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6 Benefits Of Celebration In The Workplace

Workplace Celebration

Whether we like it or not, our workplace is where we spend a lot of our time and effort. And when we genuinely enjoy our workplace, it becomes much easier to appreciate coming to work each day. Key Takeaways Celebrations promote employee recognition, which is the lifeblood of any organization. A workplace event is the … Read more

6 Reasons Why Soft Skills Are Essential For Your Career

Why Are Soft Skills Important In The Workplace

The term “soft skills” is frequently thrown around in our professional lives. Our careers are often determined by our soft skills and how we apply them in our work. Key Takeaways Soft skills are necessary for becoming emotionally intelligent Our technical skills can improve with good soft skills We become more receptive to feedback and … Read more

Teamwork vs. Collaboration: What’s The Difference?

How Is Collaboration Different From Teamwork

Teamwork and collaboration. You’ve heard these terms used before. Probably interchangeably, in fact. Key Takeaways Teamwork often refers to good communication skills, cooperative effort, and coordination between team leaders and team members Successful collaboration refers to the invention of new ideas, diversity of strengths, and the ability to improvise within collaborative settings Collaborative teamwork combines … Read more

9 Simple Ways To Express Your Gratitude At Work

How To Show Gratitude At Work

Creating a healthy and happy workplace requires many things. And perhaps the most vital is taking the time to show gratitude in the workplace. Easily Express Gratitude By… Saying (or writing) “thank you“ Hosting a fun and engaging company event Making a company gratitude board or wall Encouraging a healthy work-life balance Freely offer positive … Read more

6 Benefits Of Showing Gratitude At Work

Workplace Gratitude

Gratitude is one of those things where regular practice in our everyday lives can genuinely transform our mindset. Expressing gratitude can look like many things. But regardless, showing gratitude and appreciation towards your team can bring them countless benefits. Summary Gratitude acknowledges people rather than their talents Can boost mental health and happiness Helps build … Read more