4 Ways A Company Event Can Prevent Burnout Among Employees


Burnout Prevention Strategies

62% of workers in North America have reported feeling high levels of stress and extreme fatigue. And many studies have even linked workplace burnout to things like anxiety, sleep disturbances, and even increased alcohol and drug use.

Key Takeaways

  1. A company event can give workers some much-deserved recovery time
  2. It’s a great way to teach your employees the power of self-care
  3. It’s perhaps the best way to reduce stress
  4. Company events can help foster positive relationships

Luckily, there are a few surefire ways out there to combat burnout in the workplace. In fact, by hosting a company event, you can finally give your employees the much-needed break they deserve!

Keep reading, and we’ll go over four ways that an event can help prevent burnout among your workers.

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#1. Your Employees Get Some Much-Needed Recovery Time

Burnout can be one of the most terrible things to deal with as a modern-day worker.

People often spend a great chunk of their lives and a vast amount of energy in the workplace. And it’s probable that, over time, that weight starts to take its toll.

If you’re unsure about what exactly burnout is, we’ll lay it out for you.

Burnout is a type of complete exhaustion that workers can feel after prolonged stress or overwork.

It can have physical, mental, and emotional effects on a person that can end up being terribly detrimental to one’s health. When it comes down to it, burnout is no joke, and it’s important to find ways to fight it!

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The Effects Of Emotional Exhaustion

Burnout isn’t just about a bit of extra pressure that can be tough to handle. It can end up ruining someone’s health if not taken care of in the right way!

The emotional exhaustion that comes from burnout can be caused by many different things. Each person is unique, so the effects that their work life can have on them may be different.

Often, burnout is caused by things like overwork, lack of workplace support, and even role ambiguity.

The Responsibility Of Improving Employee Well-Being

Regardless of what causes it, it’s up to workplace leaders like you to find ways to effectively ease the pressure and strain that your workers might be feeling.

Some managers may find that things like an extra day off or encouraging flexible work schedules can help give employees that much-needed break from work.

But there’s another way that is much more fun and beneficial in the long run!

The Power Of A Company Event

If you truly want to prevent burnout in the workplace, a great place to start is by hosting a company event.

The key to reducing burnout in the workplace is to prevent it from ever reaching critical levels. And a fun, engaging company event can provide many benefits for your team while effectively reducing anxiety and strain in the office.

Giving Your Team Some Much-Needed Recovery

For starters, a company event can provide your team with that much-needed recovery time. Recovery time is critical when it comes to reducing stress and preventing burnout, as it allows workers to take a break.

Just don’t confuse productivity with overwork.

If you truly want to prevent burnout, you need to offer plenty of recovery time for your team!

And what better way to recover than at a fun company event? Your company event (if planned right!) can allow your team to let their hair down while engaging in fun activities.

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The Key To The Perfect Company Event

All you need is the perfect company event for your team to truly thrive!

With Clean Comedians®, you can truly encourage your team to feel their best and recover after all their hard work. Our speakers and corporate entertainers are experienced in entertaining a professional crowd and know exactly how to use humor to provide the relief they deserve.

Plus, we use no profanity, no politics, and no prejudice in our acts so that we can maintain a comfortable and inclusive environment for all of the guests involved. 

It’s truly the best way for your team to recover!

#2. It Helps Teach The Value Of Self-Care

When it comes to preventing burnout, many people recommend some form of self-care.

Since burnout can have disastrous effects on emotional and physical health, it’s important to find ways to replenish your energy. Self-care is a great way to improve your mood and prioritize your own health.

Things like good sleep habits, physical activity, and a well-rounded diet are must-haves for both preventing burnout and enjoying a healthy life. But there are many other ways for your team to indulge in the power of self-care.

For starters, enjoying hobbies outside of work is a fantastic way for your team to practice self-care.

Another great way is by partaking in a company event!

Self-Care Through Corporate Entertainment

A company event is one of the best ways to entertain your employees. And indulging in hilarious and comedic entertainment is a fantastic way to practice self-care and prevent burnout!

When most people go home after a long day at work, the first thing they want to do is turn on the TV or play video games, sit down, and relax. A company event provides this same type of enjoyable entertainment but in an engaging and welcoming atmosphere.

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#3. It’s A Great Way To Relieve Stress

It’s no surprise that one of the biggest causes of burnout is stress. It’s often all around us, and it can be hard to run from.

Knowing how to properly manage and relieve stress is by far one of the most important ways to prevent and handle burnout!

Luckily, a company event can offer recovery time for your employees while prioritizing stress relief. And this is for many reasons.

The Best Way To Ease The Tension

Comedy and laughter can help ease the pressure and strain of the office in and of itself. Sometimes, all you need is great entertainment to feel that stress melt away.

But a company event can also help bring your team closer, thus reducing the feelings of loneliness that might be present in your workers. 

Burnout can often take root in employees that feel alone or unsupported in the workplace, so it’s important to find a way to ensure your employees know they are part of a caring and supportive team.

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#4. A Company Event Can Help Foster Positive Relationships

As we said, burnout can be caused by many things. But one of the main reasons why it might start is due to workplace loneliness.

As humans, we are social creatures. And the workplace is often the primary location where you can meet new, like-minded individuals.

Whenever these foundational social interactions are missing, it can cause things like tension and burnout to skyrocket. Positive relationships are what keep your workers afloat and can even help instill a genuine sense of purpose in their work.

How To Improve Workplace Relationships

By spending time with their coworkers at a company event, your employees will be able to spend some valuable time growing closer to others. Whether it spawns new friendships or just simple acquaintances, it’s an important step in preventing burnout.

Things like positive interactions and cultivating workplace community are essential in creating a healthy and happy workplace. It’s the foundation of a strong work culture, and no company can thrive without it.

An inclusive environment is where it all starts.

And with a clean comedian at your upcoming event, you’ll be able to establish the perfect place for your team to start connecting!

Wrapping Up

The idea of employee burnout isn’t just a myth. It is a real challenge in the workplace that can pose some serious issues for your team if not handed in the right way.

By hosting a company event, you can effectively relieve tension and prevent burnout in a fun and engaging way. A company event can offer countless benefits that can be hard to come by.

When it comes down to it, it’s a must-have for keeping your employees happy and healthy!

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