse laughter into the crowd.
Unlike most magicians, our top comedy magicians don't rely on making jokes at the expense of others. Instead, we believe that the king element of comedy relies on fun - no profanity, no politics, and no prejudice.
So you can give your guests the fabulous treat of illusions and hilarious performance with our brilliant line up of some of the funniest magicians you can find around the world. And what's better?
No need to sweat it under the Las Vegas sun or visit The Magic Castle in Hollywood just to see Penn & Teller, Tommy Cooper, Mac King Comedy Magic, or the Amazing Johnathan. Instead, our virtual comedy magician acts can travel anywhere across America, no matter the location to perform.
Your special events venues will get a kick out of the humor each performer brings to the room - whether the stage is virtual or not. Because we don't let location get in the way of performing a magic trick or two for your event.
When you hire a funny magician from Clean Comedians®, your events are guaranteed laughs and clean fun. No need to make offensive jokes while performing just to be funny.
Our comedy is all about making for an incredible evening where everyone feels lucky to be included. No need to draw out half the evening with crude magic or humor that you'd otherwise see on television.
Instead, we can offer you the best magician or comedian who knows how to bring the life to the party, all while performing with everyone's best interests in mind. They'll entertain, fool, and wow your audiences, keeping them laughing as if they were in comedy clubs watching straight stand up.
So even if you don't think comedy magic is for you, allow our comedy magic acts to change your mind. You may think you've seen every magician in the world, but just wait until you see one of our acts star at your event.
Our vast catalogue of performers ensures that your select dates won't need to be compromised. And you may even find yourself a star magician you'll want to invite back for future events.
So why choose Clean Comedians®? Because we can guarantee they'll bring the laughter.
Browse through our stellar line up of Adam Christing, Dana Daniels, Pete McLeod, Aaron O'Brien, and Robert Strong for more information on each of their bios.
And instead of looking into the Las Vegas Review Journal for our credits, just ask the hundreds of guests we've already entertained. We're here to make your next corporate event one that no one will want to end.
So show your guests a grand time and keep them laughing all night long with our comedy magicians. You won't believe your eyes at the tricks these magicians come up with - mostly because you'll be wiping tears from them!

Our team is here to help make your event a huge success. Whether you need to hire a comedian, corporate entertainer, or comedy magician, Clean Comedians® can accommodate your request. Browse through our professional comedy magicians below and their bios to get a feel for how they can dazzle your audience. You may also want to view their videos and testimonials.

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Adam Christing

Author | Speaker | Master of Ceremonies

Dana Daniels

Entertainer | Speaker

Pete McLeod

Magic, Music & Merriment

Robert Strong

Comedy Magician

Aaron O'Brien

Live & Visual Entertainer, "Inspiring Magic"

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