Humor and Event Tips for Meeting Planners

Why Are Interpersonal Skills Important In The Workplace

Why Are Interpersonal Skills Important In The Workplace?

By Adam Christing | June 27, 2022

We all know that one person who knows how to charm a room. You know, they walk in and immediately strike up a conversation with anyone in view. And they make it look as easy as breathing. Odds are, they’re equipped with some good interpersonal skills, or people skills, if you will. And you can … Read more

How To Become A Magician

How To Become A Magician

By Adam Christing | June 15, 2022

Admit it. The best kids’ birthday parties always had a professional magician. They’d dazzle you with their magic skills, gather you in a magic circle, and bam! You were completely enamored by their different tricks and gimmicks. But budding magicians need not worry that their career path only includes kids parties. So why don’t you … Read more

How To Hire A Magician Corporate Events

How To Hire A Magician For Your Corporate Events

By Adam Christing | May 30, 2022

Getting the right corporate magician in front of your corporate clients is the best way to keep people talking. After all, how many corporate events have you attended that included a stage magician armed with some amazing tricks? Past clients of ours can attest to the absolute joy that accompanies hiring a magician for an … Read more

How To Host A Virtual Lunch

How To Host A Virtual Lunch

By Adam Christing | May 25, 2022

With remote employees, it’s a little bit harder to get in some team bonding in the break room. Namely because there isn’t a physical break room that you share! But a virtual lunch is the perfect way to foster team building amongst your team. And have a crash course in whatever topic your group decides … Read more

Corporate Event Entertainment

How To Create Embarrassment-Free Entertainment For Your Corporate Event

By Adam Christing | May 11, 2022

Finding the right corporate event entertainment can feel like an uphill battle. You’re trying to please every single one of your guests. All without going over your event budget. While trying to give everyone a fun party to enjoy all night long. That’s a tall order. But luckily, we’ve got some corporate event entertainment ideas … Read more

What Are The Benefits Of Effective Communication In The Workplace

What Are The Benefits Of Effective Communication In The Workplace?

By Adam Christing | May 9, 2022

Workplace communication can be many things. It can be friendly, effective communication that leads to a fruitful outcome of business success. Or it can be poor communication that leaves the potential for better relationships in the workplace at home. It’s obviously clear to see which option is the more favorable one. But good communication isn’t … Read more

Adam Christing Featured In The Meeting Magazines: Corporate & Incentive Travel

By Cliff Sarcona | May 6, 2022

Corporate & Incentive Travel is a monthly magazine produced by The Meeting Magazines that focuses on “the special needs of the corporate meeting and incentive travel planner professional.” Their latest blog on how to engage and entertain virtual attendees features none other than Adam Christing, chief entertainment officer of Clean Comedians® who is quoted as saying, “I don’t … Read more

Clean Comedians® Featured On Business RadioX Podcast

By Cliff Sarcona | May 6, 2022

Intro: Broadcasting live from the Business RadioX studios in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s time for high velocity radio. Lee Kantor: Lee Kantor here, another episode of High Velocity Radio, and this is going to be a fun one. Today on the show, we have Adam Christing with Clean Comedians®. Welcome, Adam. Adam Christing: Hey. Great to … Read more

How To Develop Leadership Skills In Employees

How To Develop Leadership Skills In Employees

By Adam Christing | May 4, 2022

Developing leadership skills is an important part of anyone’s career. Not to mention the integral role it plays in a company’s success. So if you’re wondering how to develop leadership skills in your employees, look no further. Because we have the top tips that will help you institute leadership skills development in your company office … Read more

How Can Public Speaking Help You

How Can Public Speaking Help You?

By Adam Christing | April 27, 2022

If you can’t tell, at Clean Comedians®, we’re big fans of public speaking. Not just because it allows us to meet other people. But because it helps us achieve both personal and professional success. Our work at your corporate events is like the icing on the cake. And that’s why we want to share the … Read more

What Does An Emcee Do

What Does An Emcee Do?

By Adam Christing | April 20, 2022

Your entire event is just around the corner – in fact, in the next few weeks! And you were smart enough to hire an emcee, right? … Right? Okay, maybe you need a little convincing that a good MC is your key to a successful event. Because you might know all the pizzazz of a … Read more

How To Host A Virtual Award Ceremony

How To Host A Virtual Award Ceremony

By Adam Christing | April 13, 2022

At one point or another, we all thought that the typical awards ceremony was supposed to look like the Oscars. Okay, maybe not this Oscars. But an award ceremony nowadays can look like anything you want it to be. Including a virtual awards ceremony! That being said, you might not be sure what exactly a … Read more

chris rock will smith slap oscars clean comedians

New Take on Chris Rock & Will Smith: “Humor Doesn’t Have to be Harmful” says Comedy Veteran

By Adam Christing | April 7, 2022

“For years now, American comedians have confused comedy with being cruel or crass, but our history proves that humor can be playful instead of poisonous.” ORANGE COUNTY, CA , USA , April 6, 2022 — In the wake of the Oscars incident involving Will Smith and Chris Rock, one veteran of the comedy industry says … Read more

What Are The 4 Types Of Corporate Culture

What Are The 4 Types Of Corporate Culture?

By Adam Christing | April 6, 2022

The traditional corporate structure isn’t what it used to be. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Nowadays, company culture can range from collaborative culture to control culture. From a horizontal leadership structure to a compensation structure. Either way, corporate cultures are here to establish core values and challenge or maintain the status quo. So, … Read more

Mental Health Humor

How Does Humor Help With Mental Health?

By Adam Christing | April 4, 2022

There’s nothing like a good laugh. You could be having a horrible day, but as soon as you hear a good joke, it’s as if all of your stress hormones seem to float away. Turns out, there are actually quite a few therapeutic benefits to humor and laughter. So that feeling of stress drifting off … Read more

How To Talk About Company Culture

How To Talk About Company Culture

By Adam Christing | March 30, 2022

Talking about company culture can feel a little bit like talking about the wind. You can’t necessarily see it, but you can feel it. And sometimes, it can be even more difficult to describe company culture. Especially when you’re trying to determine whether it’s a toxic workplace or simply a work environment in need of … Read more

What Are The Benefits Of Public Speaking

What Are The Benefits Of Public Speaking?

By Adam Christing | March 23, 2022

Does the term “public speaking” immediately make your palms start to sweat? Your pulse start to accelerate? Your stomach drop? Your armpits itchy? And more? Then this post is for you. Public speaking can seem like a scary thing. But we’re here to shed a light on how public speaking skills can not only help … Read more

What Is A Meeting Planner

What Is A Meeting Planner?

By Adam Christing | March 21, 2022

Project management. It’s something you probably do on a daily basis. Whether it’s figuring out what household projects you can get to over the weekend. Or what deadlines you need to meet at work. But perhaps those who take project management to a whole other level are none other than meeting planners. Have you ever … Read more

How To Involve Your Attendees At Corporate Events

How To Involve Your Attendees At Corporate Events

By Adam Christing | March 16, 2022

Have you ever attended one of those classic sing alongs? Maybe it was The Sound of Music where you saw people dressed up as a chorus of Maria’s. Or maybe it was The Rocky Horror Picture Show where you saw everyone dance and sing their heart out to songs they’ve memorized the lyrics to like … Read more

Why Having An Entertaining Speaker Is Mutually Beneficial To Your Company Event

Why Having An Entertaining Speaker Is Mutually Beneficial To Your Company Event

By Adam Christing | March 14, 2022

Have you been racking your brain for a great idea to accompany your upcoming event? But you just keep coming up short? We get it. Between event planners and new clients, it can be difficult to come up with something that will set your organization apart from the rest. But worry not! We happen to … Read more

14 Ways Entertainment Can Empower Your Group At Your Next Virtual Event

14 Ways Entertainment Can Empower Your Group At Your Next Virtual Event

By Adam Christing | March 9, 2022

Virtual event ideas can sometimes feel like a burden to come up with. After all, there’s a reason why event planners exist in the first place! But if you’re second-guessing whether virtual event ideas are, in fact, a good use of your time, allow us to convince you once and for all. Seriously. Online events … Read more

How To Emcee An Event

How To Emcee An Event

By Adam Christing | March 7, 2022

If you’ve ever seen an emcee work, you’ll know that event emceeing is an art form. A good emcee means having ultimate control over event proceedings. But a great emcee means making for such a magical experience, audience members will ask for your business card after. And a poor emcee, well, we’ve all experienced that … Read more

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Skip Entertainment At Your Virtual Event

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Entertainment At Your Virtual Event

By Adam Christing | March 2, 2022

Do any of these questions sound vaguely familiar to you? Like the ones you lie in bed awake thinking about at 2am? When are in-person events coming back? And in the meantime, how do I make my virtual event amazing? Who comes up with virtual event ideas? And what new ideas will keep virtual attendees … Read more

What Are The Different Types Of Humor

What Are The Different Types Of Humor?

By Adam Christing | February 28, 2022

No two stand up comedians offer the same thing. That is unless one of them is unabashedly trying to copy the other. (Which, by the way, is a huge no-no in the comedy community.) But when it comes to the various different humor styles, there are plenty to choose from. Your sense of humor may … Read more

20 Ways To Engage Your Virtual Gathering

20 Ways To Engage Your Virtual Gathering

By Adam Christing | February 23, 2022

So you’re trying to get the entire team engaged. But you don’t know how to increase engagement? Yeah, we’ve heard that one before. Team engagement is one of those things that people think is hard to achieve. So they end up giving up altogether. But with these virtual event ideas, you’ll have the remote team … Read more

How To Host A Virtual Networking Event

How To Host A Virtual Networking Event

By Adam Christing | February 21, 2022

You’re a people person. It’s okay to admit it! Some people liken people-people to golden retrievers – you know, always ready to have some fun. When really, it’s just your extroverted qualities that make virtual networking events your favorite cup of tea. Or favorite ice cream flavor. Whichever one floats your boat! If you can’t … Read more

Family Friendly Comedy

8 Funny Stand-Up Comedians To Watch With The Whole Family

By Adam Christing | February 17, 2022

Need some recommendations for stand-up comedians and other corporate entertainers you can watch with the whole family? Then you’ve come to the right place! Below, you’ll find our favorite family-friendly comedians that the entire family can enjoy. From goofy voices to spot-on character work, these comedians portray the textbook definition of “family-friendly comedy.” See Related: Why … Read more

15 Reasons To Hire A Pro MC Rather Than Keeping It In House

15 Reasons To Hire A Pro MC Rather Than Keeping It In House

By Adam Christing | February 16, 2022

So you’ve got a particular project coming up. And you’re debating whether or not to rely on in house hires or choosing a professional MC for your big event. Well, there are a lot of pros and cons to each. But forgive us if we come across as a little biased. We’re not telling you … Read more

What Is Observational Humor

What Is Observational Humor?

By Adam Christing | February 14, 2022

Ah, everyday life. A jumble of mundane experiences all stacked into one. Where political rants exist in the same space as social and political science. Or something like that. Our point is this: observational comedy is everywhere we look. It is everyday life. And then it gets condensed into a comedy act with disguised commentaries … Read more

25 Mistakes To Avoid When It Comes To Hiring A Virtual Emcee

25 Mistakes To Avoid When It Comes To Hiring A Virtual Emcee

By Adam Christing | February 9, 2022

Boo boo, an ouchie, an oopsie daisy. All of these have become colloquial terms that we express when we realize that we’ve made mistakes. And normally, mistakes aren’t necessarily bad to make. Because you can always learn from them going forward. But if you really want your virtual events to go off without a hitch, … Read more

How To Host A Corporate Comedy Event

How To Host A Corporate Comedy Event

By Adam Christing | February 7, 2022

We know we’re only into the second month of the New Year. But boy, doesn’t it feel time for a little bit of a break? Maybe you’ve got some corporate events lined up. But none are really geared towards having a fun night out. We’re not saying you don’t have good ideas. But what about … Read more

How An Entertaining Emcee Can Overcome Awkwardness At Virtual Events

How An Entertaining Emcee Can Overcome Awkwardness At Virtual Events

By Adam Christing | February 2, 2022

If you had a nickel for every awkward moment you’ve encountered on a Zoom call, we bet you’d be a millionaire by now. Don’t get us wrong. Virtual events are great! They allow remote teams to get to know their other team members. Even if they haven’t met in person. That’s pretty cool! But there’s … Read more

How To Make Your Corporate Event Venue Stand Out

How To Make Your Corporate Event Venue Stand Out

By Adam Christing | January 31, 2022

Every memorable experience starts with something eye-catching, right? Well, yes and no. You might have a swanky new venue website that you’re excited to show off. But once people try to log on, it doesn’t really function as well as it should. That’s the perfect example of style over substance. And you don’t want all … Read more

How To Transition From Live To Virtual

How To Transition From Live To Virtual

By Adam Christing | January 26, 2022

We could start this blog post out any number of ways. “So, your physical event got the boot?” or “Who needs an in-person event when you could have a successful virtual event?” But let’s face it. The only honest way for us to open this blog post is this: Okay, omicron, we get it. We … Read more

27 Entertainment Ideas For Your Virtual Events

27 Entertainment Ideas For Virtual Events

By Adam Christing | January 24, 2022

Virtual events have become as common as tea time. Well, that is, if you’re in London. And if you’re an American who dreams that they were in London, that’s easier than ever with virtual events. But we’re getting a little off track here. (Can you tell we’re not ready to come back from vacation?) In-person … Read more

What Are The Different Types Of Corporate Events

What Are The Different Types Of Corporate Events?

By Adam Christing | January 19, 2022

Have you ever seen a Russian nesting doll? They’re essentially a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other. Well, consider the term “corporate event” to be the biggest doll. And the types of corporate events to be the smaller dolls nested inside. Okay, yes, we could have gone with the … Read more

How To Become A Meeting Planner

How To Become A Meeting Planner

By Adam Christing | January 17, 2022

You love hosting dinner parties. You’ve been labeled as a Type A personality by your friends. Managing other peoples’ business is basically your second form of oxygen. You must be a meeting planner. Okay, no, that’s an incredibly narrow way of thinking about the events industry and you, of course. But for real. Have you … Read more

How To Build Strong Relationships With Clients

How To Build Strong Relationships With Clients

By Adam Christing | January 10, 2022

We’ve all been on the receiving end of a phone call from an unhappy client. And let’s be honest. Those are just miserable to have to get through. You might think to yourself that that’s just one new client who didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. But have you ever considered that those … Read more

How To Boost Employee Morale And Motivation

How To Boost Employee Morale And Motivation

By Adam Christing | January 5, 2022

When was the last time you woke up excited for work? Maybe it was somebody’s birthday so you could count on a slice of cake in the afternoon. Or maybe, you were genuinely excited to get into the workplace simply because you love the workplace culture your company has cultivated. If that sounds like a … Read more

Ideas For Your Next Virtual Gala

Ideas For Your Next Virtual Gala

By Adam Christing | January 3, 2022

It’s our first official post of the new year! Happy 2022! Woohoo! (Don’t ask us where all of energy is coming from. You can guarantee that the holiday season has surely wiped us out too.) But, because we’re the strong and capable individuals that we are, we’re not letting the holiday letdown get the best … Read more

Best Tips For Event Planners

Best Tips For Event Planners

By Adam Christing | December 29, 2021

Event planning is no walk in the park. After all, have you ever seen an event planner taking a walk in the park? No! That’s because they’re too busy event planning and making sure that anything and everything goes according to plan! With such a high stakes and high-stress task at hand, event planners need … Read more

What Is A Gala Event

What Is A Gala Event?

By Adam Christing | December 22, 2021

If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that sweatpants are so comfortable they should be considered appropriate out-of-the-house wear. That being said, getting dressed up every now and then is also very fun. And where better to change up your dress code than at black tie events? It’s the end of the … Read more

Virtual Sales Kickoff Ideas

Virtual Sales Kickoff Ideas

By Adam Christing | December 20, 2021

You may think, “Ah, December! The time to ski!” But if you’re a business professional on a sales team with their eye on the ball, you’re probably thinking, “Ah, December! Looks about time to SKO!” If you don’t get that reference, you probably aren’t familiar with sales kickoffs. Or that joke just wasn’t particularly good … Read more

How To Organize A Fundraiser

How To Organize A Fundraiser

By Adam Christing | December 15, 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas just brings out the giving spirit and what could be better for your year-end fundraising than that? But odds are, you’re having to make your own Christmas lists and check them twice. So organizing the fundraising events at your company might not be at the very … Read more

What's The Best Virtual Gala Platform

What’s The Best Virtual Gala Platform?

By Adam Christing | December 13, 2021

Remember when you were little and you dreamed of going to a ball? Admit it, every kid has had that fantasy at some point or another. Then you grew up and went to an in-person gala, giving you a glimpse of those childhood dreams come true. With the virtual world nowadays though, it’s not uncommon … Read more

What Is A Sales Kickoff

What Is A Sales Kickoff?

By Adam Christing | December 8, 2021

Welcome to December! (Yeah, we’re really that close to 2022.) And with the upcoming year so quickly dawning on us, it’s about that time when sales teams start to kick things into high gear. Once you put the wrapping paper away, January comes around to welcome you back to the office. And the company strategy … Read more

How To Host A Virtual Gala

How To Host A Virtual Gala

By Adam Christing | December 6, 2021

Remember when in-person events were the norm and virtual events felt so distant and far away? Us neither! Though it’s only been almost two years of virtual events and their uptake, it feels like they’ve been around forever. And for good reason too! They offer plenty of benefits whether you’re looking to increase your fundraising … Read more

Holiday Comedy Movies To Watch This Season

Holiday Comedy Movies To Watch This Season

By Adam Christing | December 1, 2021

Alright! We’re changing things up around here. That’s right. We’re not going to start this blog post off with a cutesy little saying about how the holiday spirit makes us feel like jingle bells inside (even though it does.) Nah. We’re going to try something a little different. Instead, we’re going to start this article … Read more

How Do I Hire Entertainment For My Company Holiday Party

How Do I Hire Entertainment For My Company Holiday Party?

By Adam Christing | November 29, 2021

Has this question been keeping you up at night? No matter how much NyQuil you guzzle down at 2am? Well, no company holiday party should be something to have an upset stomach about. Even if you do have the best of intentions like giving your co-workers the warm fuzzy holiday season feels. At Clean Comedians®, … Read more

Virtual Holiday Entertainment For People Who Are Sick Of Planning

Virtual Holiday Entertainment For People Who Are Sick of Planning

By Adam Christing | November 24, 2021

Every year when the holiday season comes around, different feelings start to bubble up. Of course, we want only those happy and excited feelings to take the center stage. But more often than not, anxiety and trepidation start to creep in at the edges. And that’s because planning a holiday party is hard – especially … Read more

Icebreakers For Your Virtual Holiday Party

Icebreakers For Your Virtual Holiday Party

By Adam Christing | November 22, 2021

In your mind’s eye, your virtual holiday party is absolutely perfect. Everyone is having a great time, getting into the holiday spirit. And team members even share a Christmas story or two, without being prompted. Just simply picking up cues from the video call to make for the best virtual holiday party ever. Well, we … Read more

How To Host A Virtual Holiday Party

How To Host A Virtual Holiday Party

By Adam Christing | November 17, 2021

The holiday season is finally among us! That means pumpkin-spiced everything, ugly sweater-weather party themes, and Zoom holiday parties. Since virtual holiday parties are becoming all the rage, you’re probably having to come up with some virtual holiday party ideas. And that’s likely taking up a lot of your holiday party energy, not to mention … Read more

Virtual Holiday Team Building Activities

Virtual Holiday Team Building Activities

By Adam Christing | November 15, 2021

By this point in the year, you’re probably ready to put on some cozy socks and read a good book by the fireplace. And we can’t blame you! But while that much-needed reprieve is just an arm’s length away, we’re here to remind you that a little R&R can also include some productivity too. No, … Read more

Virtual Holiday Party Ideas For Work

Virtual Holiday Party Ideas For Work

By Adam Christing | November 10, 2021

There’s a chill in the air and the faint sound of jingle bells in the distance. That can only mean one thing… No, not Christmas in July. Actual Christmas. Yes, despite popular belief, we are indeed in November now (crazy, we know). And this means that the holiday party ideas for your office are about … Read more

What Is Stand Up Comedy

What Is Stand Up Comedy?

By Adam Christing | November 8, 2021

Robin Williams, Dave Chappelle, Jerry Seinfeld. The names of each of these stand up comedians is sure to send shivers down your spine from the adrenaline rush comedy brings to us all. Stand-up comedy has become a more popular form of comedy as of late. So it seems like everyone ought to know what stand-up … Read more

What Are Team Building Skills

What Are Team Building Skills?

By Adam Christing | November 1, 2021

When you hear the term “team building,” what comes to mind? A pep rally cheer like “Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate”? Yeah, us too. But team building is much more than just a catchy cheer that brings back memories of your high school gymnasium. It’s the glue that makes for strong group … Read more

How To Get Into Stand Up Comedy

How To Get Into Stand-Up Comedy

By Adam Christing | October 20, 2021

A great joke can do some amazing things. It can get a whole room of strangers to laugh together. It can land you some new friends. And it can even earn you the title of resident stand up comedian amongst your friend group. But one good joke isn’t all that makes up a stand up … Read more

How To Build Relationships With Employees

How To Build Relationships With Employees

By Adam Christing | October 18, 2021

There are plenty of answers to the age-old question, “What makes the world go ’round?” Cynics say money, literalists say momentum. But when you look at the very core of our lives, it’s clear to see. What makes the world go ’round is strong relationships. That’s right. Personal relationships, work relationships, even your relationship with … Read more

How to measure employee satisfaction

How To Measure Employee Satisfaction

By Adam Christing | October 13, 2021

When you think of your dream job, what comes to mind? Being able to work remotely anywhere in the world? Or maybe being able to travel for your work and explore new cultures? Okay, maybe your dreams are even more simple than that. How about being able to show up to work and clock out … Read more

What is workplace productivity

What Is Work Productivity?

By Adam Christing | October 6, 2021

We all know what it means to be productive, right? You manage to get all of those smaller tasks done as well as those specific projects. And by the time you’ve finished, you feel pretty accomplished for having achieved everything you wanted to. Not to mention that labor productivity can also make you feel pretty … Read more

She Hired An Emcee From Clean Comedians® And Made Her Event A Hit!

Hire a Virtual Master of Ceremonies:
The Secret To Making Everyone Happy
At Your Next Virtual Event

By Adam Christing | October 3, 2021

How Meeting And Event Coordinators Entertain With Positive Humor When event coordinator Karen Armstrong was looking for something different for her awards program, the last thing she considered was hiring a master of ceremonies. She says, “We wanted a funny entertainer at our banquet, but I never want to offend our people with rude, crude … Read more

What is workplace communication

What Is Workplace Communication?

By Adam Christing | September 29, 2021

You’ve heard it a million times. The key to any successful relationship is (drum roll, please) communication! Married couples say this. Even lifelong friends say this. And it’s absolutely true. But it’s safe to say that there are several different types of communication that you engage with everyday. Unless you walk into the office yelling, … Read more

How does positive thinking affect your performance

How Does Positive Thinking Affect Your Performance?

By Adam Christing | September 27, 2021

It’s a known fact that when we do well in our work performance, we feel better about ourselves, right? I mean, a bad day at the office hardly leads to a positive attitude at home. But your happiness shouldn’t depend on whether you had a successful day at work or not. And what even is … Read more

How to successfully host a virtual event the ultimate guide

How To Successfully Host A Virtual Event: The Ultimate Guide

By Adam Christing | September 20, 2021

Well, it’s happening. In-person events are coming back! Talk about a long time coming. And even still more to go! But that’s not to say that virtual events are going away any time soon. In fact, the past eighteen months have reminded us of the value of technology. And the amazing capabilities a virtual event … Read more

What are the benefits of humor in the workplace

What Are The Benefits Of Humor In The Workplace?

By Greg Bennick | September 15, 2021

How does laughter increase productivity? Imagine that there are two tasks for you and your business colleagues to choose between. You’re going to devote your day to either one or the other of these tasks but you can’t choose both. In the first task, you’d be working on something serious. It will be something you … Read more

What are the social benefits of laughter

What Are The Social Benefits Of Laughter?

By Adam Christing | September 13, 2021

When was the last time you had a good belly laugh? You know, the kind where you could hardly catch your breath. Maybe you even drooled a little. What? Nobody here is judging. Odds are, plenty of folks would be jealous of you having had such a good laugh. That’s because laughter can induce positive … Read more

Why celebrating success is important for team building

Why Celebrating Success Is Important For Team Building

By Adam Christing | September 8, 2021

Are you the kind of person that thinks celebrating success is a little indulgent? After all, there’s still plenty of work left to do. So why waste more time celebrating wins rather than working towards the next goal? We certainly can’t argue that you lack motivation if this is your line of thinking. But maybe … Read more

What part of the brain processes humor

What Part Of The Brain Processes Humor?

By Adam Christing | September 6, 2021

Laughter is the best medicine. Or so they say. But have you ever wondered what that phrase actually means? Surely, laughter can’t treat the body like penicillin can. (I know where you think this is going. And no, this is not that kind of article). But plenty of studies have shown how a sense of … Read more

What to wear to a company holiday party

What To Wear To A Company Holiday Party

By Adam Christing | September 1, 2021

With the end of August comes the end of summer. And that might have meant something different to you when you were a kid. Maybe it meant summer camp was winding down. And school was just about to pick up in a couple of weeks. But as an adult, the end of summer can only … Read more

How to break into comedy writing

How To Break Into Comedy Writing

By Adam Christing | August 30, 2021

Making people laugh is like a superpower. No, seriously. Let’s say you hire out a professional comedian. You literally witness them turning a dark, tense room into one full of laughter. And all because of a couple of jokes. Comedy writers know this better than anyone. In fact, they’ve managed to make entire careers out of … Read more

How to make positive thinking a habit

How To Make Positive Thinking A Habit

By Adam Christing | August 25, 2021

Life is like a box of chocolates. Sometimes, you get that sweet juicy caramel morsel you’ve been searching for. But most likely, you’re left with some weird coconut almond marzipan stuff. Bleh! (No offense if coconut almond marzipan is your jam.) It’s easy to think that life is simply what we’re dealt. And we just … Read more

How to cost a charity event

How To Host A Charity Event

By Adam Christing | August 23, 2021

What makes your average 9 to 5 all the more worth it? Sure, the benefits are great. And the coworkers aren’t bad either. But what about those nights where you get to let your hair down and give back to your community? Oh, that’s right. Fundraising events! Fundraising events are a fantastic way of shaking … Read more

How positive thinking affects the brain

How Positive Thinking Affects The Brain

By Adam Christing | August 18, 2021

If you’re in a dark hole mentally, what’s the last thing you want to hear someone say to you. “Just think positive!” Most times, this sentiment can feel misguided. Especially in the face of mental health disorders like depression and anxiety. But, as much as you may not want to hear it, they’re still kind … Read more

How to improve communication skills in the workplace

How To Improve Communication Skills In The Workplace

By Adam Christing | August 16, 2021

Communication. You hear that term all the time. Maybe in relation to your friends, family, or loved ones. Or maybe in relation to the delivery guy you’re still waiting on to receive that one package. Cue internal monologue: Darn you, Bill! It went from Mississippi to California?! I’m in New York! Just communicate with me!! … Read more

How to get into comedy acting

How To Get Into Comedy Acting

By Adam Christing | August 11, 2021

There are a number of reasons why a person would want to get into stand-up comedy. I’m sure even you have a couple of different reasons for wanting to make a career as a comedian. Maybe you’ve always had a knack for making people laugh. Or, maybe, you just love the rush of standing up … Read more

Why Is Communication Important In The Workplace

Why Is Communication Important In The Workplace?

By Adam Christing | August 9, 2021

Have you ever had a job where workplace communication was poor? Or even non-existent? Employees may have spent their whole day on social media. Or, they might not have bothered to show up to work at all. After all, it’s exhausting showing up to the workplace with no clue of what’s going on. If this … Read more

What do people find funny

What Do People Find Funny?

By Adam Christing | August 4, 2021

It’s no secret that everyone has a different sense of humor. Some of your friends may be into dry humor. Your other friends might be more into slapstick. Maybe you’re the type with friends who love to engage with witty wordplay. Or perhaps you just love people who tell self-deprecating jokes. Suffice it to say … Read more

What is dry humor

What is Dry Humor?

By Adam Christing | July 28, 2021

You might just think that humor is just humor. Simply there to get a laugh, right? But did you know there are actually different types of humor? And not everybody finds the same things funny? Take slapstick for example. Somebody walks into a room, confident as ever. Then, they slip on a banana peel. Cue … Read more

How company culture shapes employee motivation

How Company Culture Shapes Employee Motivation

By Adam Christing | July 21, 2021

Do you remember going to your parents’ work as a kid? You entered the office and could immediately feel a shift in the atmosphere. The air may have felt tense on certain days. You know, the ones with deadlines or a performance review. But other times, the air felt lighter. Someone brought in donuts or … Read more

How to increase job satisfaction and improve employee engagement

How to Increase Job Satisfaction and Improve Employee Engagement

By Adam Christing | July 19, 2021

What’s the worst job you ever had? No, really. Try thinking about it. The absolute worst job that made you feel horrible and icky inside. Do you remember what it felt like to get up in the morning and go to work? And, maybe even more importantly, do you remember how you felt at the … Read more

Corporate entertainment 5 benefits

Corporate Entertainment – 5 Benefits It Can Offer Your Event

By Adam Christing | July 14, 2021

Have you ever been to a corporate event that relied solely on Powerpoint presentations? And called it one of their best corporate event entertainment ideas ever? If you have, allow us to formerly apologize to you. Because that’s not the kind of corporate entertainment we’re talking about. As a corporate entertainment agency, we understand that … Read more

Why is employee motivation important

Why is Employee Motivation Important?

By Adam Christing | July 12, 2021

Have you ever worked out with a personal trainer? Or attended a talk where the speaker was particularly inspiring? There’s a kind of high that accompanies either of those scenarios, isn’t there? You know, someone cheering you on and telling them they believe in you? It’s that feeling of wanting to be better and do … Read more

How to host a client appreciation event

How to Host a Client Appreciation Event

By Adam Christing | July 7, 2021

No company can exist without its clients. In fact, some might argue that clients are the very backbone of their business. So how can you make sure your clients feel appreciated and recognized? I’m not just talking about the nice “hello” when customers walk through the door. I’m not even talking about offering free candies … Read more

4 reasons you need to have a company event

4 Reasons You Need to Have a Company Event

By Adam Christing | July 5, 2021

Have you ever seen Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining? (Stick with me, I promise I have a point). Well, there’s a famous scene in which Jack Nicholson repeatedly types out a chilling message on his typewriter. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” While his character may be going crazy at that point, … Read more

How to do a successful virtual fundraiser

How to Do a Successful Virtual Fundraiser

By Adam Christing | June 30, 2021

If you work in the world of nonprofits, you’re likely familiar with the world of fundraisers too. Well, that, and a manner of ways to combat crises on a daily basis! But with the pandemic making in-person gatherings once near-impossible, hosting virtual fundraising events have become more popular than ever. In fact, it’s likely that … Read more

How to measure employee morale

How to Measure Employee Morale

By Adam Christing | June 28, 2021

Every company wants to be successful. But what is the magic ingredient that everyone is looking for? Is it a prosperous sales kickoff? Is it adequate customer satisfaction? Not quite. Try turning in the other direction. That’s right. The magic of every company lies in its employee morale and job satisfaction. When employee morale is … Read more

What are dad jokes

What are Dad Jokes?

By Adam Christing | June 23, 2021

Ah, the dad joke. The perfect amount of humor for any age. Some have argued that dad jokes are not necessarily funny. But no one can resist the punny charm a dad joke has to offer. If you’re not familiar with a dad joke, here’s a little breakdown for you. They are corny. They are … Read more

Corporate team event ideas to build relationships

Corporate Team Event Ideas to Build Relationships

By Adam Christing | June 21, 2021

If you really think about it, your day is split up into thirds. You spent eight hours at work, eight hours at home, then (hopefully) eight hours sleeping. You might never have looked at your time like this. But doesn’t this prove that your corporate team members are a pretty substantial part of your life? … Read more

How to make meetings fun

How to Make Meetings Fun

By Adam Christing | June 16, 2021

Meetings. You either love them or you hate them. You know that a meeting is important for deploying valuable information. But do they have to be so utterly boring? You’re probably thinking, “Well, it’s work! It’s not entertainment.” And you would be right in thinking that. But a meeting is still a time for company … Read more

How to plan a successful product launch event

How to Plan a Successful Product Launch Event

By Adam Christing | June 9, 2021

You’ve been sitting on a project for quite a while now. And you’re quite excited to launch it into the world. But planning a successful product launch event can seem somewhat daunting. This event needs hype. You need to get others just as excited about the product as you are. We’re talking investors, customers, and … Read more

What is comic relief

What is Comic Relief?

By Adam Christing | June 7, 2021

Think about the last time you were in an argument with someone. You’re both hurling insults at each other. You’re looking for ways to win the argument. But then… somebody farts. You’re not quite sure who did it. In fact, whoever did isn’t fessing up. But determining the culprit no longer matters. By now, you’re … Read more

Why are some people funny

Why Are Some People Funny?

By Adam Christing | June 3, 2021

Some people are funnier than others. It’s just a fact of life. But is there a specific reason for this? Turns out there may be a few. Researchers have found scientific justification to back a person’s sense of humor. And these traits are often what set comedians who get hired to be funny apart. But … Read more

What are networking events

What Are Networking Events?

By Adam Christing | June 3, 2021

An essential part of growing your career is making connections with others. These connections can lead to professional development, community, referrals, and more. Luckily, there are specific events that exist with the purpose of facilitating these connections. These are called networking events. Networking events allow professionals to come together. There are different types of networking … Read more

How To Do Stand-Up Comedy

By Adam Christing | May 26, 2021

Many will mistake stand-up comedy for something easy. But it is an art form that takes a lot of time and practice to master. A stand-up comedian must be a solid performer. But they also have to be a prolific writer. They must know how to read the audience and pivot when a joke goes … Read more

5 cost-saving virtual entertainment ideas

5 Cost-Saving Virtual Entertainment Ideas

By Adam Christing | May 25, 2021

Hosting virtual events on their own already save money. Companies no longer have to worry about travel costs or hotel accommodations for guests and keynote speakers. They can also welcome a larger audience since everyone is attending remotely. But virtual events still require some form of entertainment to keep attendees engaged throughout. Oftentimes, an online … Read more

5 tips for choosing the perfect virtual speaker for your next virtual event

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Virtual Speaker for your Next Virtual Event

By Adam Christing | May 19, 2021

Virtual events have become the new norm. And with it, the demand for effective virtual speakers has risen. Luckily, virtual events allow for more flexibility than in-person events. You don’t have to worry about flying speakers in from different parts of the world. And you won’t have to set up their accommodations for where your … Read more

7 ideas to enhance audience participation at your next virtual event

7 Ideas to Enhance Audience Participation at your Next Virtual Event

By Adam Christing | May 17, 2021

Virtual events have been cropping up everywhere in the last year. And there are a lot of added benefits to events going virtual. In-person events can sometimes limit the number of attendees due to physical capacity. But online events allow for more people to enjoy pre-recorded content that will last longer than the event itself. … Read more

Who invented stand-up comedy

Who Invented Stand-up Comedy?

By Adam Christing | May 12, 2021

Stand-up comedy feels like it’s been around forever. But it’s actually a relatively new art form and phenomenon. The world was familiar with French satire and British cartoons. But American stand-up comedy involved a solo performer speaking directly to audiences. There is no real narrative structure that stand-up comedy seems to follow. Nor is there … Read more

How to write a stand-up comedy routine

How to Write a Stand-up Comedy Routine

By Adam Christing | May 11, 2021

Stand-up comedy is a niche field. It takes a performer guts to get onstage. But it takes brains to assemble the perfect act. Standup is said to have started in New York in the late 19th century. African American vaudeville performer Charley Case is credited with doing the first standup act in the 1880s. Since … Read more

What's the difference between a virtual and hybrid event

What’s the Difference Between a Virtual and Hybrid Event?

By Adam Christing | May 5, 2021

The events of the past year have certainly changed a lot of things. But one thing, in particular, that has risen both in popularity and out of necessity is virtual events. Through virtual events, companies have noticed a rise in audience reach and event size. They also have benefitted from cost reduction since the event … Read more

How to ensure people are communicating effectively in virtual meetings

How To Ensure People Are Communicating Effectively In Virtual Meetings

By Adam Christing | April 28, 2021

There’s no question that COVID has certainly impacted our relationships. But for work relations, it’s made communication between professionals even more integral. You may find yourself working on a virtual or remote team. And this can present a multitude of challenges. So ensuring that all team members can communicate effectively with each other is crucial. … Read more

How many calories does laughing burn

How Many Calories Does Laughing Burn?

By Adam Christing | April 26, 2021

Whoever said comedy wasn’t a workout lied. In fact, laughing has been proven to burn calories. I know this sounds like a ruse. But even Vanderbilt University Medical Center agrees with me. During a research study, they found that 15 minutes of laughter burns between 10 and 40 calories a day. And the International Journal … Read more

How long are comedy shows

How Long Are Comedy Shows?

By Adam Christing | April 21, 2021

Everyone loves to laugh. But you know that moment that even a comedy show starts to drag? Yeah, even laughter knows when it’s time to move on. That’s why comedy shows have specific time requirements and durations. Typically, even with a warm house, audiences will start to tire around the half-hour mark. So for comedians, … Read more

how to make virtual meetings more fun

How To Make Virtual Meetings More Fun

By Adam Christing | April 20, 2021

Almost every company has relied on video conferencing and online meetings to do business during these socially distanced, trying times over the last year or so. And even before that, organizations of all kinds used tech for working remotely or dealing with different time zones. While most of us have gotten quite used to meeting … Read more

how to do stand up comedy for the first time

How To Do Stand Up Comedy for the First Time

By Adam Christing | April 14, 2021

Not everyone can make a joke. And not everyone can do stand-up comedy either. But if you’re serious about getting into the stand-up comedy scene, below are a couple of tips to help you tackle your first open mic. But make no mistake. Stand up comedy is not something you can master overnight. It takes … Read more

how to boost your employee moral with corporate events

How To Boost Your Employee Morale with Corporate Events

By Adam Christing | April 13, 2021

What is Meant by Morale and How Can Corporate Events Help? For companies that hope to boost employee morale, it’s important to understand a bit more about what that means. In this context, morale is related to the satisfaction, outlook, feelings of well-being, and overall attitude towards a workplace. There are many ways to boost … Read more

List of comedians who had their own tv show

List of Comedians Who Had Their Own TV Show

By Adam Christing | April 7, 2021

Stand-up comedians entertain audiences from the stage, but also make their way into our homes on the small screen via TV shows. We don’t have to wait to see our favorite comics appear in movies or on a special. We can enjoy their comedy every week, or – more than likely – binge an entire … Read more

How to book corporate events

How to Book Corporate Events

By Adam Christing | April 5, 2021

Corporate events can be stressful to plan. There are a lot of moving parts to take into account. But the rewards of a successful event can help your business grow in ways you could not have possibly dreamed. Digital technology has greatly limited our person-to-person contact. But a corporate event provides the perfect opportunity to … Read more

What is a single camera comedy

What is a Single Camera Comedy?

By Adam Christing | March 31, 2021

The rise of streaming devices is undeniable. And this has given television shows even more of an impact in our everyday lives. With so much variety in content, there is a myriad of shows for viewers to choose from. One of the biggest ways in which television shows are distinguished from one another is the … Read more

7 classic slapstick comedy examples

7 Classic Slapstick Comedy Examples

By Adam Christing | March 30, 2021

By now, it’s clear to see that there are a thousand different ways to be funny. But one of the most classic forms of comedy that any clean or dirty comic should be familiar with is slapstick. Slapstick comedy has roots that can be traced all the way back to Ancient Rome and Greece. Its … Read more

What is the purpose of team building

What Is The Purpose Of Team Building?

By Adam Christing | March 24, 2021

Within the field of comedy, amateur improv seems to have cultivated a particularly bad reputation. But that hardly seems fair considering the overwhelming success of the show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?“. Yes, those were professional improv actors that we were watching, but let’s be real. We are all guilty of having watched clips from … Read more

how to write stand up comedy

How To Write Stand-Up Comedy

By Adam Christing | March 16, 2021

It might go without saying, but stand-up comedy requires copious amounts of joke writing before a stand-up comedian can get up and speak in front of a live or virtual audience and do their thing. Though many comedians make it look easy, they’ll be the first to tell you it takes a bit of work … Read more

why is team building important?

Why Is Team Building Important?

By Adam Christing | March 9, 2021

Considering that about a third of your life is spent at work, it makes sense to make the most of it. The people you pass your time with at work often end up being more than just co-workers. You get to know each other over the years, and may even meet each other’s families. It’s … Read more

how to book a comedian

How to Book a Comedian

By Adam Christing | February 23, 2021

So you want to know how you can hire a comedian? Funny you should ask. We just so happen to have a lot of experience in this area and are happy to help. First off, can we just commend you for your great idea? Hiring comedians – whether it be for private events, a corporate … Read more

who was the first comedian

Who was the first comedian?

By Adam Christing | February 15, 2021

Over time humans have sought out entertainment in various forms. From telling stories around the fire to brick-walled comedy clubs, there have always been elements that make us laugh. Throughout human history, comedy, or at least laughter, has pretty much been a constant.  Whether it was family-friendly fun on the Ed Sullivan show, Richard Pryor … Read more

Weirdest & funniest things to happen on virtual meetings

Weirdest & Funniest Things To Happen On Virtual Meetings

By Adam Christing | February 8, 2021

From pants-less surprises to pets pushing their way past barriers to make their virtual debut, the last year has had its share of weird and funny Zoom meeting moments. Of course, Zoom meetings and video conference calls have been a thing for a while, but with quarantine and other stay-at-home measures that moved much of … Read more

interactive virtual events

26 Interactive Virtual Event Ideas, Perfect for Online Events

By Adam Christing | February 2, 2021

  The A to Z’s of virtual event ideas for your next virtual event Are you in charge of planning a virtual event? Say a virtual holiday party for your office this year? If you want to make your people feel great about your next virtual event, there is ONE BIG secret that can give … Read more

How to be a good comedian

How to Be a Good Comedian

By Adam Christing | January 26, 2021

So you want to know what it takes to become a comedian? You’d like to try your hand at stand-up and perform your material at comedy clubs across the country? I’m about to reveal the secret that has been passed down from generation to generation, from early vaudeville performers to present-day stand-ups. I am entrusting … Read more

how to become a standup comedian

How to Become a Standup Comedian

By Adam Christing | January 19, 2021

I’ve often heard people say I could do stand-up comedy. I’m funny. All you have to do is just get up on stage and riff, right? Wrong, actually. As with so many art forms, stand-up comedy may seem a lot easier than it really is. Having a great sense of humor and being funny are … Read more

10 Virtual team building ideas for remote companies

10 Virtual Team Building Ideas For Remote Companies

By Adam Christing | January 13, 2021

Like Jasmine and Aladdin declared in that Disney movie years ago, it’s “a whole new world.” If they only knew what was to come as far as our new virtual reality and video conferencing capabilities, wouldn’t they be wowed? Then again, they had magic carpets and a genie that granted wishes, so perhaps not. But … Read more