Humor and Event Tips for Meeting Planners

How to Be a Great Event Planner

By Adam Christing | May 23, 2019

Or, How to Plan a Successful Event in Ten Simple Steps Corporate event planning has a lot of moving parts to keep track of. From defining the purpose of your event to picking the perfect host, these ten simple questions are a great way to focus your efforts so that your event can be a … Read more

Corporate Entertainment Planning In 5 Steps

By Adam Christing | March 26, 2019

When planning for any corporate event, you need to make sure the best entertainment options are considered. Excellent corporate entertainers can make your event a great success, but if poor it can potentially ruin your business opportunities. Taking the right steps in the planning process is key to achieving the desired goals. The following 5 steps if … Read more

Corporate Entertainers and Speakers to Make You Look Good

By Adam Christing | March 26, 2019

Clean Comedians® provides world-class comedians, motivational speakers, MCs, comedy magicians and entertainers to the largest and most exclusive corporate events across the globe. WE WILL MAKE YOUR KICK-OFF PROGRAMS * ANNUAL DINNER MEETINGS * AWARD SHOWS * HOLIDAY EVENTS * PRODUCT LAUNCHES * A SUPER SUCCESS We represent corporate comedians that will delight everyone in your audience without offending or … Read more

5 Reasons Why Corporate Entertainment Is Important At Your Next Event

By Adam Christing | March 24, 2019

While there’s no magic formula for organizing the perfect corporate event, there are a few nearly sure-fire ways to spice up any gathering. Hiring a professional entertainer like a comedian or an illusionist can be the difference between a stellar event and a humdrum affair. In fact, corporate entertainment confers more benefits than most realize. … Read more

5 Steps To Create A Successful Speech

By Adam Christing | March 24, 2019

Next time you need to create a POWERFUL presentation, use this simple 5 Step sequence: 1. POW! Grab your audience right off the bat. Get their attention with a joke, a story, or a startling statement. 2. PAIN Make sure you let them know why this talk is crucial for them to hear. Why do they need … Read more

Greg Bennick: Keynote Entertainer and Juggler

By Adam Christing | March 24, 2019

Corporate Mentalists A corporate mentalist is a mind-baffling entertainer who is bound to give an exceptional show for any audience whatsoever. In general terms, he is a person who performs mental and intuitive acts that revolve around, telepathy, mind control, divination and many more. A mentalist may have his ties to magic but generally, his … Read more