Humor and Event Tips for Meeting Planners

meet the zoom meeting master virtual aaron obrien

Meet “The Zoom Master” – Aaron O’Brien!

By Adam Christing | December 2, 2020

MEET “THE ZOOM MASTER” In this eye-opening interview you will learn how to encourage participation in virtual meetings, how to make yourself look (and sound) good online, and how to make your next Zoom meeting way more effective. There is a treasure chest of virtual tips, wisdom, and experience here. If you are in charge … Read more

Ways to break the ice at team meetings

7 Ways To Break The Ice At Team Meetings

By Adam Christing | November 25, 2020

Starting out a meeting with an ice breaker is a great way to shake things up during the workday.  People easily become bored by stand up sessions where everyone just lists off their tasks for the week, or one person drones on and on until everyone begins to picture that scene where Ben Stein is … Read more

how to fight virtual meeting fatique

How To Fight Virtual Meeting Fatigue

By Adam Christing | November 20, 2020

Another day, another meeting, and sometimes several in a row. Even if in-person meetings were never your cup of tea, at least there was the slight chance of finding a decent snack spread or maybe some donuts. What used to be a little break from being chained to your desk, when you could walk down … Read more

5 Ways To Effectively Lead Virtual Team Meetings

5 Ways To Effectively Lead Virtual Team Meetings

By Adam Christing | November 12, 2020

At this point in the year of endless crisis and curveballs, most of us have managed to establish some regularity in our routines. We clock in at our new office space, whether that be the kitchen table or a makeshift cubicle in the corner of the room, and get down to business. We hop on … Read more

hire a virtual magician

Hire A Virtual Magician: 11 Ways a Virtual Magician Can Make Your Meeting Magical

By Adam Christing | November 5, 2020

…And 11 Tips for Working with the Best Virtual Magicians  ABRACADABRA! “ABRACADABRA” is the most famous of all magic words. Some language experts believe the word goes back to ancient Hebrew and means: “I will create as I speak.” If you want to create a memorable virtual event for your team, consider hiring a virtual … Read more

how to listen to clean comedy

5 Ways You Can Listen To Clean Comedy in 2020

By Adam Christing | October 28, 2020

People can always use a pick-me-up, even in normal times when things are not as weirdly World War Z adjacent. These days we’ve got to do whatever we can to stay sane and make time for moments of light and levity, even if that means escaping with the best clean comedy we can find! When … Read more